Converging Lines

In Converging Lines, the CBC presented two, one hour documentaries. A People, A Place, A Book, produced by Louise Lore, concerned Judaism, and The Surrender, produced by Herb Krosney, dealt with Islam. The two programs informed Canadians about aspects of the two faiths through visits with believers in different locations in the world.

Original Airdates1977

Corletto and Son

Corletto and Son was a tense family drama. Mike Corletto is 17 and dreams of becoming an iron worker like his father and uncle. He thinks higher education is a waste of time, and has failed a course in high school. His father Nick, on the other hand, is determined that his son will attend university and become an engineer. Nick is furious about the fail ...

Original Airdates1981
TypeTV Movie


The CBC aired six of the seven black-and-white films that the National Film Board produced about the Steinberg corporation to provide a view of management operations in a major Canadian company. The six programs, produced, written, and directed by Arthur Hammond, each ran a half-hour. (The seventh, called After Mr. Sam, was also directed by Hammond and ...

Original Airdates1975


Executive producer Ronald Weyman attempted to follow-up the success of Wojeck with another series about a doctor. Where Steve Wojeck had been a coroner, and the dramatic roots of his stories were in crime investigations, Greg Corwin was a psychiatrist who had given up his specialty to work in an inner city general practice, and his stories were more all ...

Original Airdates1969-1971

Cosmic Christmas, A


Seeking the meaning of a brilliant star that appeared in the sky 2000 years ago, three visitors from outer space learn about Christmas with the help of a little boy and his pet goose. Original songs by Sylvia Tyson include "The Way That Christmas Used to Be" and "Why Don't They Look to the Stars?"

Original Airdates1977
TypeTV Movie


A nineteen week series of half-hour broadcasts produced in Montreal, Counterpoint attempted to alleviate tensions between Quebec and English Canada by stressing what CBC's publicity called "the surging spirit of interracial co-operation." Armande Saint-Jean, columnist for Sept Jours, and Arthur Garmaise, formerly a radio actor and producer and more rece ...

Original Airdates1967


counterSpin counterSpin was a daily panel debate show, in which guests on both sides of a political or cultural issue would debate the issue in front of a studio audience. The show also included news reports which tried to examine the day's issue in more depth than a typical newscast.

Original Airdates1998-2004



Counterstrike From his Paris headquarters, Canadian billionaire Addington finances a private force to free his kidnapped wife, then turns his attention to combating world terrorism. Sinclair was a Scotland Yard inspector / freelance cop, Beaumont was a con artist, and Brenner was a mercenary. When Beaumont married and Brenner was killed in the line of duty, second-se ...

Original Airdates1991-1994

Country Beat


Country Beat was a weekly country music show nationally broadcast on the CBC and produced in Edmonton. It featured interviews and music videos, largely from Canadian country music artists.

Original Airdates1991-1997

Country Canada


Country Canada Country Calendar was a half-hour program on CBC which provided regular coverage of agriculture. It started on an interconnected network in Eastern Canada, with Norm Garriock's commentary on farm matters in the first half and Earl Cox on gardening in the last half. The CBC subsequently introduced editions of Country Calendar for other regions of the c ...

AkaCountry Calendar; Summer Country Canada
Original Airdates1954-2007

Country Club

Country Club Country Club was a CBC summer replacement series set in a country club ballroom. Don Francks was master-of-ceremonies as well as a singer. A popular feature was duets by Don and Patti Lewis. The music consisted of popular ballads, songs of yesteryear and current and past novelty numbers. Bert Niosi and his orchestra were spotlighted on every show playin ...

Original Airdates1958

Country Hoedown


Country Hoedown Country Hoedown made its premiere on Saturday evenings as a summer replacement for On Camera. It moved to Friday for a regular slot in the autumn broadcast schedule, and there it stayed for nine years. It followed the lead of Holiday Ranch, and was one of the most popular musical variety shows the CBC ever produced. This showcase for Canada's countr ...

Original Airdates1956-1965

Country Joy

Country Joy was a daily drama telling the story of the Brugencate family, headed by Dick Brugencate, a real estate agent and the mayor of Coronet, AB, and their changing fortunes as they strive to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Original Airdates1979-1980

Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, The


Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, The Country mouse Emily and her cousin from the big city, Alexander, visit each other and have adventures together at the turn of the century. They always seem to run into trouble and bother with humans, other animals and exciting situations, but when they put their heads together, they can solve any problem. And in the process, they learn about the places ...

Original Airdates1998-1999

Country Music Hall


Country Music Hall For the country and western music lover. Country Music hall filled in a half hour every week on CTV starting in September, 1964. American Carl Smith was host of the show with Diane Leigh as regular girl singer and the Maple Creek Boys as the regular band. Many big names in the country and western music realm were featured as guests.

AkaCarl Smith's Country Music Hall
Original Airdates1964-1969

Country Report


Wayne Rostad hosted this rural lifestyles show out of CBC Ottawa. It quickly became a local hit, winning several Ottawa ACTRA Awards for Best Host and Best Program and two Anik Awards for Best Regional Variety Series. In 1987, Country Report evolved into a national CBC series, On the Road Again.

Original Airdates1979-1987

Country Roads


Country Roads was a six-week CBC summer series which replaced the Tommy Hunter Show. It was an hour of country music with host and singer Ronnie Prophet and his regulars The Peaches, Joe Tardiff, The O.K. Chorale, Granny Gwen Nabors, Lynn Jones, Mike Graham, Cal Dodd and the Vandergun Puppets. Also performing was Dave Woods & The Country Roads Brass. ...

Original Airdates1973

Country Session

Country Session was a six-part series seen in prime time on Thursdays in Newfoundland. It starred Eddie Eastman, Jacinta Cormier and Bob MacDonald. Special guests appearred on each program performing to a studio audience.

Original Airdates1987

Country Sunshine With Myrna Lorrie

After a run of several seasons in the post-hockey broadcast Countrytime, Myrna Lorrie starred in this summer series, which featured music by Eric Robertson in a weekly half-hour of country music, produced at CBC Halifax.

Original Airdates1974

Country West


Country West Country West was the last regularly-scheduled variety program produced by CBKT Regina, and was cancelled following the production of 13 episodes. The program offered considerable support to local and regional country music talent and was discontinued after it failed to achieve its projected network audience share.

Original Airdates1986

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