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David Lamoureux May 29, 2007 Winnipeg, MB

A. Pearson May 29, 2007 British Columbia
I have been dying to see re-runs for a long time on CBC!

Sherry Wiebe May 28, 2007 Carman

Tanya Klassen May 28, 2007 Fort Simpson, NT

Clark Sisson May 28, 2007 MB
hmmm, can't say i've ever seen the show, but what the heck, maybe now i'll get the chance.

Michel Dedieu May 28, 2007 Ile des Chenes
Relic Rocks! The Beachcomers are classic and must come back. Just Like a '67 Mustang or like Led Zepplin. They never die! They stand the test of time. There are many Beachcomers fans out there! Please bring them back! Please! Please! Please!

Scott Legere May 28, 2007 Ottawa, Ontario

Ken Cameron May 28, 2007 Gimli, MB

Allison Land May 28, 2007 Carman

brandy twiss May 27, 2007 MB

Amber McCormick May 27, 2007 Winnipeg/MB

Don Burdenuk May 27, 2007 MB

Amy Burdenuk May 27, 2007 MB
We loved watching the Beachcombers and I would love to give my youngest daughter and my grandchildren an opportunity to watch it, too. It is good family viewing. Thank you.

brian lashinski May 26, 2007 regina,sk

Shirley Hamilton May 26, 2007 Parry Sound, Ontario
I'd enjoy watching The Beachcombers over needs to be shown!

Betty Sinclair May 26, 2007 Manitoba

Krista Masters May 26, 2007 Manitoba

Eric Gauthier May 26, 2007 Winnipeg

Tyler Findlay May 26, 2007 Carman, MB

Daniel Findlay May 26, 2007 Carman, MB

Jeremy Findlay May 26, 2007 Carman, MB

Lisa Findlay May 26, 2007 Carman MB

Angie LeGras May 26, 2007 Elm Creek, MB

Patrick Allec May 26, 2007 Elm Creek, MB

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