Coming Attractions

Produced in Toronto by Sandra Faire, Coming Attractions was an entertainment news magazine. Hosts Patricia White and Bob Karstens presented news from the worlds of music, video, art, theatre, the movies, televison, and fashion.

Original Airdates1982-1983

Coming Out Alive

Helen Shaver and Scott Hylands star in Coming Out Alive, a melodrama about a wife who hires a mercenary to track down her estranged husband, who has kidnapped their paraplegic son; political assassination is also involved in the plot. Aired on Sep 27, 1980

Original Airdates1980
TypeTV Movie

Coming Unglued

Coming Unglued 12 year old Jason mistakenly suspects his parents are splitting up when his Dad announces he's leaving for a job interview in chicago. I n very funny misguided attempt to save his family, Jason and his fourteen year old sister follow him to Chicago to ruin dad's day.

AkaLet's Ruin Dad's Day
Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

Coming Up Rosie


Coming Up Rosie was a situation comedy series for pre-teens. The half-hour programs aimed at eight to 12-year-olds had developed into family-viewing serialized comedy. The regular cast members were seasoned revue performers. Rosemary Radcliffe played Rosie Tucker; Barry Baldaro was Dudley Kightshade, her assistant. They produced documentary films for th ...

Original Airdates1975-1976

Commonwealth Jazz Club

The CBC cooperated with the BBC and Australia's ABC to produce this series of four half-hour performances. Canadians contributed two segments, with radio announcer Phil McKellar as host for both. In one, he introduced the Jimmy Dale Orchestra and the Sonny Greenwich Quartet, with guitar legend Sonny Greenwich, Doug Willson on bass, Bob Angus on piano, a ...

Original Airdates1965

Commonwealth Teleview

Commonwealth Teleview, broadcast by arrangement with the United Kingdom Information Service, was a series of six fifteen minute programs intended to show Canada elements of its fellow nations in the British Commonwealth. The programs included a profile of modern living in the town of Harlow; an interview on atomic energy, with Sir John Cockcraft, by Rob ...

Original Airdates1957-1958



In the daily game show, Communicate, one member of a team tried to guess the name of a person or thing from one-word clues that his or her partner provided. Two teams competed in a best-of-three contest, and the winners met new contestants until they were beaten. Celebrity contestants formed one-half of each team. Winning contestants--at least the 'non- ...

Original Airdates1966-1967


Comparisons was a series of one hour films produced by the National Film Boards that set elements of life in Canada alongside practices in other parts of the world. The films included Four Families; Age of Dissent; Four Religions; Suburban Living: Six Solutions; Four Teachers; Courtship; An Enduring Tradition; and Of Sport And Men.

Original Airdates1959-1963


Compass represented experimentation and and expansion of conventional reportage for the CBC. Over its ten week schedule, Compass presented a wide variety of half-hour documentaries and studio productions under executive producer John Kennedy in 1965. The 1966 season opened with a revue, called A Sign of the Times, in which members of Second City, th ...

Original Airdates1965-1966

Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy, produced by ACCESS, consisted of three 10-minute animated programs to demonstrate how computers work, how they are programmed, how they are used and how they affect society.


Concerning Women

Executive producer Kay Smith collected programs produced in Halifax, Ottawa, and Vancouver in 1975, International Women's Year, and packaged them as a seventeen part series on women in different parts of contemporary society.

Original Airdates1976


The CBC has, understandably, produced a number of musical programs and series simply titled Concert. The first month of CBC television (1952) included a weekly, half-hour concert broadcast on Sunday evenings. In autumn 1960, the network presented a series of eight programs, titled Concert, that highlighted compositions and performances by Canadians. ...

AkaCBC Concert
Original Airdates1952-1965

Concert Hour, The

The Concert Hour, a classical music program, was produced in Montreal and transmitted on both English and French stations, and included commentary in both languages. CBFT-TV had presented L'Heure du concert every other week, alternating with Teletheatre, but the musical show changed to a weekly broadcast when the network picked it up in spring of 1954. ...

AkaL'Heure du concert
Original Airdates1954-1966


In a series of seven half-hour programs, Victor Feldbrill, the conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, introduced a variety of musical selections. In the first show of the series, produced by John Coulson, the Chamber Players of Toronto, with musical director Victor Martin and cellist Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi played a concerto by Vivaldi. To provide an id ...

Original Airdates1976



Peter Emmerson hosted this CTV game show that brought together famous and fascinating people with unusual or hidden connections. Panelists tried to discover a hidden connection and the related story between the two headline-making guests.

Original Airdates1977



Connections Connections was a CBC special investigation into organized crime in Canada. It aired on CBC in 2 parts on Jun 12 and 13, 1977. The programs, which took three years to prepare, relied heavily on film shot by cameramen hidden in vans and on dark streets. The first part explained how the major crime "families" were linked from coast to coast through bu ...

AkaConnections - The Second Series
Original Airdates1977;1979

Conquest of Space

Host Percy Saltzman and announcer Bill Kehoe presented this five part program on space and space travel. In segments titled Sounds of Silence, The Other Side of the Sky, The High Frontier, A Star to Steer Her By, and Childhood's End, Saltzman examined the ideas of outer space from ancient times up to the Apollo space program, which had just put a man on ...

Original Airdates1969

Conspiracy Guy, The


Conspiracy Guy, The Contrary to conventional wisdom, in space everybody can hear you scream. Just consult Rick Wharton, the Toronto-based comedic actor who channels the Conspiracy Guy, the twitchy motormouth who spins his near-debilitating paranoia into raging and hilarious monologues on Moses' geek-friendly Space network. Wharton's manic delivery notwithstanding, avera ...

Original Airdates1997-2001

Conspiracy of Fear, The

Conspiracy of Fear, The When Chris King's father dies, he is devastated. However, when a bunch of assorted heavies start threatening him over a mysterious package his father may or may not have left him, grief is the least of his worries.

Original Airdates1996
TypeTV Movie

Conspiracy of Silence


Conspiracy of Silence The true story of Helen Betty Osborne, a 19 year old Indian girl who was brutually murdered and slain on November 12, 1971 in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada and nearly taking 20 years for the police to find the four men who murdered her. First aired Dec 1 and 2, 1991 on CBC

Original Airdates1991

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