Music Makers


Music Makers Music Makers ran for two seasons as Music Makers '58 and Music Makers '59. It presented big band music with Jack Kane and his thirty-one piece Orchestra and singer Sylvia Murphy. In addition, the show welcomed a healthy selection of guests from the world of swing and jazz. In 1959, the show expanded to a full hour and ran every other week under the ...

AkaMusic '60; The Jack Kane Show
Original Airdates1957-1961

Music of Eric Wild, The


This half-hour program was taped in Winnipeg, and featured music by a seventeen piece orchestra conducted by Eric Wild. Guests included vocalists such as Maxine Ware, Florence Faiers, Len Cariou, Evelyn Snider, and Ed Evanko, and Marta Hidy on violin, and Mitch Parks on piano. Producer: Neil Andrews

Original Airdates1961

Music of Man, The


The Music of Man was a series of eight hour-long specials with host Yehudi Menuhin, following the development of music from its beginnings at the dawn of history to the electronic experiments, jazz and rock of our own time. Menuhin, the renowned violinist, conductor and humanist, participated both as violin soloist and conductor throughout the series, a ...

Original Airdates1979

Music on a Sunday Afternoon


Music on a Sunday Afternoon was a performing arts magazine series hosted by Harry Freedman and broadcast on the CBC.

Original Airdates1987

Music Stand

A half-hour broadcast from Winnipeg, Music Stand featured Eric Wild and his orchestra, with Florence Faiers, Mary Nowell, and guitar player Jim Pirie.

Original Airdates1963-1964

Music to Remember

A Sunday afternoon program of light music with Lucio Agostini and his orchestra, Music to Remember featured performances by such guests as singers Shirley Harmer and Wally Koster, and violinist Marta Hidy. The title of the program was changed to Collage after in 1970 after 11 weeks. Collage was a half-hour of light music, with an orchestra conducted ...

AkaCollage; Music Album
Original Airdates1970-1971

Music to See

Music To See was the title of a CBC-TV series in which musicologist Helmut Blume hoped to prove that music can make an interesting topic for viewers as well as listeners. Making the camera do the work, the series explored the interior of a piano, watched the harpsichord produce its characteristic sound, showed viewers a medieval minstrel performing his ...

Original Airdates1957

Music to See

A long running, Sunday afternoon program, Music To See provided viewers with a wide selection of musical forms, presented soberly. The series presented half-hour recitals from production centres across the country, and included performances by well-established musicians as well as showcases for younger players.

Original Airdates1970-1979

Music Works


Music Works Music Works was a popular CBC Television music series featuring some of Canada's best bands and artists. Each program featured one Canadian band/performer in-studio before a live audience. Not only did the band's musical style get exposure, but also some of their history, stories and on-the-road anecdotes. A "Music Works Anniversary Special" air ...

Original Airdates1995-2005



Music Hall was born in Fall '55 to compete with the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday night. It lasted seven years, hosted by such television personalities as Michelle Tisseyre and later the comedian Jacques Normand, and was briefly revived in 1966. Music Hall showcased both Canadian stars, such as Denyse Filiatrault and Monique Leyrac, and international (nor ...

AkaMusic Hall
Original Airdates1955-1962; 1966

Musical Showcase

Musical Showcase was a half-hour extravaganza series produced in two versions - one in English and one in French. Denny Vaughan lead a nine-piece orchestra as part of the series. Guest artists' songs, with the orchestra, provided musical clues for the on-air game. For instance, a question about the length of the Golden Gate Bridge might follow the s ...

AkaBA Musical Showcase
Original Airdates1965-1967


A half-hour musical program, which ran for a month in Toronto and Montreal in late 1954. The final offering was Maid As Mistress, by Pergolesi, with robert Savoie and Yolande Dulude.

Original Airdates1954


Musicamera Musicamera appeared on the CBC schedule in limited runs for six years. It was a series of opera, ballet and concert specials concentrated on Canadian musicians and musical productions, but also included profiles of international figures.

Original Airdates1973-1979

Must Be Santa

Must Be Santa Everyone at the North Pole is immortal, except Santa who must be replaced when it's his time to join the Santa Senate and cross over to the angel side of the Pole. A mishap (or is it the spirit of Christmas at work?) makes a reluctant Floyd Court (Pinnock), a loser who's down on his luck, the new Santa. Only a few days before Christmas, with a view to i ...

Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

My Country


Pierre Berton appeared as host and writer on My Country, which consisted of stories from Canadian history. The series led to another book by Berton, titled "My Country: The Remarkable Past" in 1976.

Original Airdates1975

My Hometown


My Hometown A half-hour series about the day-to-day misadventures of 13-year-old Thomas John Thompson (Jay Baruchel), his friend Simon (Albert Rosos) and sister Tracy (Chantal Leblanc).

Original Airdates1996-1999

My Kind of Country

My Kind of Country was a half-hour of country and western music which ran for thirteen weeks on the CBC. The show was produced in Winnipeg and was a summer replacement for the Tommy Hunter Show.

Original Airdates1970

My Life as a Dog

My Life as a Dog Based on the novel by the same name by Reidar Jönsson. This series stars a boy growing up under difficult circumstances. Shot in Manitoba where there are windswept open vistas, small town societies, and a wonderful glance at the Aurora Borealis.

Original Airdates1996-1997

My Pet Monster


My Pet Monster My Pet Monster was an animated series produced by Toronto's Nelvana Films. The series was based on a stuffed toy of the same name. In the series, a boy (Max) longing for a best friend finds one in the shape of a furry stuffed animal. The stuffed animal (Monster) transforms into a friendly creature when his handcuffs are removed. The series debuted o ...

AkaP'tit monstre (French title)
Original Airdates1987

My Secret Identity


My Secret Identity My Secret Identity was a television series starring Jerry O'Connell as Andrew Clements; a 14-year-old teenager with a typical, ordinary life. However, while looking for his scientist friend, Benjamin Jeffcoate, he trips on something and before he could hit the ground, a giant radiation beam hits him, causing him to develop a steel body. Also, he finds h ...

Original Airdates1988-1991

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