Try for 10!

Try for 10! On this fast-moving quiz show, creator and host Roy Ward Dickson fired a succession of statements to contestants — and they needed to fire back their answers, that is, whether each statement was true or not true. If a contestant gave three wrong replies in a row, he or she was out. If the contestant got 10 in a row correct, they won. A contestant mig ...

AkaTry for Ten!
Original Airdates1962

Try Out

Over the summer of 1975, the CBC presented pilots for children's shows from across the country, before deciding what to include in the regular broadcast schedule. Two originated in Vancouver, two in Edmonton, and one each from Halifax and Ottawa.

Original Airdates1975

Tuesday Club

On Tuesday Club, a half-hour CBC afternoon talk show, members of Toronto women's clubs who formed the audience put questions to a guest authority on issues such as teenage marriage, Toronto slums, religion in the home, or auto safety.

Original Airdates1961-1962

Tugboat Annie


Tugboat Annie Tugboat Annie makes her living piloting her tugboat through the treacherous waters of the Pacific Northwest. As if the forces of nature didn't make her job difficult enough, she must also deal with competition from Captain Horatio Bullwinkle, a rival tugboat pilot who constantly tries to steal jobs out from under Annie. Though Bullwinkle has a fearsome ...

AkaThe Adventures of Tugboat Annie
Original Airdates1958

Turkey Television

Turkey Television Turkey Television, a sketch comedy for youth, was ordered by Nickelodeon as a result of the popularity of You Can't Do That On Television. Turkey Television was taped in Ontario as well as New York and Kentucky. Turkey Television also had at its disposal an archive of comedy material (such as very old comedy movies as well as some of Dana Carvey and Kev ...

Original Airdates1985-1987

Tween Set


Tween Set was a CBC program of chat and games for viewers age ten to twelve. It was hosted by Adele Sternthal, with students Barbara Berman of St. George's School and Geoff Heppleston of Lower Canada College. The discussions sometimes concerned more grown-up subjects than might previously have arisen in shows for children, such as privacy in the modern ...

Original Airdates1965-1969

Twenty Million Questions

Twenty Million Questions was a CBC-TV public affairs series from Ottawa with the purpose of keeping Canada's 20 million citizens (at the time) informed about major political issues and other topical matters of national concern.

Aka20 Million Questions
Original Airdates1966-1969

Twenty Questions

Twenty Questions started as a local game show out of CJAY-TV in Winnipeg in March of 1961. By May, it was also being seen in Montreal and Ottawa. By fall, the show was renamed to 20 Questions and became the first CTV network series to be produced in Winnipeg. This was a Canadian version of the popular American panel game show and aired for one seaso ...

Aka20 Questions
Original Airdates1961-1962

Twice In a Lifetime


Twice In a Lifetime The inspiring and provocative series taps into the universal fantasy: to be given a second chance to fix an error of the past. Every episode features a guest star playing a flawed person who dies suddenly. Waiting for him on the other side are two celestial figures: a guide, Mr. Smith or Mr. Jones, and Judge Othniel. The person is given the chance to re ...

Original Airdates1999-2001

Twilight Zone, The

Twilight Zone, The An updated version of the famous 1960's TV series created by Rod Serling. Each week presents a stand-alone episode about some unusual situation that turns out to be even more unusual than initially suspected. Whether the tone of the story is horror, suspense or humour, there is always a surprise twist at the end.

Original Airdates1985-1989

Twitch City


Twitch City This comedy series stands halfway between the average sitcom and Tarantinoesque production. It focuses on Curtis, a weird couch potato who never leaves his home and watches the Rex Reilly Show (Geraldo on acid) all day long. Also of importance are his room-mates Hope and Nathan and Lucky the cat. To some extent, the show might be considered a wild satir ...

Original Airdates1998-2000



Two Gus McClain is a college professor, whose life is perfectly idyllic, he has a good job, good friends, and a loving wife. One day things change for Gus when he discovers all sorts of odd things happening, and his friends are telling him of his unusual behavior, which he has no idea of. At first, he attributes all this to a possible memory loss. But when ...

Original Airdates1996-1997

Two for Physics


After the local success of the CBLT science broadcast, Live and Learn, CBC recycled the material in Two for Physics, which also featured Donald Ivey and Patterson Hume, professors from the University of Toronto. In this series, they discussed such subjects as the theory of relativity, the environment of air, radiation, gravity, and the degradation of en ...

Original Airdates1959

Two Plus You


Two Plus You was a musical show that taught math to elementary school children which aired on TVO. It featured a boy, a girl and their close friend Mr. Bean who owned a toy shop.

Original Airdates1974



Tzigane refers to the Hungarian gypsy, and this CBC program featured the music of central Europe. The setting was an imaginary island in the Danube.

Original Airdates1954

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