Possession of Michael D., The

Possession of Michael D., The Michael and Jenny want to start to live together but the presence of a dark force begins to destroy their happiness forever. Everything seems to focus on Michael who has terrible nightmares and who begins to adopt strange and violent personalities. When common medicine does not offer any solution the couple decides to consult a parapsychologist who disc ...

AkaLegacy of Evil
Original Airdates1995
TypeTV Movie

Pots & Pans


Pots and Pans was of interest to obese early-risers. The show, offering exercises and tips on low-calorie cooking, was produced in Edmonton and conducted by Ian and his wife Judy Jamieson. The show also featured celebrity guests.

AkaPots and Pans
Original Airdates1976-1977

Power Play


Power Play Power Play is a one-hour series that takes a behind-the-scenes look into the dynamic and exciting world of professional hockey. The series follows the Hamilton Steelheads hockey club, and focuses on the lives of the players, coaches, agents and ownership.

Original Airdates1998-2000

Prairie Profile

This fifteen week series presented films on the history and people of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Marilyn Phillips and Bill Guest were hosts for the Manitoba and Saskatchewan episodes. The Alberta episodes were hosted by Phillips and Mike Winlaw. The series originally aired only in the prairie region, but aired on other stations the following ye ...

Original Airdates1964

Prairie Spotlight

A Winnipeg public affairs production, which started in the summer and continued through the regular season as part of Across Canada. Each show featured several items of interest from the Prairie regions, from tourism to housing and industry.

Original Airdates1964

Presenting Barry Morse

Actor Barry Morse filled ten minutes after the Sunday summer drama with a brief reading or disquisition on a subject of theatre history or technique. He discussed such topics as theatre's arrival in Canada, Gilbert's and Sullivan's partnership, acting in the Elizabethan era, Victorian melodrama, Charles Dickens as a "would-be actor" and the story of the ...

Original Airdates1960

Press Conference

For provocative, unrehearsed interviews with the men and women who are making news, many Canadians had taken to listening or to watching Press Conference, which is just what its name suggests: a group of newspaper reporters quizzing a public figure on an important issue, before microphones and TV cameras rather than in a conference room. On this half ...

Original Airdates1954-1961

Prime Time

A monthly public affairs program in a magazine format, Prime Time featured several interviews or film features on each broadcast. The programs included interviews with international figures and items that mixed the amusing with the serious.

Original Airdates1974-1975

Princess Sissi


Princess Sissi Sissi's, a unique bavarian girl's life changes forever after the day she meets the charming and noble princes, Franz and Karl. It doesn't take long till Sissi and Franz start to make plans for a future together, but there are so many people who make sure that the magnificent wedding day is delayed and posponed several times. Sissi and Franz must face je ...

Original Airdates1997-1998

Prisoners of Gravity


Prisoners of Gravity Frightened by the problems in the world, Rick Greene decides to escape Earth by attaching a rocket to his car and launches into space. The only thing that saves his life in this lame-brain scheme is that he promptly rams into a space station and is able to settle into the complex. Stuck there, Commander Rick decides to devote his time to exploring the o ...

Original Airdates1990-1994

Pro and Con

Pro and Con was a half-hour discussion program which featured questions from the studio audience on the subject of world affairs.

Original Airdates1952

Probable Cause

A series of cop murders plagues the city. The remaining officers on the force are increasingly worried as the deaths increase with no leads. As the department's finest, Detective Gary Yanuck must solve the case before it's too late. Additionally, he must deal with his sexual harassment charges, while his new partner struggles with her somnambulism.

AkaSleepless; Victime du passé (French title)
Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie

Producers' Workshop

A half-hour summer series, the plays in this series included Flesh of My Flesh, written by Mac Shoub; The Strike, by George Salverson; Big Boys Shouldn't Cry, by Ted Allan; and Pirandello's The Vise. In addition, the series featured a documentary on bees, produced at CBC Vancouver; a program on the 1837 rebellion; and a television version of the radio p ...

Original Airdates1955

Professor Moffett's Science Workshop


Professor Maxwell G. Moffett, a British designer and engineer, demonstrated principles of science in this half-hour CBC program aimed at children aged 9-14. Representing the target audience onscreen were a sister and brother, Claire Anne and Stuart Bundy, ages twelve and nine. The series opened with an exploration of the nature and properties of sound, ...

AkaScience Workshop
Original Airdates1972-1974


Weekly half-hour interview series focussing on arts & entertainment hosted by James Hutchison. Aired in Calgary.

Original Airdates1982


Although it sometimes featured film biographies of notable figures in culture, Profile relied on interviews for its material. It featured a wide variety of important persons, including evangelist Billy Graham, photographer Edward Steichen, poet Robert Frost, Paul-Emile Cardinal Leger, historian Arnold Toynbee, arctic explorer Vilhjamur Stefansson, theol ...

Original Airdates1955-1957



Profile was a weekly Friday night TV talent show, produced by CKOS-TV in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The program featured local talent and a wide variety of music styles, from rock n' roll to folk music and choral groups. Also featured on the show was ethnic music, Ukrainian folk music and dancing. Hosting duties usually fell to the senior broadcaster on sta ...

Original Airdates1960-1985


This irregularly scheduled series of five programs concentrated on people from Ontario who have contributed in different ways to life in the province. June Callwood introduced architect and writer Eric Arthur, who led the viewer to some of his favourite places in Toronto. Joe Cote was the host for profiles of medical pioneer Douglas Crozier and archaeol ...

Original Airdates1979-1980

Program X

Writer and broadcaster Charles Oberdorf was the host of Program X, an anthology of drama and performance that ranged from the conventional to the experimental. The series had an extremely low budget of about seven thousand dollars per episode, but often achieved valuable results for the cost. It showcased new, domestic writing talent. The series was ...

Original Airdates1970-1973


This public affairs series aimed to look at the state of things in the present from the perspective of the future. Discussion embraced issues of social concern, politics, economics, and technology. Specific subjects included portable pensions, the growth of crime, innovation in food industries, the future of international unions, apartheid in South Afri ...

Original Airdates1963

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