Rope Around the Sun


Cowboy singer Stu Davis starred in Rope Around the Sun, a fifteen minute broadcast of country songs and stories of ranches and the west. Originally scheduled as a summer series, the show was popular enough that it carried over into the regular season of afternoon programs for children. The title for the series was taken from the theme song used by Stu D ...

Original Airdates1958-1962



For 13 Saturday nights, the CTV television network present ROQ, a half-hour musical show, featuring Canadian rock groups from across the country. Each week ROQ host Terry David Mulligan introduced musicians in a concert setting with lots of music and little talk. Mr. Mulligan, involved for many years in the rock scene both in Toronto and on the west coa ...

Original Airdates1974

Ross The Builder


Ross The Builder In spite of the shenanigans of Paca the macaw and a character named "Foster" who keeps jumping out of a tool box, Ross still managed to show his young viewers how to make such things as model planes and boats. Ross had different guests each week.

Original Airdates1958

Roswell: The Aliens Attack

Roswell: The Aliens Attack Two aliens (Heather Hanson, Steven Flynn) escape from 1947 Roswell, New Mexico and set out to sabotage the Earth. The lady alien finds she enjoys sex and likes to seduce soldiers. However, the male eventually falls in love with an Earthling and decides to stop the female from setting off a nuclear weapon the two had developed.

Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie


This half-hour CBC program included a variety of films of interest to young viewers.

Original Airdates1958-1959


Roundtable was a debate/panel discussion show which aired for two seasons on CBWT in Winnipeg. The panels were made up from members of the press, government and schools and discussions and debates ranged from municipal to national issues.

AkaRound Table
Original Airdates1955-1959

Route 7

Route 7 was a television program for town and country viewers and was one of the first "live" programs to be produced by CJAY-TV in Winnipeg. For the first several weeks beginning Dec 10, 1960, it was seen in a condensed half-hour version on Saturday at 5 p.m. Later it was seen Monday through Friday at noon in the planned one-hour version. Route ...

Original Airdates1960-1962

Rovers Comedy House, The

The Rovers' Comedy House, a 7-part CBC series of comedy, shenanigans and boisterous Irish music, starred the world-popular and much-travelled Rovers: Will Millar, Jimmy Ferguson, George Millar and Wilcil McDowell. The series also had Jimmy Kennedy, singer and raconteur, as a regular. Based on the Irish Rovers' Comedy House Superspecial, which aired the ...

Original Airdates1981

Roy Petty Show, The

Singer Roy Petty starred in this fifteen minute Winnipeg broadcast of standards and blues and jazz tunes. He was backed by the Bobby Jackson Quartet, which featured Bobby Jackson on bass, Lenny Breau on guitar, Del Wagner on drums, and Bob Erlendson on piano.

Original Airdates1965

Royal Canadian Air Farce


Royal Canadian Air Farce Air Farce first hit network television with a one hour special on CBC Television in October, 1980. It was an instant hit, CBC's #2 show for the week, right behind Hockey Night in Canada. CBC then commissioned a 10 week series, which aired February to April 1981 titled 'Air Farce,' plus additional specials in 1982 and 1983. A change of executives then ha ...

AkaAir Farce
Original Airdates1980-

Royal Suite

Royal Suite was a seven-part series of half-hour teleplays which took you behind the Do Not Disturb signs for an intimate look at the lap of luxury in a hotel. Each week the hotel manager, the switchboard operator and the bellboy tried to be helpful and not too curious about their guests.

Original Airdates1976

Rumours of Glory


Director Martin Lavut filmed 15 songs at a Bruce Cockburn concert using five cameras and this straightforward cinematic record of the concert is the result. Cockburn sings and plays acoustic and the electric guitar - there is no additional commentary before or after each number.

Original Airdates1983

Rumpus Room

Jean Ramsay was the "singing hostess" for Rumpus Room, a Winnipeg variety series which started its summer run on CBWT in July, 1957. The program was in the form of informal musical get-togethers, with singer Alvin Blye and an instrumental group conducted by Bob McMullin among the regular performers. Don Browne-Wilkinson was the producer.

Original Airdates1957



Rupert Ever since his debut 80 years ago in the pages of London's Daily Express Newspaper, the adventures of Rupert Bear have entertained generations of loyal readers around the world, young and old alike. Now, along with his animal and human friends, everyone's favourite hero from Nutwood has made the giant leap to television. Whether taming a bad-tempered, f ...

AkaRupert Bear
Original Airdates1991-1997


Russia Acclaimed actor, director, writer and linguist Peter Ustinov brought the brilliance, the colour and the contradictions of Russia in this miniseries. Ustinov "interviews" famous (and infamous) characters from Russian history, including Ivan the Terrible, Catherine the Great, and Leo Tolstoy. Teeming with information about the history, the culture, and th ...

AkaPeter Ustinov's Russia: A Personal Journey
Original Airdates1986



Bob Ruzicka was the host and star of CBC-TV's half-hour variety series titled Ruzicka. Many of his compositions were featured on this 13-week series. His guest singers were personal friends including Valdy, Sylvia Tyson, Dan Hill, John Allan Cameron, Ann Mortifee, the Good Brothers, Len Udow, Leon Bibb, and other fellow performers at folk festivals acro ...

Original Airdates1977

Ryan's Fancy


Ryan's Fancy, three musicians and singers who had made Newfoundland their home, offered unique musical entertainment on their CBC-TV series. This series was the first national prime-time series out of St. John's. The trio of Fergus O'Byrne, Dermot O'Reilly and Denis Ryan travelled to different locations in the Atlantic provinces to set the themes of the ...

Original Airdates1977

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