At the Caribou


At the Caribou Accordionist Harry Hibbs hosted At the Caribou from the Caribou Club in Toronto. In 1973 the show relocated to Cambridge and was retitled The Harry Hibbs Show. (Thanks to Keith for suggesting this entry)

AkaThe Harry Hibbs Show
Original Airdates1969-1976

At the Ex

At the Ex was a series of actuality reports from the mobile unit at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto.

Original Airdates1953

At The Wheel

This NFB miniseries of documentaries provided an extensive look into the death and destruction caused by accidents on our roads and highways.

Original Airdates1987

Atlantic Filmmakers

This six-week Newfoundland series took a look at the work of various filmmakers in Atlantic Canada.

Original Airdates1984

Atlantic Summer

Atlantic Summer was a summer replacement for a lunchtime talk show. It originated two weeks in Halifax and two weeks in St. John's. The St. John's show reappeared in the summer of 1979. The series replaced the centralism of Toronto production with local Maritime personalities and entertainment. Halifax Producer: Jack O'Neil St. John's Producer: Way ...

Original Airdates1978-1979

Aubrey and Gus


Aubrey and Gus was a fifteen-minute children's show. Aubrey was a puppet raccoon who spoke with a boy's voice. As a consequence, his raccoon family could not understand him. Gus, a boy, befriends Aubrey and together they search for a boy with a raccoon's voice so they can make a switch. Producer: Don Wilson Writer: Dick Thomas Puppet Creator: Georg ...

Original Airdates1955

Audubon Wildlife Theatre


Audubon Wildlife Theatre was a nature series produced by KEG Productions Ltd. of Toronto in association with the National Audubon Society Inc. of the United States and the Canadian Audubon Society. The 78 colour films in the series represented both Canadian and foreign filmmakers. Twentieth Century-Fox Television bought the United States syndication ...

Original Airdates1968-1969

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