Chautauqua Girl, The


The Chautauqua Girl, is a lavish two-hour romantic journey back to rural Alberta of the 1920s written and produced by Jeannine Locke. The romance of Sally Driscol (Janet-Laine Green) and farmer Neil McCallum (Terence Kelly), the MLA candidate for the United Farmers of Alberta, unfolds against the splendid Alberta countryside in high summer and the mount ...

Original Airdates1983
TypeTV Movie

Check it Out!


Check it Out! Don Adams portrayed Howard Bannister, the sarcastic manager of a large supermarket. A cynical but kind-hearted perfectionist, he tried to run a tight ship despite a tidal wave of employee inefficiency. Bannister was joined by his secretary Edna and six other main staff members: Alf, Marlene, Jack Christian, Leslie, Murray and Jennifer. Check It Out! ...

Original Airdates1985-1988


Check-Up Check-Up was a half-hour show on health care over the summer of 1963. Each program was devoted to a specific medical problem or disease. In the first part, a doctor examined a patient and makes a diagnosis. In the second part, the program host, Lloyd Robertson, introduced the doctor to a panel of laymen. Under their questioning, the doctor explained his ...

Original Airdates1963

Chercheurs d'or


Chercheurs d'or Humour and passion against the backdrop of life and death struggles in the Yukon during the Gold Rush. Smoke Bellew is a wide-eyed innocent who seems at first sight ill-equipped to deal with the unforgiving landscape and the ruthless fortune-seekers inhabiting it.

AkaAdventures of Smoke Bellew; Jack London's Wilderness Tales
Original Airdates1996

Chez Hélène


Chez Hélène Chez Hélène was a children's television series produced by and broadcast on CBC Television. The 15-minute weekday program was broadcast on the English television network to provide viewers with exposure to the French language. The program was produced at CBC's Montreal studios. It began its 14-season run on 26 October 1959, with the final program air ...

Original Airdates1959-1973

Chez Nous

In autumn 1957, the CBC announced the premiere of a children's show called Chez Jacques, which was to run every other week, alternating with the Golden Age Players. Quebec singer Jacques Labrecque, who had made fourteen records of folk music for Folkways would welcome young viewers and guests into his fieldstone farmhouse for a half-hour of music an ...

AkaChez Jacques
Original Airdates1957

Children of The Gael


Will Millar hosted this hour-long documentary about the turmoil in Northern Ireland and more specifically its effect on the children. In his commentary, Millar asked: "Who cares about religion and politics when you're 10 years old and get your hands blown off?" Children of The Gael was a provocative, frank and moving examination of the civil strife thro ...

Original Airdates1980

Children of the World

In 1969 the CBC aired a series of six half-hour "semi-documentaries" on children in different areas of the world, in association with UNICEF. Some film teams visited countries like Dahomey, Brazil, Guatemala, Somalia, Thailand and Nepal, where UNICEF located young people who talked about their culture and their way of life--for example, 11-year-old ...

Original Airdates1969-1974

Children's Checkpoints


Children's Checkpoint was a series of short educational and entertainment program segments introduced by anchorperson Mary Clare and her talented roving reporters Lydia, Geoff and Amanda. The program aired Saturday mornings on NTV in Newfoundland.

Original Airdates1990

Children's Cinema

On weekday mornings for the Christmas holidays, then on Saturday mornings or afternoons, Robert Homme, "The Friendly Giant," welcomed viewers to the movie room of his castle and introduced award-winning feature films from around the world and from Canada.

Original Airdates1969-1975

Children's Club, The

Rogers Cable TV of Calgary presented over 200 episodes of The Children's Club in which a retired couple tell stories to children in the basement of their home.


Children's Friday Specials

The CBC's department of children's television commissioned four half-hour film documentaries for and about children from different regions of Canada. Rodeo Boy, produced and directed by Jack Emack of Edmonton, dealt with a teenager who decided to become a professional rodeo cowboy. Sandy Lumsden, of CBC Halifax, produced a film about children who li ...

Original Airdates1976-1977

Children's International Newsreel

The first "newsreel" for children on the CBC network was Children's International Newsreel, originating in Montreal. The 15-minute show was made up of segments procured from the news service of the European Broadcasting Union and presented without a host. In December 1955, members of the European Broadcasting Union constructed a film exchange agreem ...

Original Airdates1957-1960

Children's Theatre

For the 1953 television season, producers Joanne Hughes and Peggy Nairn assembled a lineup of afternoon programming for children, which included a half-hour broadcast of films.

Original Airdates1953-1954

Chinese, The

Patrick Watson presents filmed examination of the People's Republic of China. He examines the recent troubles of the Cultural Revolution which profoundly and violently disrupted the country. He also examines the nation in contemporary times after those troubles and how the nation has changed since then as it struggles to rejoin the world stage.

AkaLes Chinois
Original Airdates1982

Choice of Futures, A

The CBC announced this three part series as a consideration of the future on the special historic occasion of Canada's centennial. The hour-long programs projected time to come through a documentary, an essay, and a fantasy drama. The first program was The Earth Is A Very Small Spaceship; Therefore Choose Life, the second program; and 1999 the last p ...

Original Airdates1967

Chorus, Anyone

Each episode of this half-hour performance by a twelve voice male chorus and their guests revolved around a specific theme, such as "campfire songs," or "songs of the sea." John Avison served as choir director, and also performed with Hugh McLean at twin pianos. Guest soloists in this summer series included Bernard Turgeon, Ernie Prentice, Jan Rubes ...

Original Airdates1964

Chorus, Gentlemen

Chorus Gentlemen, probably more accurately titled than its predecessor a summer before, Chorus Anyone, was a singalong program produced in Vancouver by Neil Sutherland and directed by Ken Gibson. It featured an male chorus, led by Bobby Reid (1965) and Brian Gibson (1966-67). Along with guest soloists, they sang popular music of the period from Worl ...

Original Airdates1965-1967

Chris Cross


Cable Ace Award winning television sitcom Chris Cross was produced by Schooldaze Productions and Cinar for Nickelodeon in 1993. 13 episodes of comedy and real life at the old Standfield Academy - starring Oliver Cross and Chris Hilton, coping as well as they can with their school going "co-ed", and everything else that goes along with that.

Original Airdates1993-1994

Christmas in My Hometown

Christmas in My Hometown Warm holiday drama in which an executive forced to cut the jobs of many people working at a small-town tractor factory gets a big surprise when he's mistaken as the savior of the local economy.

AkaA Holiday for Love
Original Airdates1996
TypeTV Movie

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