Serenade For Strings


Serenade For Strings was a radio show for seventeen years and moved its mixture of show tunes and ballads to television in 1956. Jean Deslauriers conducted the orchestra and directed the sixteen voice women's choral group. He also wrote musical arrangements, with Maurice Dela and Johnny Burt. The regular soloists were soprano Claire Gagnier and bass Den ...

Original Airdates1956-1957

Serial, The

The Serial revived Canadian stories in a consistent half-hour television slot in its presentation of serialized dramas and episodic series. It permitted sustained stories, frequently adapted from novels, to unfold over an extended period of real and screen time, and it provided a regular, national venue for domestic dramatic production, even though the ...

Original Airdates1963-1966

Sesame Street


Sesame Street Sesame Street was carried on the CBC since 1969. Starting in January 1973, however, the CBC started to replace some segments of the U.S. program with Canadian-produced segments that focused on multiculturalism, learning French, understanding the environment and an awareness of the heritage of our native peoples. In this format, it was referred to as Can ...

AkaSesame Park, Canadian Sesame Street, Les amis de Sésame
Original Airdates1973-2002

Sex Files, The

Sex Files, The Chilean-Italian hostess Gisel Della Chiara hosts this series in a clinical fashion that sometimes seems at odds with her dramatic good looks, and introduces all kinds of subjects dealing with the science of sex, with a very down-to-earth approach.

Original Airdates1999-



SexTV SexTV is an internationally-syndicated program that explores and celebrates the power and mystery of human sexuality around the globe. SexTV interprets the truly enormous range of human passions and reaction to all things sexual in a non-judgemental, cutting-edge forum. Continuing to push boundaries, exploring sexuality in a way that no one else does; w ...

Original Airdates1998-

Shades of Love

Shades of Love was a pay-TV 80-minute movie series based on romantic novels. The formula was simple enough: Combine a high-profile American actor with a low-profile Canadian cast and put them in a Harlequin romance-style plot. The movies were also released on home video.

Original Airdates1987-1988
TypeTV Movie

Shadow Raiders

Shadow Raiders At the destruction of Planet Tek at the hands of the planet-consuming Beast planet, Princess Tekla is the sole survivor. In desperation, she reaches a system where four planets named respectively Fire, Bone, Rock and Ice who continually raid each other for the resources that each planet needs. She crashlands on planet Ice where one such raid by the Rock ...

AkaShadowRaiders; War Planets
Original Airdates1998-1999

Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant


Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant Mike and his team of shadow warriors are working freelance on military operations. When Mike thinks he recognises a biochemical terrorist from his past they uncover a plot to attack Seattle. With Mike drugged with a slow poison that only terrorist Sarkisian can stop the team go out to stop the attack.

AkaAssault on Death Mountain
Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

Shake, Rock and Roll


Shake, Rock & Roll was a 13-episode CTV series reviving music from the early 1950's. It was hosted by Thunder Bay native Bobby Curtola who welcomed guest performers who were popular in the '50s. Guests included Chubby Checker, the Four Lads, Bill Haley and Chuck Berry.

AkaShake, Rock & Roll
Original Airdates1973



Shantytown was a series of one-hour episodes shot live in a fishing village on the east coast of Canada. The program centred on Sam the Sailor along with other villagers such as Katie the Craft Lady and Marjorie the Music Lady and their puppet friends. The series was produced by Jerome Campbell from ATV-CJCB in Sydney, N.S. and aired throughout the Mar ...

AkaShanty Town
Original Airdates1978-1984

Sharing Circle, The

Sharing Circle, The The Sharing Circle is a 1/2 hour documentary series that shares fascinating and poignant stoires about Aboriginal People. Hosted by series creator Lisa Meeches, the Sharing Circle delivers an intimate and detailed look at each story while remaining true to the roots of Aboriginal spirituality.

Original Airdates1991-

Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show


Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show Sharon, Lois & Bram, a popular kid song singing trio got their own show in 1984 after 6 years of making kid's music albums. The show was about Sharon, Lois and Bram, three people who lived with Elephant (who never spoke but provided slapstick comedy and laughs). They usually had friends (children) at their house and would sing with them and do various a ...

AkaThe Elephant Show
Original Airdates1984-1988

Sheldon Kennedy Story, The


Sheldon Kennedy Story, The The Sheldon Kennedy Story tells the true story of a pro hockey player who in his youth was molested by his coach. When The Sheldon Kennedy Story aired, reactions from viewers across the country were intense. People were so affected that the Red Cross had to man special phone lines to support the influx of calls brought on by the film. The industry ...

AkaUn rêve abîmé (French title)
Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie


An unassuming dilapidated log cabin possesses the ability to transform the unconscious of its inhabitants into tangible reality. The cabin hungers for souls to come to it and become part of its "population." To this end, it employs a group of gatherers, forces within the cabin which can appear in human form. Each gatherer-recognizable as a character fro ...

Original Airdates1998

Shining Time Station


Shining Time Station This was a North American version of the popular British children's program. Every episode, the kids (and sometimes the adults, too) at Shining Time Station learn some special lessons about life and getting along with others from the miniature Mr. Conductor. The lessons are then illustrated in segments featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.

Original Airdates1989-1993



Shirley CTV launched Shirley, which looked like a Canadian Sally Jessy Raphael. The afternoon talk show was described as Canada's first national talk show "featuring participation from the audience." The program starred Shirley Solomon as host.

AkaShirley Show, The
Original Airdates1989-1995

Shock Treatment

Jake Grant accidentally brings the out-of-control, joke-cracking superhero (The Shock) from his video game to life and decides to use him to get the goods on a gangster his prosecutor mom had been after. This was a pilot for a never realized series.

Original Airdates1995
TypeTV Movie

Shoestring Theatre

Shoestring Theatre, a weekly half-hour of drama from Montreal, began as a local, late night broadcast from CBMT, and later expanded to the CBC network as an afternoon show. As the title implies the series got along on minimal budgets. Shoestring Theatre concentrated on theatrical experimentation, but later the series changed its format to include more c ...

Original Airdates1961-1971

Show from Two Cities, A

A series of 4 hour-long variety shows produced over the 1963-64 season in Toronto and Montreal, A Show from Two Cities was also broadcast simultaneously on both English and French networks of the CBC.

Original Airdates1963-1964

Show of the Week

CBC's Show of the Week was an umbrella title given to a series of one-hour dramatic and variety broadcasts that included both Canadian and foreign productions. Show of the Week also featured four segments of Instant TV, a variety show produced in Munich. The program gradually stressed variety, and included U.S. broadcasts such as Perry Como special ...

Original Airdates1964-1969

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