Willie Wonderful

A fifteen-minute CBC program, Willie Wonderful featured stories for children told with marionettes.

Original Airdates1952-1953

Willy and Floyd


Willy and Floyd Willy & Floyd featured wise Uncle Willy (Bill Luxton) and his buck-toothed nephew, Floyd (Les Lye) in a show full of slapstick, puppets and gags. Willy and Floyd was originally just a wrap-around for a Saturday morning cartoon series, but it soon expanded to a full half-hour show. It originated at CJOH in Ottawa and was eventually syndicated across Cana ...

AkaWilly & Floyd; Willy & Floyd Arms
Original Airdates1966-1988

Wimzie's House


Wimzie's House Wimzie, the feisty, fuchsia-haired, five year-old star of the series lives here with her baby brother, Bo, her parents and her 150 year-old grandma, Yaya. Yaya runs a daycare for the neighborhood kids and every day, Horace, Jonas and his little sister LouLou come over. Together, they learn about day at a time. Come join the fun! Play along ...

AkaLa Maison de Ouimzie (French title)
Original Airdates1995-1997

Win, Again!

When accused of a major crime years ago, a man went on the run. Now that he has been exonerated of the deed, he has trouble reconnecting with the wife he abandoned and his embittered son.

Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

Wind at My Back


Wind at My Back The bankrupcy of their hardware store forces Jack and Honey Bailey to move their young family to New Bedford, a small town where Jack's affluent family owns a silver mine. When Jack is killed in an accident soon after their arrival, his mother informs Honey that she is no longer welcome in the Bailey home. Knowing that she cannot support her three child ...

Original Airdates1996-2001

Window on Canada

Window on Canada was a CBC series of half-hour National Film Board productions, intended to present different aspects of life in Canada. The program was seen at different times on different stations. Among the films were The Son; Shadow On The Prairie; Listen To The Prairies; Opera School; Musician In The Family; Motorman; Look To The Forest; Shop Stewa ...

Original Airdates1953-1955

Window on the World

Window on the World was a series of fifteen-minute travelogues which aired on various days and times on the CBC.

Original Airdates1956-1957

Windsor Protocol

Windsor Protocol Jack Higgins’ master spy, Sean Dillon, is back in another hair raising adventure! A pact made in the heat of World War II between Hitler and the Duke of Windsor, placing the Duke on the throne of England should Germany claim victory, threatens world stability today. The Windsor Protocol, a top Nazi document, contains the names of those who are to set ...

AkaJack Higgins' Windsor Protocol
Original Airdates1996
TypeTV Movie



Wingfield Walt Wingfield gives up his successful career as a Toronto stockbroker and moves to Persephone County to pursue the life of a 'gentleman farmer.' This series recounts his experiences with the local personalities.

Original Airdates1998-1999

Wings Over Canada


Wings Over Canada Bush Pilot John Lovelace covers every corner of wilderness Canada documenting his travels and discoveries for the Wings Over Canada television series. The series is a lighthearted look at Canada, its people, history and customs. No subject escapes John or his crew as they work their way from ghost towns and remote fly-in fishing lakes to gold mine ...

Original Airdates1999-

Winners, The

This series of 10 half-hour productions dramatized the lives of heroes from Canadian history. Personalities featured included Emily Murphy, the early feminist known as Janey Canuck; Pere Athol Murray; H.R. MacMillan, the modernizer of the Canadian forest industry; native poet Pauline Johnson; J.A. Bombardier; the long-time mayor of Ottawa, Charlotte ...

Original Airdates1982

Winter Conference

The CBC regularly presented highlights of the annual conference of the Canadian Institute of Public Affairs, called the Winter Conference or the Couchiching Conference. Subjects included the effects of automation on society (1956); politics, promotion, and consent (1957); bureaucracy (1958); how business reshapes society (1960); Canadian nationalism (19 ...

AkaCouchiching Conference
Original Airdates1955-1983

Witch of Westminster, The

The CBC network aired this pilot episode from CBC Vancouver in January 1978. Lois Maxwell and Michael J. Fox starred in the story of a disliked single woman who becomes immediately desirable once she wins a lottery.

Original Airdates1978

With Georgia


With  Georgia In Lethbridge, AB, Mrs. Georgia Fooks took time out from her own family of three girls, to arrange, produce, and emcee CJLH-TV's children's show, With Georgia. In 1957, more than 600 children took part in the 15-minute, thrice weekly show, which featured acts by talented under-12-year-olds, children's quiz and panel shows, story telling sessions, and g ...

Original Airdates1957



Witness Witness is a weekly documentary prime-time series on CBC. This one-hour broadcast consists of acquired, co-produced and in-house documentaries dealing with a diverse array of often socially and politically charged issues. Witness documentaries have won numerous national and international awards, including Emmys for Outstanding Achievement in Investi ...

AkaCBC Witness
Original Airdates1990-

Witness to Yesterday


This series was a revival of Patrick Watson's 1970s series Witness to Yesterday. A whole new series of Witness to Yesterday episodes was produced for the fledgling History Television cable station, still with Watson as star/interviewer/frequent writer. A talented cast of actors played historical figures confronted by Watson.

Original Airdates1998

Witness to Yesterday


Sponsored by Shell Canada Limited in 1974, Witness to Yesterday offered a fresh and fascinating perspective on history: the interpretations of historical events by many of the major personalities who took part in those events. Through a combination of detailed research and some of the finest actors, such great personalities as Queen Victoria and Alexa ...

Original Airdates1974-75; 1998



Wojeck Wojeck was a coroner searching for truth and justice with the help of his friends, while trying to hold his family together. One of the CBC's first dramas, the series was widely acclaimed for its direct and sometimes harsh exploration of contemporary social issues. Wojeck himself was a stalwart, quiet man driven to outrage over the injustice he conf ...

Original Airdates1966-1968

Wojeck: Out of the Fire


Formee Coroner Dr. Steve Wojeck returns to Toronto after 21 years working at a clinic in the Congo. He reunites with his daughter, a Doctor, and attempts to reconcile with his ex-wife and gets embroiled with the plight of a family of refugees from Guatamala.

Original Airdates1992
TypeTV Movie

Wok with Yan


Wok with Yan In Wok with Yan, chef Stephen Yan demonstrated how to cook oriental dishes with a wok. A kind of Galloping Gourmet of the 1980s, Yan achieved notoriety for his energy and ebullience and for the bad puns on the word, "wok," printed on his apron.

Original Airdates1980- ?

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