Can you help me find an episode of…..?

As disappointing as it sounds, many old shows no longer physically exist (especially locally-produced shows and shows from private broadcasters). If the show does physically exist somewhere, whoever has it might not even know they have it. As tracking down copies of an episode or series can be a time-consuming task, we can only assist in this research for a fee. Use the contact form to reach us if you are interested in this service.

If you want to research this yourself, it is best to find out who produced the show in question and go in that direction. For example, you can contact the CBC Archives if the show you are looking for is CBC-produced. For locally-produced shows, you may want to contact the local station or your provincial archives or library. Library and Archives Canada has a huge archive of film and video.

Do you sell episodes?

No. But I am interested in acquiring rare programs. If you have something interesting, please contact me,

Who are you and what is this website for?

Even though I often use words like "us" and "we," it is really just "me." This site was created to preserve the history of Canadian television programs and provide information to all who may be interested.

What can I do to help?

There are many ways for you to help. Visit my Help Us page for information.

Why should I register on the site?

Registering allows you to comment on specific TV programs and use other features.

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