Mr. O

Mr. O Mr. O was a 15-minute broadcast aimed at five to eight year olds. Every day Mr. O would appear on the program with charming puppets designed by John and Linda Keogh, in such personifications as Clarence the Clarinet and Chelly the Cello. He would engage in dialogue with the puppets and a whole visual sequence was developed which was intrinsically pleas ...

Original Airdates1956-1957

Mr. Piper


Mr. Piper The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation purchased this 39-episode children's series from Pied Piper Films Ltd. of Toronto. Host for the show was Toronto opera singer Alan Crofoot. Each weekly half-hour program consisted of four segments. The first, Tale Time, was a fantasy story using graphics with Crofoot's voice over film as narration. Other segment ...

AkaMister Piper
Original Airdates1963-1965

Mr. Showbusiness

Canada's "Mr. Showbusiness" was Jack Arthur, whose career had started in vaudeville, who was a violin prodigy, an entertainer on a steamboat, a pit orchestra leader, a theatrical producer, and the producer of the mammoth Grandstand shows at the Canadian National Exhibition. The series, Mr. Showbusiness, had run on radio in the 1953-54 season, and was ad ...

Original Airdates1954-1955

Mr. Wizard


Mr. Wizard This popular science series combined education with entertainment, as Mr. Wizard (Don Herbert) explained intriguing, yet everyday mysteries, encouraged young viewers' curiosity, showed how to do all sorts of puzzling tricks and performed amazing scientific stunts in this CBC Ottawa series. In 1983, he developed Mr. Wizard's World, a faster-paced ver ...

AkaMr. Wizard's World
Original Airdates1971-1975; 1983-1990


Ms! appeared on the CBC the summer of 1973 and dealt with issues relating to women. Subjects on this 13-week series included cosmetic surgery, abortion, and housewives who leave their homes. The format of the show set a woman and a man in debate.

Original Airdates1973

MuchMusic Video Awards


MuchMusic Video Awards A video music awards show featuring Canadian artists and international artists. The award show was originally titled the Canadian Music Video Awards (CMVA).

AkaCanadian Music Video Awards
Original Airdates1990-

Murder by Night

A man inadvertently gets caught near a car explosion, and after he recovers from his injuries realizes that he has amnesia. Soon evidence begins to mount that he could be "The Claw Hammer Killer, " a serial murderer who targets for death the former patrons of a particular restaurant called Puzzles.

Original Airdates1989
TypeTV Movie

Murder Most Likely


Murder Most Likely Murder Most Likely is a chilling two-hour television movie starring Paul Gross, based on the book "The Judas Kiss: The Undercover Life of Patrick Kelly," by Michael Harris. Paul Gross plays former RCMP Undercover Agent "Patrick Kelly" who, in 1981, was accused of causing the mysterious death of his wife. Managing to elude the authorities, Kelly married ...

Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

Murder Sees the Light

The awkward urban private eye, Benny Cooperman, confronts a murder mystery in the wilds of Algonquin Park. He stumbles into some interesting characters, including a famous evangelist on the lam, his put-upon mistress, a weird sexy woman, and a complex charming old lady. Naturally, Benny suffers some misadventures trying to navigate the bush country, muc ...

Original Airdates1986
TypeTV Movie

Music '60


Music '60 was 2 one-hour variety programs, which aired on alternate weeks. Music '60 Presents The Hit Parade succeeded Cross Canada Hit Parade. Although the show's title suggested that viewers might see renditions of the most current and popular musical hits, as they did on Cross Canada Hit Parade, the show ranged over many musical styles and forms, ...

AkaMusic '60 Presents The Hit Parade; Music '60 Presents The Jack Kane Show
Original Airdates1959-1960

Music Box


Music Box was a series developed by Heather Conkie for TVOntario to guide young viewers through the world of music from medieval to Baroque to romantic to pop. The 15-minute programs featured a magical musical friend who could talk, sing, and make things appear and disappear at the drop of a B flat. The program was scheduled at 10:45 a.m. and repeated a ...


Music Break

Music Break was a weekly CBC afternoon show, originally airing locally in Winnipeg. It starred vocalist Georges LaFleche as the host who each week was visited by one or more female guests. Backed by the music of Bob McMullin's Orchestra, Georges presented a relaxed half-hour of music and informal talk aimed at housewives taking a breather from their cho ...

Original Airdates1960-1962

Music Canada

Music Canada was a series of four musical programs which aired on the CBC in the summer of 1984. The Victoria Symphony Orchestra got a little help from five talented musicians — all between the ages of 11 and 14 — to kick off the series. In the opener, soloists Michele Himick (piano); Bridget Macrae (cello); Gary Chow (piano); Katjo Cerovsek (violin); a ...

Original Airdates1984

Music Canada

Music Canada was a series of 8 one-hour programs on CBC TV. The series opened with a concert set against the backdrop of the unfinished Expo '67 site in Montreal and starred the Oscar Peterson Trio, Gordon Lightfoot and others. Other programs featured ballets, operas, orchestras, interviews and musical numbers.

Original Airdates1966-1967

Music for a Sunday Afternoon

This series of one-hour broadcasts on the CBC started with a pair on musical documentaries from Britain. The other programs in the series were produced in Canada. They included a recital by Isaac Stern, produced by Pierre Morin; a performance of Les Sylphides by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, and a Chopin recital by Brazilian pianist Bernardo Segall; a B ...

Original Airdates1967

Music Hall

Music Hall was a weekly half-hour of music and comedy on CBC. Eric Christmas researched the music hall traditions of late nineteenth century England, and acted the part of the performer on the show. Gerald Peters wrote the show and was the chairman of the proceedings.

Original Airdates1953-1954

Music Hop


Music Hop In 1963, CBC Toronto introduced Music Hop, an after-school program of rock 'n' roll and pop music for teenagers. Each week, Alex Trebek introduced guest musicians and numbers from the regular performers as the teens in the audience danced. The next year, Trebek was replaced by Dave Mickie. In addition the Music Hop title embraced shows from across Ca ...

Original Airdates1963-1967

Music in Miniature

Music in Miniature presented a half-hour of serious music on a weekday afternoon over the 1960-61 CBC season. The program featured short vocal and instrumental selections. Most of the programs were produced in Toronto, although the series originated in Vancouver for five weeks in December and January. The CBC revived the title for another series whi ...

Original Airdates1960-1968

Music in the Air

This nine week series of one hour recitals by symphony orchestras across Canada relied on light classical selections. The programs recorded performances before an audience either in a concert hall or in television studios. The Atlantic Symphony, Victoria Symphony, Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, The Hamilton Philharmonic and Edmonton Symphony were feature ...

Original Airdates1982

Music Machine, The

The Music Machine aired on the CBC for 12 weeks over the summer of 1970. The show assembled a homogenized digest of pop music hits. It featured host Bob Francis, a band led by Moe Koffman, and a vocal group called The Machinery. The Music Machine highlighted outstanding pop and rock musicians with hits of the day along with flashbacks to the past. A ...

Original Airdates1970

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