Things We See, The

The Things We See was the title of a popular series of small art volumes released by Penguin Books in 1947. Starting July 2, 1957, it also became the title of a new CBC television series. And appropriately so, for Alan Jarvis, editor of the series, was also the man behind the new television shows. There were few significant differences between the te ...

Original Airdates1957

Think of a Word

Think of a Word was a word-game series for family viewing created, produced and hosted by Roy Ward Dickson. Contestants won cash prizes for quick-thinking. The program debuted Oct 4, 1963 on CTV and lasted one season.

Original Airdates1963-1964

Third Testament, A

A Third Testament was a six-part CBC-Time-Life co-production written and narrated by Malcolm Muggeridge. The miniseries focused on the lives of such famous Christians as Saint Augustine and Blaise Pascal. It was produced in both English and French versions.

Original Airdates1974

This Business of Farming

CBC television, in cooperation with the Ontario Department of Agriculture and Food, produced several series of documentaries on the current state of farming. In 1966, the programs were Growing Feed for Livestock; Feeding Livestock; and Managing the Livestock Barriers. The 1967 programs were Soils and Good Soil Management; Farm Machinery and Management T ...

Original Airdates1966-1969

This Half Hour

People at the centre of important issues and people who were issues in themselves were at the heart of This Half Hour. The series was a mixture of entertainment, information and controversy, hosted by Hana Gartner. Ten episodes were originally scheduled, but due to the Commonwealth Games that summer, only nine were ever broadcast.

Original Airdates1978

This Hour Has 22 Minutes


This Hour Has 22 Minutes This Hour Has 22 Minutes is a Canadian television comedy, which airs on CBC Television. Launched in 1993, the show focuses on Canadian politics, combining news parody, sketch comedy and satirical editorials. The series features satirical sketches of the weekly news and Canadian political events. The show's format is a mock news program, intercut with co ...

Original Airdates1993-

This Hour Has Seven Days


This Hour Has Seven Days This Hour Has Seven Days was a controversial CBC Television newsmagazine. The show was created as an avenue for a more stimulating and boundary-pushing brand of television journalism. CBC executives believed the show went beyond the limits of journalistic ethics and cancelled the show, leading to allegations of political interference. This Hour Has S ...

Original Airdates1964-1966

This Is Ottawa

Broadcast live from Ottawa, this series of 6 half-hour programs featured on-the-spot reports by Robert McKeown from the nation's capital. The show visited the Supreme Court Building for a look at the National Capital Plan, a model of the city for the future, Laurier House, the National Gallery, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, the Embassy of France, a ...

Original Airdates1956

This Is the Law


This Is the Law This Is the Law started as a summer replacement, in 1971 and 1972, for Front Page Challenge, and proved popular enough to earn a prime time slot of its own in the 1972 season. A half-hour quiz show with an underlying educational premise, it asked panel members to spot the obscure statute that was violated in a filmed, wordless sketch.

Original Airdates1971-1976

This Land


The 1965 CBC program called This Land was a half-hour travel documentary presented on weekday afternoons. The fifteen programs included productions by the National Film Board, and started with Trans Canada Journey, narrated by Christopher Plummer, which surveyed the country by air from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. Among the other films were My Isla ...

Original Airdates1965

This Land Is People

This Land Is People presented filmed portraits and biographies of various Canadians who, through their daily jobs, were helping to mould the future of Canada.

Original Airdates1966-1967

This Land Of Ours


This Land of Ours started as a thirteen week series of half-hour programs that aimed to explore issues of agriculture and renewable resources. Over the show's four and a half year history, before it was transformed into This Land in 1970, it presented many distinguished documentaries that showed us our rural and natural heritage, as well as feeding our ...

AkaThis Land
Original Airdates1966-1986

This Living World


This Living World Steve Bloomer was host for CBC-TV's Saturday afternoon natural science series, This Living World, designed for young and old. This Living World was the English-language version of a CBC-TV French network series called La Vie qui bat. The program included demonstrations in the studio, with live animals, and filmed inserts depicting animals in their na ...

AkaLa vie qui bat
Original Airdates1959-1964

This Week

This Week was a collaboration between the units that presented Newsmagazine and The Public Eye. Airing on the average once a month, the program comprised the reportage of the former program with the commentary and background of the latter. Subjects included the U.S. elections and labour dissent and its bearing on inflation in Canada. The summer of 1 ...

Original Airdates1966-1968

This Week

This Week, a Sunday night broadcast, was a panel discussion of the week's events. For the 1954 season, the show altered its format somewhat, and moved its emphasis from discussion on several subjects each week to commentary and interviews on a specific issue. The program's length varied according to the length of the show that followed it on the schedu ...

Original Airdates1952-1959

This Week in Parliament


As parliamentary proceedings are broadcast live on television for the first time, This Week in Parliament reviewed the proceedings of the House. Starting as an independent program, produced in Ottawa, from 1978 the series was incorporated into the Sunday national CBC news broadcasts. In 1982, the CBC revived the generic title This Week (which replac ...

AkaThis Week
Original Airdates1977-1993

Three's Company

Three's Company Three's Company was a local CBC Winnipeg half hour of music, interviews and conversation to brighten your afternoon. The show featured Mary Liz Bayer, Bill Guest and Jose Poneira and were seen Monday through Friday at 3 p.m. All three were on the first show Nov 21, 1960 and afterwards Mary Liz and Bill handled three shows a week with Jose adding a m ...

AkaThree Is Company
Original Airdates1960-1961

Thrill of a Lifetime


Each week for seven seasons, CTV's Thrill of a Lifetime gave Canadians, both as participants and viewers, the joy of fulfilling lifelong aspirations. In a typical show, four lucky people had a chance to experience their "thrill of a lifetime". Three thrills were location items; the fourth was a surprise thrill involving someone in the studio audience. E ...

Original Airdates1981-1987

Through the Eyes of Tomorrow

Through the Eyes of Tomorrow was a magazine show that included music, variety, and drama, as well as coverage of current affairs and social issues. Each program concentrated on a particular subject or area.

AkaEyes of Tomorrow
Original Airdates1966-1969

Thunder Point

Thunder Point 50 Years after World War II Hitler's deadly 'The Windsor Protocol' turns up. This document shouldn't be in wrong hands, so the British call upon a smart criminal to retain it.

AkaJack Higgins' Thunder Point
Original Airdates1998
TypeTV Movie

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