Allemande Left


Greater Winnipeg's square dance clubs were the focal point for Allemande Left, a local program produced twice a month. Pete Couture, a St. Boniface-born oldtime fiddler, provided the music and Trev Wignal was the caller. The series told the story of various clubs in the city area and the dancers demonstrated a different dance on each show. Barry McCorqu ...

Original Airdates1957


Almanac was a series of documentary films that succeeded Junior Roundup as aftertoon informational program for young people.

Original Airdates1961

Along the Tower Trail

The first "live" program across the 1,680 miles of microwave linking Winnipeg to Eastern Canada aired Sept 30, 1956. It included events from Winnipeg, St. Boniface, Ottawa, Toronto, the Montreal area, and Quebec City. Winnipeg: Grain Handling in the C.P.B. freight yards. St. Boniface: St. Boniface Basilica and interviews with Father Deschambault, of ...

Original Airdates1956

Along the Way

Along the Way was a half-hour program for children divided into two fifteen-minute segments. The opening segment, called the "Along the. . ." series, was jointly produced in Canada and the U.K. and distributed by Telefilm Canada. The second half of Along the Way featured independently produced Canadian films, distributed by Film Arts.

Original Airdates1974

Alphabet Soup


Alphabet Soup, was a CBC children's program produced in Toronto. Each week, the hosts and puppet Arbuckle the Alligator welcomed a couple of guests who would talk about a subject starting with the letter of the week. The guests were well known personalities and authorities in their respective fields who discussed the various subjects in detail, answerin ...

Original Airdates1971-1973


Altogether was a CBC series of three ethnic musical specials, produced at the Manitoba Theatre Club in Winnipeg. In the first program, singer Joan Karasevich and the Rusalka Dance Ensemble joined hosts Ken Maslowsky and Iona Iliant. The second program had local singers Scott Walker and Miriam Bronstein, dancer Harvey Chochinov and the Sara Somner Ch ...

Original Airdates1975

Amateur Naturalist, The


The Amateur Naturalist featured the famed naturalist Gerald Durrell. The series featured unusual dimensions from the world of nature filmed on location around the world. Each episode included a field trip, showing what can be discovered in remote corners of the world, or in the viewer's own environment. Through the most advanced techniques of time-lapse ...

Original Airdates1983

Amazing World of Kreskin, The


Amazing World of Kreskin, The The Amazing World of Kreskin, a weekly television series produced by CTV in Ottawa, was also internationally syndicated for 4 seasons. Kreskin would perform sleight-of-brain stunts with audience members and celebrity guests. In 1975, a new series debuted entitled The Amazing Kreskin (aka The New Kreskin Show), still produced by CTV but this time in ...

AkaThe Amazing Kreskin; The New Kreskin Show
Original Airdates1972-1977


Amazon A commercial aircraft (Trans Rio Airlines flight 767 to Rio de Janeiro) crashes in the Amazon jungle, leaving 6 survivors. After the terrifying air disaster, as they wait for rescue, they must cope with an extremely hostile environment: piranhas, deadly snakes, flesh-eating ants, poisonous plants, hostile tribes, and more.

AkaPeter Benchley's Amazon (complete title)
Original Airdates1999-2000

American Whiskey Bar

American Whiskey Bar consisted of a series of politically charged, increasingly artificial conversations between sketchy characters sitting the same seedy bar. In one, three garbagemen discuss the racy plot of one of their reputed 200 screenplays; in another, a legal secretary discusses (in lurid detail) a past sex encounter with a Liberian exchange stu ...

Original Airdates1998


Analog was a weekly 15-minute television series (later expanded to a half-hour) that examined the complex but fascinating world of business in terms that the layman could readily appreciate and understand. Each edition of the magazine format series comprised of four principal components. The first of these was a summary, consisting of the headline stori ...

Original Airdates1970-1972

Animal Crackers


Animal Crackers A colourful and eccentric group of animals live in a fictional jungle. There's the neurotic single-dad, Gnu, the arrogant elephant Eugene (who enjoys stomping petunias), a DoDo determined to fly, and geeky lion Lyle constantly trying to gain his crush, Lana's, respect.

Original Airdates1997-1999

Anna Bolena

Anna Bolena The Canadian Opera Company's production of Donizetti's opera, based on the final days of Anne Boleyn's marriage to Henry VIII. Despite her 30-year career, this was soprano Joan Sutherland's first performance in the title role of Anna, the Queen who was unaware of her husband's scheme to be rid of her. The opera began on a somber note with Anna awaiting ...

Original Airdates1984

Anne of Green Gables


Anne of Green Gables At the turn of the century on Prince Edward Island, Matthew Cuthbert and his sister Marilla decide to take on an orphan boy as help for their farm. But they get an unexpected jolt when they're mistakenly sent a girl instead: Anne Shirley. Anne's a dreamer with an unusual point of view, far removed from Marilla's pragmatic ways, and it's only on trial th ...

AkaAnne, la Maison aux Pignons Verts
Original Airdates1985; 1987; 2000

Anniversary Party

Anniversary Party was a summer series designed for older viewers of CJAY-TV in Winnipeg. Each week on the half-hour show, two couples married 25 years or longer recalled the days of their courtship and marriage. In addition, there was sometimes a five-minute film item concerning the year in which each couple was married.

Original Airdates1961

Another Woman

Another Woman After a brutal attack leaves Lisa Temple without her memory, her husband declares that she is another woman. She begins to find out just what that means when she begins to try to recover that lost memory. The life that emerges is one of a bitter and depressed woman who who has apparently alienated everyone, including her husband. He has already filed fo ...

Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie


Anthology was a CBC series of half-hour films, mostly documentaries, all produced in Vancouver. Some of the films had been previously aired on CBC.

Original Airdates1959

Anti Gravity Room, The


Anti Gravity Room, The The Anti-Gravity Room was a weekly Canadian television program of the mid- to late-1990's, spotlighting comic books and video games, and hosted by Nick Scoullar and Phil Guerrero. It was produced by YTV in Canada, and was carried in the United States on the Sci Fi channel. It featured interviews with international comic creators, coverage of comic event ...

Original Airdates1993-1998

Any Woman Can

Any Woman Can was a show about household repairs and improvements. In the series, experts demonstrated to Monica Parker how to perform household tasks, such as repair a vacuum cleaner or paper walls. The program was targeted for low to middle-income housewives. Producers: Kay Benko, Ken Benko and Dean Judson

Original Airdates1974-1975

Anything You Can Do


A wretched take on Beat the Clock, 2 teams of 3 compete in a battle of the sexes. Stunts featured balloons, ladders, beanbags and other silly things.

Original Airdates1971-1974

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