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Justin Beach June 04, 2007 Toronto

Ally Ottenbreit June 03, 2007 Brandon, MB
I barely remember it on TV as a kid. I've always wanted to watch it as an adult as I've heard so many great things about it but am sad that the reuns have never appeared. You'd think that the longest-running Canadian series of alltime would have reruns.

Beth Murphy June 03, 2007 Vancouver, BC
I think there are enough other broadcasters showing repeats of Frasier; and here's an example of great Canadian content that can be appreciated by a whole new generation.

charles st pierre June 03, 2007 cocagne nb

ron allain June 03, 2007 bouctouche,nb
They should releas original beachcombers seasons on dvd!

Sarah J June 02, 2007 Halifax

Alyson Gregory June 02, 2007 Thunder Bay, Ontario
please bring the Beachcombers back.

Penny Becker June 02, 2007 Sechelt, BC
I grew up watching The Beachcombers with my parents and I would love for my children to have the same opportunity to watch such a wonderful family show.

Paul Woodstock June 02, 2007 Ontario

Janice Goldsborough May 31, 2007 Winnipeg, MB

Denise Laurin May 31, 2007 Winnipeg, MB

rich lonzarich May 30, 2007 vancouver
bring it back

Adam Crupi May 30, 2007 Ottawa, Ontario
306B - 2044 Arrowsmith Drive Ottawa, ON K1J 7V8

R Boyce May 30, 2007 Woodstock, Ontario

Katlyn Burdenuk May 30, 2007 MB

R. Dust May 30, 2007 Vancouver, B.C.
Long live the Molly's Reach crew!

Randy Willoughby May 29, 2007 BC
I would love to see the old beachcombers back on Tv or make DVD's of the series.

Ron Bierwirth May 29, 2007 Calgary Alberta
The Beachcombers is a Canadian Icon and should be preserved and protected. We need DVD's of each season to be sold to anyone with a need for a great show. Protect our Heritage....Show the reruns.

Roger Demas May 29, 2007 Calgary

Dan Miners May 29, 2007 Goderich/ON
Bring Them Back....refloat the Persephone

Jeannine Guyot May 29, 2007 Fannystelle MB
I grew up watching Nick & the would bring back great memories to watch it again! Hope it can happen!

Mayghan Bausman May 29, 2007 Carman, MB

carla pearson May 29, 2007 sechelt,bc

Grant Snider May 29, 2007 Winnpeg, MB
Yeah! I would definitely watch this show if it aired again on cbc...Bring back Nick and Relic!!!

Jack Bramhall May 29, 2007 Blackpool UK

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