From Our Family To Your Family

The CBC Television crew transformed the studio into a comfortable living room where CBC stars and their families gathered to share in the warmth and joviality of the season. Those seen mixing and mingling included Louis Del Grande who gathered the children around for a Christmas story, Bruno Gerussi and Jackson Davies who mixed up a special punch, Ernie ...

AkaFrom Our Family To Yours
Original Airdates1983



Fromage Fromage is an annual one-hour special on MuchMusic. Originally hosted by MuchMusic VJ Christopher Ward, Fromage pays "tribute" to the cheesiest music videos of the year. Since 1999, the program has been hosted by Ed the Sock. The show traditionally airs during the Christmas season, and features a countdown of the worst music videos of the year, with ...

Original Airdates1988-

Front and Centre

Pepsi-Cola Canada and Kraft Foods sponsored this twelve week, musical variety series in the summer of 1963. Before a studio audience each week, on Front and Centre's star-shaped, thrust stage, well-known Canadian entertainers performed and then introduced new talent to the television audience.

AkaFront and Center
Original Airdates1963

Front Page Challenge


Front Page Challenge Front Page Challenge was a long-running weekly news quiz show on CBC. Three regular panelists were joined by a guest panelist every week, and generally two guests were quizzed by the panelists for their identity or the identity of the news story they have been involved with, and then interviewed. A daytime version hosted by Fred Davis aired with the ...

AkaDaytime Challenge
Original Airdates1957-1995

Front Row Centre

Front Row Centre was a title for CBC-TV's anthology of 90-minute classic dramas. The first season aired 6 dramas on a monthly basis, while the second and final season aired 8 dramas (6 of them new) on a weekly basis. (The CBC also used this title for a series of movies to replace the Saturday night hockey broadcast in the summer of 1962)

Original Airdates1976-1978


Frontiers, a series of documentaries produced at the National Film Board replaced The Candid Eye in the television lineup. The films outlined recent developments in fields such as science, medicine, and industry. In the half-hour, Sunday afternoon slot, the network aired: Conquest of Cold, in two parts; Northern Town; Prairie Bonanza, which dealt with t ...

Original Airdates1959



After the suicide of a boarder friend, his bother fetches the depressed Nelson Nagarauk home to their tradition-conscious Eskimo family at 69' north. Brandon persuades him to accompany him on a ice-bear hunt, but Nelson turns around soon. On his way back he finds a half-frozen Russian woman from a near-by weather station. He warms her up, but she seems ...

Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie

Full Motion Fitness


Full Motion Fitness Full Motion Fitness is based on one of the oldest Tai Chi forms in use today; the White Tiger system. Perhaps the purest form of martial arts, the White Tiger system is referred to as the Fast Eternal Pai System. It was said to contain the oldest forms of Tai Chi in the Western world today. It is truly a form of relaxation and exercise that all ages ...

Original Airdates1999

Fun Time


Frank Heron was Captain Frank of the Fun Time Showboat in this thirty minute show for children produced in Montreal. The show also starred two children, Alan Jack and June Mack, and featured magician Tom Auburn and Otto Muller and his orchestra. The show started with juggling or magic or a circus act. Alan and June also showed viewers games that they co ...

Original Airdates1956-1957

Funnier Side of Eastern Canada, The

Steve Martin's first TV special was this independently produced Canadian travelogue. Designed to promote tourism in Montreal and Toronto, the special featured Martin doing short sketches and describing tourist sites. Standup segments were also filmed at the Ice House in Pasadena, California.

Original Airdates1974

Funny Farm, The


Blake Emmons and a zany cast of Canadians created a barnyard full of fun with singing, dancing and outrageous jokes in this CTV variety series. The vast population of this rather unusual farm consisted many regulars, including Benjamin Gordon, John Evans, Monica Parker, Jank Zajfman, Jayne Eastwood, Valri Bromfield, Monica Parker and Linda Rennhoffer.

Original Airdates1974-1978



Funtown Funtown, produced by CKY-TV Winnipeg, was an hour-long variety show for younger children with Bob Swartz acting as Mayor and host. The show was made up of interviews with interesting people from the Winnipeg area, e.g., one show featured Indonesia and some Indonesians who had settled in Winnipeg and opened an Indonesian restaurant. National dances were ...

Original Airdates1986

Fur or Feathers

Ian McTaggart Cowan showed live animals in this fifteen minute program for children produced in Vancouver.

Original Airdates1955-1956

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