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TV TimesOttawa CitizenJan 31, 2010Lost
TV TimesOttawa CitizenFeb 14, 2010Sidney Crosby
TV TimesOttawa CitizenFeb 21, 2010Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
TV TimesOttawa CitizenMar 14, 2010Donald Trump
TV TimesOttawa CitizenMar 28, 2010Jared Keeso
TV TimesOttawa CitizenApr 18, 2010Michael Buble
TV TimesOttawa CitizenApr 25, 2010Matt Smith, Karen Gillan
TV TimesOttawa CitizenMay 09, 2010Sarah Gadon
TV TimesOttawa CitizenMay 30, 2010Stephen Hawking
TV TimesOttawa CitizenJun 13, 2010Carla Collins
TV TimesOttawa CitizenJul 11, 2010

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