P.M. Party


P.M. Party P.M. Party was a half-hour variety and interview show which featured the participation of the studio audience in singalongs, games, and sketches. Music was provided by the Rudy Toth orchestra, with vocals by Donna Miller and Allan Blye. The show's mascot was a spaniel named Daniel.

Original Airdates1958-1960

P.T. Barnum


P.T. Barnum This series illustrates the life and career of P.T. Barnum, America's greatest showman and promoter. Starting as a young man who managed an old woman who was supposedly George Washington's nursemaid, we see his career as he finds success promoting curiosities and attractions with panache and a judicious mix of truth and creativity, whether it be promoti ...

Original Airdates1999

Pacific 13

In the summers of 1956 and 1957, the CBC scheduled this series of programs, which originated in Vancouver, but did not limit themselves to west coast subject matter. The series featured a wide variety of program types, such as opera, documentaries, dramatic pieces, and musical comedies.

AkaPacific Thirteen
Original Airdates1956-1957


Pacificanada, a series of 8 half-hour films on British Columbia, formed part of a flank of National Film Board productions, broadcast on the CBC, about the different regions of the country. (The others were Adieu Alouette and West, two series about Quebec and the Prairie provinces, respectively, and Atlanticanada, presented as a two and one-half hour sp ...

Original Airdates1975

Pajama Tops

Pajama Tops Taped live at the Music Hall Theatre in Toronto, Pajama Tops is an update of the classic French bedroom farce that's enjoyed worldwide popularity. This raucous comedy centers around a French businessman, Georges Chavinet, who's been carrying on an extramarital affair under the guise of "business trips" to see "Jacque Latouche." But when his wife invites ...

Original Airdates1984
TypeTV Movie

Palace, The


The Palace was a series of 26 music shows taped in Hamilton, Ont., with Boris Brott and The Hamilton Philharmonic. Singer Jack Jones was host to such guests as Charles Aznavour, Pearl Bailey, Murray McLaughlan, Anne Murray, Peggy Lee and Burton Cummings.

AkaThe Palace Presents; From Broadway to Hollywood.
Original Airdates1979-1980

Pan Americana

Produced in Winnipeg, Pan Americana was a half-hour variety show devoted to music from Latin America. Pan Americana ran for 3 weeks on the CBC network. It included both indigenous music and North American music arranged in Latin styles. Regulars were Yvette and Ed Evanko, the Paso Doble Dancers, a ballroom ensemble composed of Bill Evans, Janice Holtman ...

Original Airdates1967

Panda Bear Daycare

Panda Bear Daycare It's an introduction to the rough and tumble world of schoolyard politics and burgeoning social skills, where children learn the basic essentials beyond their own front door....values, manners and feelings. Panda Bear Daycare is a show where five pre-schoolers learn important life lessons with the help of Panda, their stuffed animal friend who comes ...

Original Airdates1998-2000

Panorama 7

Panorama 7 was the first program seen on Winnipeg's second station, CJAY-TV. It was a program of general interest including news, weather, sport, filmed material and features for children. Information Please was an included segment which answered viewers' questions.

AkaPanorama 7 News
Original Airdates1960-1961

Panorama Newsreel

Panorama Newsreel on CFPL-TV, London. Ont. called for a staff of 18, headed by brilliant news director Ron Laidlaw. 15 minutes of on-the-spot news accounts on film are made available to half-a-million viewers in Western Ontario. Reporter-cameramen have shot over 18.000 feet of film in one month, to depict things like a CPR hotel fire, a poultry show, or ...

Original Airdates1957

Par 27


Par 27 This CBC series of half-hour golf programs was produced in Jasper, Alberta. Golf professional Al Balding and announcer Ernie Afaganis hosted the program. The competition, held in the Edmonton area, consisted of each player hitting three balls from the tee, three from about 50 yards short of the green and three balls from a green side bunker. You the ...

AkaPar 27 Golf Show
Original Airdates1973- ?



Parade Parade was a half-hour of musical variety with a widely variable format. It could included different forms of popular music, opera, folk, or jazz. Introduced as a summer replacement in 1959, it reappeared on the summer schedules for two more years, and then moved into the regular season lineup. The show provided a performance site for jazz musicians and ...

Original Airdates1959-1964



Parenting was a daily afternoon program hosted by Joyce Davidson on the CBC. It featured many guests talking about various aspects of parenting.

AkaParenting With Joyce Davidson
Original Airdates1984-1985

Paris or Somewhere


Paris or Somewhere When handsome American stranger and confessed killer, Christy Mahon, wanders into a small community in the Canadian prairies, the locals are divided on whether to welcome him with open arms or lock him up. Is he a hero, a killer or just a plain liar? Local girl, Peg Kennedy, is immediately captivated by Christy - to the distress of her fiancé.

Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie



Parlez-moi In this series, the French Canadian clown, Mark Favreau, teaches common words and phrases that are used in the French language. To show how these elements of French are used in conversation, Favreau stars in comedy sketches as Sol the Tramp; a clown who has an uncanny knack of innocently causing havoc with every encounter he has with people.

Original Airdates1978

Party Game, The


This simple charade game show offered the "home team" regulars and their guest opponents, a loosely structured format within which they could show off all their talents for acting, mimicry, comedy and ad-libbing.

Original Airdates1970-1981

Party With The Rovers


Party With The Rovers was the last musical-variety series by The Rovers (previously known as the Irish Rovers). Once again, the show was set in a traditional pub and celebrity guests perform each week. This time, the roster included Andy Gibb, Rita Coolidge, Ronnie Prophet, Boxcar Willie among others. The series was produced by Vancouver's Olympic Films ...

Original Airdates1984-1986

Pasquale's Kitchen Express


Pasquale's Kitchen Express Pasquale's Kitchen Express was a fast-paced, fun half hour of cooking, singing (and eating!) that appealed to everyone. In each episode, Chef Pasquale Carpino showed the audience his own brand of haute cuisine as he philosophized and serenaded us with light opera while preparing a full course meal for four people, in record time. Approximately 340 ep ...

Original Airdates1988-1992

Passionate Canadians, The


The Passionate Canadians was a two-part documentary drama telling the story of the Group of Seven - the first truly Canadian school of painting. The title was apt — these were indeed passionate Canadians; passionate about their art and their country; and in these films they came alive as real people, not the remote figures who are now part of the establ ...

Original Airdates1977

Passionate Eye, The


Passionate Eye, The The Passionate Eye offers a selection of the world's best, most creative, and provocative documentaries.

AkaPassionate Eye Monday; Passionate Eye Sunday Showcase
Original Airdates1992-

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