World Through Stamps, The

This was a half-hour film production which aired on CBC.

Original Airdates1954-1955

Worlds Together

Adapted from the Radio-Canada series, Ce coin de terre, this seven-part series of half-hour programs concerned the culture of Canada's different national communities. The programs themselves originated in different regions of the country. The first, from Vancouver, concerned Japanese, Filipino, and Russian people. The second concentrated on the Jewish c ...

AkaCe coin de terre (French title)
Original Airdates1977


Worldwide was a rare example of both collaboration between English and French services of the CBC and of looking to other nations as sources for television material, Worldwide and its Radio-Canada counterpart, Télémonde presented a digest of documentaries from foreign services to provide an international perspective on the world's events.

AkaTélémonde (French title)
Original Airdates1982-1983

Worst Witch, The

Worst Witch, The The Worst Witch series is based on the four Worst Witch books by Jill Murphy. It follows the adventures of Mildred Hubble, (Georgina Sherrington) a witch attending Cackles Academy. She's called the 'Worst Witch' because she's always caught getting into trouble. The title of the series changed to Weirdsister College: The Further Adventures of the Wors ...

AkaAmandine Malabul (French title)
Original Airdates1998-2001

Would You Believe


Would You Believe was Sunday afternoon discussion program involving contemporary issues of faith and religion on CBC-Toronto. It alternated with local church service coverage.

Original Airdates1968-1972


W.O.W. stood for "Wonderful One-of-a-Kind Weekend." This was a children's series which consisted of special programs, shot in different locations across the country, and starring such personalities as the singing team of Sharon, Lois, and Bram, musician Bill Usher, and science broadcaster David Suzuki.

AkaWonderful One-of-a-Kind Weekend; W.O.W.
Original Airdates1979-1980

Write On!


Write On! In this educational series, we see the misadventures of Henry, a young reporter working in a small newspaper under a tyrannical editor and with a friendly secretary. For a professional journalist, his writing skills need a lot of coaching as his editor is quick to point out and is ready with lessons to help him improve. Fortunately, that office tends to ...

Original Airdates1976

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