Super Dave


Super Dave Battered and abused stuntman Super Dave Osborne gets his own nighttime talk show. In between interviews Osborne, with the help of his partner and promoter, Fuji, performs his classic stunts that never quite seem to go as planned.

AkaThe Super Dave Show
Original Airdates1988-1992

Superior Sex, The

Superior Sex, The The Superior Sex was a CBC panel-quiz show, with Elwy Yost as moderator. The four regular panelists and four guest panelists each week were made up of equal numbers of both sexes, men on one team and ladies on the other. They competed against each other in quizzes, and games such as darts and golf-putting, to see which sex was the superior— on that occa ...

Original Airdates1961

Supermarket Sweep


Supermarket Sweep A scaled down Canadian version of this game show was produced between 1992 and 1995. Three contestants answer trivia dealing mainly with food or other grocery items. The final challenge of the show was for the contestants to go on a supermarket sweep, and they have to sprint around the store with their carts and collect groceries. The carts are sent ...

Original Airdates1992-1995



Superspecial was created to feature many of Canada's international and up-and-coming stars, supported by well-known foreign talent. The Superspecial slot was also the place for Wayne and Shuster's regular four annual hours, as well as programs by the Irish Rovers, figure skater Toller Cranston, classical guitarist Liona Boyd, and ballerina Karen Kai ...

AkaCBC Super Special
Original Airdates1976-1983

Supertown Challenge

A parody of game shows such as "Family Feud." Contestants from two towns (with real names of small towns in Canada) play assorted games, including "The Wheel of Different Things" (which is rigged) and "Shameless Plug" (where the town makes a creative presentation showcasing their town). The winner is declared "Supertown" for a week. The contestants are ...

Original Airdates1998-2000

Survival Earth

In this Canadian rendering of a potential "apocalypse then", in 1990, after the collapse of modern civilization (due to atomic "accidents" and the "failure" of the world's economy), a young couple tries to carry on a quiet life in an uncivilized world. They are joined by a wandering soldier-of-fortune, who helps them survive the repeated attacks of muta ...

AkaSurvival 1990
Original Airdates1985
TypeTV Movie

Survival in the Wilderness

This CBC series of 3 half-hour films concerned survival techniques, such as building fires, distress signals, artificial respiration, and trapping for food, as well as methods of first aid.

Original Airdates1971

Suzuki on Science

Geneticist and professor of Zoology at the University of British Columbia, David Suzuki became the foremost reporter on science in Canada through this television series and his other appearances on television and radio programs. The first season of Suzuki on Science ran for 5 half-hour episodes, and subjects concerned fertilization and genetics; immune ...

Original Airdates1971-1972


Swarmed A cloud of genetically-enhanced killer wasps descends on an ill-prepared public in this sci-fi disaster film from director Paul Ziller. After being sprayed by a super pesticide, the aggressive creatures are near-invincible to human efforts to fight back.

Original Airdates2005
TypeTV Movie

Sweating Bullets


Sweating Bullets Nick Slaughter, an ex-RCMP and DEA agent, who had dropped out of society after being fired from his job, relocates to the Florida town of Key Mariah to start a detective service. In the process he meets Sylvie Gerard, a local travel agent. Together they form a strong partnership and quite the detective team. However, the local police squad never made it ...

AkaTropical Heat
Original Airdates1991-1993

Sweet City Women


Sweet CITY Women was a daily afternoon talk show, and one of the first programs on CITY-TV. Original hostess Patricia Murphy was replaced by Dini Petty in May, 1973, when the show also changed to a rotating co-host system. Designer Marilyn Brooks appeared regularly with her segment, Making It with Marilyn. The series was produced by Ivan Reitman who was ...

AkaSweet City Woman
Original Airdates1972-1974

Swim Time

Swim Time Swim Time was a CBC Winnipeg summer series designed to teach children about swimming and diving and to encourage safer swimming habits. The host for the 13-week, half-hour show was CBC announcer Jim Mitchell. More than 75 boys and girls from the three YMCA locations in Greater Winnipeg appeared on the shows to demonstrate swimming skills being discus ...

Original Airdates1961

Swing Ding

A half-hour musical variety show, Swing Ding originated in Winnipeg. It was hosted by Aubrey Tadman and Len Andree, with the Mitch Parks Orchestra and the Sam McConnell Dancers. Among their guests were Lorraine West, Yvette, Doug Crosley, Mary Nowell, Peggy Neville, Marilyn Boyle, and Roy Petty.

Original Airdates1965

Swing Easy

A summer musical variety series, Swing Easy featured young Canadian performers. It starred Ruth Walker, with the Rhythm Pals, Bill Richards and the orchestra, and host Alan Millar who presented music from productions playing in Toronto at the Music Fair Theatre, Under the Stars in Vancouver, and Rainbow Stage in Winnipeg. Swing Easy returned the next ...

AkaSwing Gently; Fancy Free
Original Airdates1959-1960

Swing Your Partner

Swing Your Partner Swing Your Partner was a half-hour square dance program for teenagers. Stu Davis was the host of the show, which was produced in Winnipeg. It was Winnipeg's first "live" series on the full CBC-TV network. Each program had 2 stories developed around a specific theme- one a serious informative story, the other an amusing anecdote. Some themes included the ...

Original Airdates1957-1958



Swingalong Swingalong, a CBC-Winnipeg series, made its debut on CBWT-TV in the summer of 1961. The weekly program of songs, dances and stories, with a barbeque setting, introduced Doug Crosley as host of a television show for the first time. Crosley, however, was an experienced TV performer. He was a member of the Gino Silvi Singers on Music '60, and had made gues ...

Original Airdates1961-1962


Originally a ten-minute segment of the afternoon show Upside Town, Swingaround was a general information quiz for grade seven students from the Toronto area, expanded to a full half-hour in spring 1968. The contest took on a national aspect, starting in October 1968, through a telephone segment in which the host called a student, chosen in advance, from ...

Original Airdates1967-1970

Swiss Family Robinson


Swiss Family Robinson After a violent storm leaves the Robinson family stranded on a deserted island, they must struggle to survive. With only each other and their wits to rely on, the parents, their two teenage sons and eight year-old daughter, try to build a life for themselves in this exotic and perilous uncharted territory. It is the family's resourcefulness, the harr ...

AkaRobinson Suisse
Original Airdates1974-1975



Switchback was a popular Sunday morning kids series which was originally developed in Vancouver and was later produced other CBC regional stations, including Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax. It was a live magazine variety show which employed a fast-moving format of rock videos, camp serials like Batman, puppets, personality interv ...

Original Airdates1981-1989

Switzer Unlimited

A summer replacement for The Bob McLean Show in August 1976, Switzer Unlimited starred Bob Switzer and originated in Vancouver. A number of guests appeared regularly to comment on particular subjects or demonstrate specific skills: John Lindenlaub on outdoor cooking, yoga expert Phyllis Coleman, lawyer Peter Lenak, journalist Doug Collins, artist Bill A ...

Original Airdates1976

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