Monster by Mistake


Monster by Mistake Monster By Mistake is a computer animated series that tells a tale of enchantment set in a contemporary world. Warren Patterson is an 8-year-old boy with allergies who has been enchanted by a magical jewel from a mysterious parallel world. Because of a spell that goes awry, Warren turns into a 7-foot-tall blue monster whenever he sneezes. He can't re ...

Original Airdates1996-2003

Month of Sundays, A

For 4 Sunday afternoons in winter 1981, the CBC presented a selection of films collected by theme. The first week featured four films about war. The second show concerned women writers in Canada. The third program had Flight of the Snows, about the migration of the Canadian snow goose, Man Aloft, a history of aviation, and Whiskey Whiskey Papa, a film a ...

Original Airdates1981

Montreal Pop Concerts

For eight weeks in the summer of 1969, the CBC network presented concerts by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra from Salle de Wilfred Pelletier at Place des Arts. The French network broadcast the programs a few days before the English network.

Original Airdates1969

Moods in Music

Produced in Winnipeg, this half-hour broadcast presented music by Eric Wild and his orchestra on alternate Tuesdays. Each show featured a selection of musical numbers that represented a particular mood.

Original Airdates1958

Moods of Man

Jim Johnson and Harry Aoki starred in this musical program produced by CBC Vancouver. Their eight week television series presented a wide range of music, including folk, blues, and classical selections. Johnson and Aoki were backed by Bud Henderson on piano, Ray Moga on guitar, Stan Johnson on bass, and Al Johnson on drums. Johnson directed the chor ...

Original Airdates1968

Moonlight Bay


Jack Creley played a maitre d'hotel and Carol Starkman a social hostess in Moonlight Bay, a variety series which replaced Cross-Canada Hit Parade in the summer of 1957. Moonlight Bay Lodge was the setting and the "good old days" was the theme. The Lodge was typical of the quiet old-time summer resorts. Radio commentator Bruce Smith made his TV debut as ...

Original Airdates1957

More Stories From Inside Quebec

A year after Eight Stories Inside Quebec, the CBC followed up with another six half-hour documentaries about Quebec culture for English speaking audiences. The programs concentrated on young women from rural Quebec who moved to Montreal to build careers; Brother Andre, the founder of Montreal's St. Joseph's Oratory; a young Montreal musician and discoth ...

Original Airdates1967

More Tales of the City

More Tales of the City In this sequel to the controversial PBS mini-series, Mona Ramsey is on a cross-country trip that takes her to a brothel which may hold a secret about her past. Michael "Mouse" Tolliver and Mary Ann Singleton go on a cruise where they meet up with lovers old and new. Back in San Francisco, Brian Hawkins becomes involved with a mysterious woman he spots f ...

AkaArmistead Maupin's More Tales of the City
Original Airdates1998

More Tears

The successor to Ken Finkleman's comedy/satire "The Newsroom" takes a darker, and more surrealistic take on the media and even life itself... Finkleman also starred in the series as George Findlay, the same character he had played in The Newsroom. In More Tears, Findlay was now a documentary producer, who readily manipulated his documentary subject ...

Original Airdates1998

Mosquito Lake


Mosquito Lake Mosquito Lake was a CBC sitcom about a former math teacher who has decided to pack in the urban life. Bob Harrison lived at Mosquito Lake with his requisite situation comedy family: long-suffering wife Rita and two irreverent, wisecracking kids Brian and Tara. The Harrisons were joined by George, their beer-swilling next-door neighbor; and the man-hungr ...

Original Airdates1989

Mount Royal

Mount Royal Mount Royal was about a wealthy family of French-Canadians who lived in a palatial home in the upper reaches of Montreal and had a second home in Paris. The father, Andre Valeur, had risen from humble origins to become one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. His wife Katherine was disowned by her wealthy WASP family for marrying the then- ...

Original Airdates1988

Movie Mania

Movie Mania was a CBC Winnipeg-produced panel series for movie buffs. Each week a panel of three faced moderator Len Klady before a live audience, introductions were made by host Lee Major, the theme was announced, and it was on with Movie Mania. The show highlighted golden and not so golden moments from the silver screen. Discussion followed movie c ...

Original Airdates1977

Movie Television


Movie Television MT takes viewers behind the scenes to look at the process of making movies, as well as keeping them abreast of what new features are in release or production. One of the major aims of the show is to focus on the Canadian local film scenes in every city across the country.

Original Airdates1988


Elwy Yost hosted Moviemakers, a 25-week series which presented a half-hour of interviews and clips from classic movies. The series originally aired on TVO and was later also seen on PBS. The series was produced by Atlantis Films Ltd.

Original Airdates1982-83

Movies With Manings

Movies With Manings preceded the hockey broadcast on Saturday nights. Writer Allan Manings introduced a selection of Hollywood feature films from a living room set, occasionally with the help of special guests, such as Manings's later colleague on Flashback, Elwy Yost.

Original Airdates1959-1960

Mr and Mrs


Mr. & Mrs. was another game show written, produced, and hosted by Roy Ward Dickson. Pre-dating The Newlywed Game, the show tested competing couples' knowledge about each other. The show lasted for 780 episodes on the CTV network, though Dickson's British version of the show lasted 21 years. The Canadian version was produced out of CFTO-TV in Toronto. ...

AkaMr. & Mrs.
Original Airdates1965-1968

Mr. Dressup


Mr. Dressup Ernie Coombs hosted this simple format TV show as Mr. Dressup. With his puppet friends, originally Casey and his dog Finnegan, he taught pre-school subjects with games, music and simple activities. To add to the fun, Mr. Dressup would always open up his tickle trunk that contains any costume for any role he wants. Mr. Dressup emerged from an earlier ...

AkaMr. Dress-Up
Original Airdates1967-1996

Mr. Fix-it


Mr. Fix-it The CBC gave Peter Whittall his own fifteen minute time slot and christened him Mr. Fix-it. In an era when most men seen on television wore jackets and ties, uniforms, or costumes, Whittall cut a distinctive figure dressed in plaid flannel shirts and dungarees, ready for work in the shop. He demonstrated how to handle basic tasks in home construction, ...

AkaMr. Fixit
Original Airdates1955-1965

Mr. Hope Show

On the novel Mr Hope Show, masked members of Alcoholics Anonymous meet regularly to reveal how they've been cured.

Original Airdates1957?

Mr. Microchip


Mr. Microchip was CBC's first formal venture into programming about computers for children. A show to be shared by parents with children, its aim was to demystify computers and their functions. With Skip Lumley, a computer business consultant, neighbours Dayna Simon and Steve Grosfield learned about and worked with computers in Lumley's garage. Each pro ...

Original Airdates1983-1985

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