Dorchester Theatre

This was a summer series of half-hour dramas, produced in Montreal by Ken Davey. The plays included original works in English and translations of scripts previously produced on the French language service of the CBC. Titles included Teeter Totter, by M. Charles Cohen, The Bicycle, by Marcel Dube, and The Imperfect Crime, by Eloi de Grandmont.

Original Airdates1957

Double Exposure


Double Exposure In 1997, Double Exposure moved permanently from radio to television, moving from the CBC national network to the rival CTV until 2000. On radio, the show consisted of comedic sketches and monologues; on television, the voice impersonations were set to actual film clips of the politicians being satirized.

Original Airdates1997-2000

Double Up

Double Up, a summer replacement for the panel quiz show, This Is The Law, had as its most obvious source the 1950s program, You Bet Your Life, with Groucho Marx. On that obviously chintzy game show (in contrast to The $64,000 Question, Groucho asked questions that were worth $50 or so), the simple quiz ran second to the chat with the contestants, where ...

Original Airdates1974

Double Your Money


On May 21, 1964 CTV televised Trans Atlantic Quiz, a special program with Britain's famous Hughie Green as master of ceremonies. Green, one of the most popular television personalities overseas at that time, was host of the British series, Double Your Money, which had been a top favourite in Great Britain for the past ten years. On Sept 25, 1964, CTV ...

AkaTrans Atlantic Quiz
Original Airdates1964-1965

Doug Crosley Show, The

The Doug Crosley Show was a half-hour summer show, in which Doug Crosley performed songs with a country tinge. The program was produced in Winnipeg. Singers Liliane Stillwell and Sherisse Laurence, country band Humphrey and the Dumptrucks, and the Dave Shaw Orchestra, along with weekly guests, shared the stage with Crosley.

Original Airdates1973

Down Home Country

Tom Gallant, a New Brunswick singer and songwriter, was the star and host of Down Home Country, a summer replacement for The Tommy Hunter Show. Down Home Country featured new, principally Canadian, talent. Guests included Chad Allan from Winnipeg, "Diamond" Joe White from Calgary, Colleen Peterson and Sneezy Waters, both from Ottawa, Jesse Winchester, ...

Original Airdates1975

Down Yonder


On Down Yonder, fiddling emcee Don Ramsay and Fred Kent's Northernaires have used as guests cackling roosters and a large morose St. Bernard dog. But the show featured a wide variety of local and celebrity performers of the day.

AkaDown Yonder Ranch
Original Airdates1956-1959

Downright Disco


This half-hour dance series made appeared in the CTV schedule for the 1978-79 season.

Original Airdates1978

Dr. Zonk and the Zunkins


Dr. Zonk and the Zunkins Dr. Zonk and the Zunkins was a 36-occasion series from CBC's Children's Television in Toronto. Each half-hour program seen Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays was a collage of short (three to five-minute) segments with burlesque, slapstick, satire and visual and verbal gags of all kinds. The programs, aimed specifically at nine to11-year-olds, used the skill ...

Original Airdates1974-1975

Dracula: The Series


Dracula: The Series While business keeps their business executive mother on the road, Americans Chris and Max Townsend are sent to live with their uncle, Gustav Helsing, in Europe. The teenagers soon discover that Uncle Gustav is a vampire hunter and his goal is the destruction of billionaire industrialist Alexander Lucard, who is really Count Dracula. The series debute ...

Original Airdates1994

Drama at Ten

Drama at Ten, a CBC TV summer series, repeated one hour productions that had been previously presented on GM Theatre.

Original Airdates1955-1956

Dream House

Dream House A young couple moves into a sophisticated "home of the future," that offers all the latest modern conveniences--including automated household appliances, lights that turn themselves on and off, and a miswired supercomputer determined to kill, kill, kill.

Original Airdates1998
TypeTV Movie

Dress Rehearsal

The first six shows in the 1970 summer series from CBC's Children's television department were a preview of Drop In, a young people's magazine show slated to start in the autumn season. The concluding two programs were similar, public "dress rehearsals" for Ooops and Cabbages and Kings. Subsequent seasons also provided advance looks at potential chi ...

Original Airdates1970-1974

Driver's Seat


Driver's Seat With Driver's Seat you experience first hand the exotic adventures of the two men who have lived and breathed the automotive world for decades. You get the inside track on all the makes and models from classic imported sports racers to colossal custom SUVs and all the Harleys and Hybrids in between. Tony & Ted take us around the globe in search of th ...

AkaInside Track
Original Airdates1989-1997



Droids This series recounts the adventures of C-3P0 and R2-D2 before they met Luke Skywalker as they serve various masters over the years. As it turns out, their lives were no less hectic as they became involved in battles versus gangsters, pirates, the Empire and even Boba Fett on one occasion.

AkaDroids: The Adventures of R2D2 and C3PO; Star Wars: Droids
Original Airdates1985-1986



Drop-In Drop-In was a general interest program for ten to fourteen year olds. Although the program was eclectic, shows usually concentrated on a specific theme, such as magic or love or changing fashions. The show explored such topics through in-studio interviews and filmed reports. Drop-In also included comic puppet sketches, called the Drop-In Little Theatre, ...

AkaDrop In
Original Airdates1970-1974

Due South


Due South Due South originally aired on CBS in the United States and CTV in Canada, as a made-for-television movie in 1994. The series ran from 1994 to 1996, when it was cancelled by CBS. After a one year hiatus, CTV revived the series in 1997 with international investment, and it ran for two seasons until 1999. The basic premise of the series is a Royal Canad ...

AkaDirection: Sud; Un tandem de choc
Original Airdates1994-1999

Dumb Bunnies, The

Dumb Bunnies, The Based on David Pilkey's hugely popular book series Dumb Bunnies is an animated comedy about a family of lovable, fun-loving and extremely naive bunnies. They always have big plans to solve problems, but not a lot of them work out. That's okay - at least they have a really good time trying. And that's what really counts.

Original Airdates1998-1999

Durrell's Russia

The series Durrell's Russia was co-produced with the CBC and Pat Ferns of Primedia. In this series, Gerald Durrell and his wife Leigh examine endangered species and programs for their breeding and reproduction across the vast and diverse terrain of the USSR, from the Arctic to the desert regions, from mountains and rivers to seas and lakes. In this case ...

AkaDurrell In Russia
Original Airdates1986


Dynaman In order to help him save Japan from his evil former partners, Bernie Tanaka and Mel Fujitzu, Dr. Ho convinces five young adults to wear different colour costumes, take code-names, wear gadget watches and ride around in a mech called "the Dynaship." This series was a parody of the Japanese series Kagaku Sentai Dynaman (Scientific Task Force Dynaman) ...

Original Airdates1987-1988

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