History Bites


History Bites In this series, Host Rick Green guides us through various periods of world history as contemporary television programming might have depicted it. With a sense of humour, we learn the real facts about the past and their link with the present.

Original Airdates1998-

History Makers

A series of fourteen, half-hour productions by the National Film Board, History Makers included dramatic films on exploration in Canada as well as documentaries on more contemporary subjects. Individual titles included A Man of the Renaissance, on John Cabot; The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson; Samuel de Champlain; The Lord of the North, on Alexander Macke ...

Original Airdates1969-1970

Hit List


Hit List A top 20 countdown show aired on YTV in Canada. On this show the public gets to go online to click on the show before any voting can be done. You get to pick your favourite 20 videos and vote to get them on or up the chart. They play a wide variety of music on this show. From Pop to punk to rock. Usually on the show there are celebrities on the set or j ...

AkaYTV's Hit List
Original Airdates1991-2005

Hit the Spot

Hit the Spot Ben Wicks and Jackson Davies will take the audience on a delectable tour of original cuisine. Wicks and Davies are witty, charismatic, well-known Canadians who are recognizable and experienced “on camera” hosts. They consistently provides the show with an abundance of energy, flare, and spontaneous fun.

AkaHit the Spot With Ben Wicks, Hit the Spot With Jackson Davies
Original Airdates1999-2000

Hitchhiker, The


Hitchhiker, The The Hitchhiker was a series of mystery-thriller stories, linked only by the character of The Hitchhiker, who would introduce and close each episode in the style of Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock. Occasional stories involved supernatural forces, but most plot twists stemmed only from the dark side of the human spirit.

Original Airdates1983-1989

Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows


Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows The life and career of Bret Hart is recounted from his youth, through the start of his career, his years in the WWF, up to the present day. Bret discusses the high and lows of his career and shows the world of professional wrestling from a wrestler's point of view.

Original Airdates1998

Hits a Poppin'

A summer series from Vancouver, Hits A Poppin presented songs from the popular music charts, showtunes from the movies and Broadway, and hits of the past decade. Terry David Mulligan hosted the show, which also featured the Doug Parker Band and the Numerality Singers.

Original Airdates1968

Hitting Home

Hitting Home Canadian businesswoman Dinah Middleton's is devastated when her teenage son, Alex, is killed by a hit-and-run driver. When the police fail to turn up any suspects, she turns private detective to track the killer down. She traces the murderer to New York, only to discover that the crime is not covered by the extradition treaty between Canada and the US. ...

Original Airdates1987
TypeTV Movie



Hobbledehoy was a magazine show for CBC Montreal produced by Denyse Adam with host Ian Finlay for children of the middle years. The show, written by Arnie Greenberg, was a combination of short items ranging from crafts to takeoffs on gourmet cooking to "kid-jokes and limericks," interesting out-of-the-way news items, and guessing games. The sequences we ...

AkaHobble De Hoy

Hobby Corner

In Hobby Corner, a fifteen minute broadcast from Winnipeg, Glynne Morris discussed and demonstrated hobbies such as bird watching, fly tying, judo, and radio controlled toy boats with guest experts. The program was originally titled The Hobby Show, but was retitled to Hobby Corner after a few episodes.

AkaThe Hobby Show
Original Airdates1957-1960

Hobby Show, The

The Hobby Show provided advice to homemakers, and lasted only for two broadcasts in the first weeks of television broadcasts from Toronto.

Original Airdates1952

Hobby Workshop

Hobby Workshop Tom Martin, who was the assistant supervisor of art for the Toronto Public Schools system, provided instructions and supervision for children on how to make things with simple tools. Hobby Workshop focused on the use of practical materials available in the home. Tom Martin was able to use his skills as an art educator to organize the activities of bo ...

Original Airdates1953-1955

Hockey Night


Hockey Night What's a girl to do when her family picks up and moves to a small Ontario town where, according to one resident, fun hasn't even been invented yet? For Cathy, the answer's simple: strap on her goalie pads and try out for the boys' all-star hockey team. The result, of course, is bedlam. Local broadcaster Bum Johnston, for one, doesn't think a girl's plac ...

Original Airdates1984
TypeTV Movie

Hockey Night in Canada


Hockey Night in Canada Hockey Night in Canada is a popular television broadcast of National Hockey League games in Canada produced by the CBC. It is consistently the highest-rated Canadian-produced television program on Canadian television. The highest-rated segment of HNIC is Coach's Corner, an intermission show featuring Don Cherry and Ron MacLean. Hockey Night in Canada ...

Original Airdates1952-

Holiday Canada

Holiday Canada, a thirteen week series during the summer of 1968, consisted of provincial travelogues and films on travel in Canada produced by the National Film Board. Each program included two films on different regions of the country.

Original Airdates1968

Holiday Ranch


Holiday Ranch One of the most popular shows in Canadian television of the 1950s, Holiday Ranch was a simple variety show that seemed to be designed for fans of country music. It started its five year run on weeknights, but settled into a slot in the early evenings on Saturdays. The set was a ranch house, with a church visible through the window. In the first part o ...

Original Airdates1953-1958

Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream


Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream This film discusses the effect on how major American films in Hollywood were influenced by the Eastern European Jewish culture that most of the major movie moguls who controlled the studios shared. Through clips of various films, the filmmakers illustrate the dominant themes like that of the outsider, the outspoken American patriotism, and rooting for t ...

AkaHollywood: An Empire of Their Own
Original Airdates1998

Home Fires


Home Fires Home Fires took viewers into the home of the Lowe family - a Toronto doctor, his wife and two teenage children - as they experienced the World War II from the homefront. Gerard Parkes starred as Dr. Albert Lowe, the family patriarch and a general practitioner in a working-class, ethnic district of Toronto. Kim Yaroshevskaya played Hannah Lowe, the docto ...

Original Airdates1980-1983

Home Movie

Filmmakers try to act out a detective movie, to work out the plot, but find things get complicated as the line between the actors and their characters blur.

Original Airdates1992
TypeTV Movie

Home Movies: The Great Canadian Film Caper

Artist John Gould hosted this series of four 60-minute programs on Canadian cinema. The first three programs each concentrated on a different form of film: documentary, the feature film, animation. The concluding show offered a survey of Canadian film history, and included 1897 newsreels and films from the turn of the century.

Original Airdates1966

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