Me and Max

Smith and Smith evolved into the much more ambitious sitcom, Me and Max. Having worked with his wife in his first series, this time he decided to cast his real-life family and brought his two sons, Max and Dave, into the production. Red Green showed up as the more than slightly eccentric Uncle Red.

Original Airdates1985-1986

Media Television


Media Television Media Television was a Canadian television newsmagazine series, which aired weekly on Citytv from 1991 to 2004. It was also syndicated internationally, airing in over 100 countries around the world at some point during its run. The show, subtitled "The Modern Art and Science of Persuasion", offered a behind the scenes examination of the worlds of med ...

Original Airdates1991-2004

Medical Explorers


Medical Explorers provided overviews of medical history but, as the title suggests, it concentrated on individual contributions to the evolution of health care. Leonardo da Vinci, Sir William Harvey, who mapped the circulatory system, Charles Sheffington, pioneer in neurology, Lister and Jenner, the innovators of the smallpox vaccine, Christopher Wren, ...

Original Airdates1973

Medicine Show, The

Medicine Show, The A public affairs show in magazine and documentary format, The Medicine Show applied investigative technique to reports on developments in health care. Among the subjects the show covered were: valium addiction, the treatment of leukemia, agoraphobia, aspirin, health food stores, depression, doctors' housecalls and Montreal's Telemedic service, emergency ...

Original Airdates1979-1982

Meet Lorraine

A musical half hour from Vancouver, Meet Lorraine introduced band singer Lorraine McAllister, with Chris Gage on piano, Stan Johnson on bass, and Jimmy Wightman on drums.

Original Airdates1958-1959

Meet Mr. X

Meet Mr. X was a half hour children's show, produced in Ottawa. The story of mankind was told for children by Prof. Carter Storr with the aid of cartoons.

Original Airdates1958

Meet Your Member

Meet Your Member was a CBC-Winnipeg series about the activities of the Manitoba legislature and its members. Each week, an outstanding figure in Manitoba politics was interviewed, with Peter McLintock of the Winnipeg Free Press as chairman. The program was carried both on television and radio. On radio, a four-minute program, Legislative Reports, was h ...

Original Airdates1957

Meeting Place


Meeting Place was a series of morning church services from cities, towns and hamlets across Canada. The series tried to represent a wide spectrum of public worship in Canada: Roman Catholic, Anglican United Church, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, Orthodox Catholic (Eastern Rite) and Jewish. Along with the broadcast of the service, it presented a short ...

AkaMeeting Place: Canadians At Worship
Original Airdates1973-1997

Memo to Champlain


Memo to Champlain The completion of the CBC network link from Sydney, N.S. to Victoria was heralded with this special broadcast July 1, 1958. Memo to Champlain was the CBC's first live coast-to-coast TV transmission. The 90-minute bilingual program featured CBC hosts Joyce Davidson and René Lévesque following Canada's history since the landing of explorer Samuel de Champ ...

Original Airdates1958

Memorandum on a Frozen Ark

In this series of 7 half-hour programs, the CBC examined museums in Canada, which had recently suffered a degree of neglect because the federal government had diverted funding from the National Museums of Canada Corporation to build the National Arts Centre. An introductory program examined the role of museum and the balance of its activities in public ...

Original Airdates1970


Men Men focused on the personal and professional lives of four Baltimore friends in their 30s (a surgeon, a newspaper columnist, a lawyer and a police officer). They met every Tuesday night to play poker and do other "guy" stuff — like pick-up games of basketball. Men was something of a breakthrough for Canada's Atlantis Films, which produced the short-l ...

Original Airdates1989

Men and the Issues, The

Prior to the 1963 federal election, the CBC presented a series of four interviews with the leaders of the major federal parties: Lester Pearson of the Liberals, John Diefenbaker of the Progressive Conservatives, T.C. Douglas of the New Democratic Party, and R.N. Thompson of the Social Credit party.

Original Airdates1963



Mentors The TV show is about a boy who creates a computer program that brings people forward in time. They have about 2 days before they go back and each episode a new character is brought forward. The people they bring back help or guide them in some way in everyday life.

Original Airdates1998-2002

Metro Cafe


Canada's premier entertainment series showcasing movie set visits, music, celebrity interviews, fashion, lifestyles and sub-culture.

Original Airdates1994-1997

Metro Music

Metro Music was a music video program on CFMT-TV in Toronto hosted by Bob Segarini and Samantha Taylor. It was one of, if not the first, music video program in North America.

Original Airdates1980-1981


A CBC series of 4 half-hour films on contemporary Mexico. The first two programs, called Gunpowder And Guitars and I Used To Be An Indian, offered a profile of the Mexican people, the Spanish influence, and the transformation of the Indian image in an attempt to eliminate the country's own image as a colony. Fiesta of Bullets, the third show in the seri ...

Original Airdates1966


Midday Midday was a noon hour magazine program with national, international and regional news, engaging interviews and popular features, guest stars, plus regular items on fashion, food and fitness. After 15 years, Midday aired its final hour-long live show in grand celebration on Friday, June 30, 2000 at noon on CBC Television. Debuted on Jan 7, 1985

Original Airdates1985-2000

Midnight Zone

An early CBC attempt at a late night talk show, Midnight Zone was prinicipally for a Toronto audience. It was produced at the O'Keefe Centre, and like many CBC variety and interview shows, relied on celebrity performers who were passing through Toronto. The program also featured a rundown of current and upcoming entertainment highlights called "What's I ...

AkaTea Zone
Original Airdates1960-1962

Midsummer Theatre, A

Most of the 10 half-hour A Midsummer Theatre plays were written specially for the series by well-known Canadian writers, including M. Charles Cohen, Joseph Schull and Mac Shoub. The plays deal with a variety of human experience, from fear and violence to the muted discords of love, as well as some comic situations. Produced at CBC Montreal. Ken Davey ...

Original Airdates1958


CBC's Midweek, a companion to Weekend, resulted from the popularity of the Sunday night public affairs roundup, and replaced the Saturday evening segment of Weekend. By spacing the broadcasts in semi-weekly slots, the producers could provide more current coverage and analysis.

Original Airdates1971-1972

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