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Darcy Bayet January 10, 2018 Landis saskatchewan
I would love to see the beachcombers on DVD I would buy every season

Calvin Farrow December 22, 2017 B.C.
We payed for production and would like to access

Dexter Bailie November 05, 2017 Portadown, Northern Ireland
Hope it comes back. Brother was called Philip and a costume designer and sadly died in 1993

Ben Parry November 01, 2017 Clyde River NS

brian baker September 18, 2017 sk
besides playing this on cbc, it should be released on dvd

Stan Patterson August 09, 2017 Cobourg, On
Would also love the opportunity to purchase the seasons on DVD.

Hilary White August 08, 2017 Victoria, British Columbia
Grew up watching the Beachcombers, and find it baffling that the CBC can't recognise a market now that all us Gen-exers have grown up and have money to spend. Too much government money makes them dumb, I guess.

Dora Saavedra July 02, 2017 Sequim, WA, USA
One of the best shows on TV. I would love to see it come back. Please?

Thomas Hemer June 15, 2017 Germany
Please bring The beachcombers on dvd

Jerald Elchuk June 06, 2017 Halifax NS
Please release or bring back The Beachcombers

Adrian Merrill May 27, 2017 Fredericton, NB
Please bring back this awesome piece of Canadian TV Culture.

Daniela Glatzel May 25, 2017 Mannheim Germany

T Preston May 24, 2017 8950 Ganymede Pl

Mark Waterhouse May 24, 2017 London , Ontario
We want the Beachcombers

Stefan Braun May 24, 2017 Rotenburg, Germany
Come on CBC, itīs about time !!!!

Scott McCallum April 17, 2017 Port Moody, BC

Stephen Lennox March 08, 2017 Toronto, ON
I can't believe this is still not available on DVD. I would buy the entire series and so would many others. This is tragic!

Kevin Munroe March 05, 2017 Calgary
How is it possible that the CBC, a taxpayer funded station, has completely locked out the generous taxpayers from what we have already bought and paid for so long ago. Put it back on, improve your ratings exponentially, and pay your own way!!Do it Justin!

Paul Beck February 23, 2017 Deer Lake, NL

Nick Jeanvoine January 31, 2017 Montreal, QC
I never got the chance to see this series when it was originally on TV.

Trevor May January 15, 2017 Gabriola Island
It would be great to air this classic series again and I think the DVD set would sell well.

Marlene McWilliam January 13, 2017 Moncton, NB

michael Adams December 24, 2016 Shediac, NB
This show espoused family values and wholesomeness. It was a treasured experience growing up in my home. It is part of our woven tapestry of the Canadian experience - my hope is that it can be brought back in a way that is true to its roots.

Dwane Clarke November 25, 2016 newfoundland

Tyson Cote October 31, 2016 8324-304 Mackenzie Way

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