Golden Will: The Silken Laumann Story


Golden Will: The Silken Laumann story is a made for TV movie based on the story of Canadian Silken Laumann, her dysfunctional family life, her various triumphs and tragedies, and culminating in her comeback from a near-crippling rowing accident. The upsetting homelife is the twist in Golden Will. Silken and her sister Daniele (who was her partner in ...

Original Airdates1996
TypeTV Movie

Golf With Stan Leonard


Stan Leonard, with the help of commentator Ted Reynolds, offered several, television courses in basic golf from the Point Grey Golf Course. The courses were divided into thirteen, fifteen minute lessons. The second season was more advanced than the 1960 season which dealt with the fundamentals of golf. A new way of giving golf lessons on TV was emp ...

Original Airdates1960-1965

Gondoliers, The


Marco and Giuseppe Palmieri, the most favoured of all the gondoliers, choose Gianetta and Tessa to be their brides. While celebrating their marriages, Marco and Giuseppe are informed that one of them is really the King of Barataria - but it is not known which. Gianetta and Tessa are delighted with the idea of one of them being Queen. However, all are ca ...

Original Airdates1984
TypeTV Movie

Good Company, The

Good Company, The This summer series was a freewheeling musical variety show. The Good Company was a troupe of twenty singers and dancers age sixteen to twenty-five. Some had had professional experience, dancing on television or with the National Ballet, many were still in school.

Original Airdates1968

Good Place to Come From, A

A Good Place To Come From was a trilogy of 90-minute programs, subtitled Growing Up Jewish In Sault Ste. Marie. It followed the warm and funny plight of two families: the Rosens and the Yanovers. The teleplays were written by Israel Horovitz, inspired by the short stories of Morley Torgov.

Original Airdates1980

Good Rockin' Tonite


Good Rockin' Tonite Good Rockin' Tonite was a Friday night music program produced in Vancouver, featuring music videos, in-depth interviews, contests and countdowns of the week's most popular singles and albums. The original host, Terry David Mulligan, conceived the program with producer Ken Gibson, who was behind the CBC's last rock-music effort in the '60s, (Let's Go) wh ...

AkaGood Rockin' Tonight
Original Airdates1983-1993

Good Times

A 30 minute musical variety show, Good Times starred singer Catherine McKinnon, guitarist Jim Roberts, and The Family Six, a musical group composed of six brothers and sisters (Edmund, David, Dennis, Roland, Therese, and Noella Dandeneau of Fisher Branch, Manitoba). The show also featured an orchestra led by the show's musical director, Dave Shaw. Good ...

Original Airdates1972

Goodbye, Burlesque

Goodbye, Burlesque Monique Osier, Cherilee Garofano and Yvonne Stewart are three burlesque dancers who attempt to convert their club to a rock'n' roll venue - the first in town in the late '50s.

Original Airdates1997



Goosebumps Goosebumps is a television series that aired on YTV. It is a horror anthology series for children, based on the Goosebumps books by R. L. Stine. The show ran for three full-length seasons, and an eight-episode fourth season; totalling 76 episodes. In total, forty-three of the original books were adapted. In the third season, the series' title was ...

AkaUltimate Goosebumps (third season title)
Original Airdates1995-1998

Gordon Pinsent Sings Those Hollywood Songs

In this CBC special, Gordon Pinsent, joined by Kerrie Keane, Jeff Hyslop and Peter Appleyard, performs songs from Hollywood musicals including "Putting on the Ritz", "Fascinating Rhythm" and "Tea for Two". Aired on Dec 20, 1987

Original Airdates1987

Grand Old Country


Ronnie Prophet starred in CBC's The Ronnie Prophet Show in the summer of 1974 with an eleven week series of country music, variety, and comedy. In 1975, a CTV series called Grand Old Country was hosted by Ronnie Prophet, and formed a weekly half-hour setting in which a series of Canadian country singers and musicians could and did strut their stuff ...

AkaThe Ronnie Prophet Show
Original Airdates1974; 1975-1981

Grandstand Quarterback

In this feature, broadcast during halftime intermissions in 1978 CFL games carried by the CBC, retired football players examined key decisions they had to make during their careers. Host Tom McKee showed films of the games and asked viewers to call the next play. After the actual play was shown, the quarterback explained the reasons and the results.

Original Airdates1978


Graphic was a thirty minute magazine-style show. The CBC had taken its cameras and microphones outside the studios and into the streets for remote broadcasts for several years, but Graphic attempted to make the spontaneity and immediacy of that approach and essential part of television broadcasting. In format and aim, it emulated such U.S. programs as S ...

AkaFord Graphic
Original Airdates1956-1957

Great Canadian Culture Hunt, The

Great Canadian Culture Hunt, The Gordon Pinsent was the host of a 6 part series of one-hour documentaries on different aspects of Canadian culture. The first film in the series examined the relations of politics and culture. The second film, Home Movies, looked at the Canadian filmmaking industry. The third segment concerned the music industry. In the fourth program, writers talked abo ...

Original Airdates1976

Great Canadian Escape, The

The Great Canadian Escape, a series of eight 30-minute programs produced in Edmonton, provided novices with instructions in popular outdoor recreational activities, such as lake and fly fishing, camping, backpacking, tenting, caoeing, and trail riding. The guides were Russ Thornberry, columnist for the Edmonton Journal, and broadcaster John Wells.

Original Airdates1977

Great Debate, The


A lively debate show, moderated by Pierre Berton, The Great Debate featured a wide array of guest debaters, from Canadian nationalist Mel Hurtig to American actress Gloria Swanson. The debaters tackled a new controversial topic each week. First broadcast in 1974 on Global, the series ran into some financial trouble after a few years on air, went int ...

Original Airdates1974-1984

Great Detective, The


Great Detective, The The Great Detective was inspired by exploits of John Wilson Murray, Canada's first government-appointed detective, set in the latter part of the Victorian era. The leading character Inspector Alistair Cameron, played by Douglas Campbell, was a fictional counterpart of Murray. Inspector Cameron was ably assisted by his friend, forensic scientist Dr. Chis ...

Original Airdates1979-1982


Greenpieces A collection of environmentally-themed songs and sketches shot live on-location at the Vancouver Folk Festival. The show features the best of west coast comedy troupe Local Anxiety (Mark Leiren-Young & Kevin Crofton) and special guest appearances by various Canadian celebrities including Vicki Gabereau, Rhona Raskin and Dr. David Suzuki. Originally p ...

Original Airdates1999

Gross Misconduct


Gross Misconduct A look into the life of troubled former hockey player Brian Spencer, who got into problems both on the ice and off because of his temper. The film also has a close focus on Spencer's father, and shows how he influenced Brian's life both before and after his death.

Original Airdates1993
TypeTV Movie

Group, The


A CBC summer replacement, The Group was a musical variety show produced in Winnipeg. It featured Reg Gibson, Karen Marklinger, and a ten piece band called The Sassy Brass of Bob McMullin. The Group Singers were Hector Dremner, Ken Johnson, Sam McConnell, Steve Walsh, Lorraine Grosko, Beverley Mazer, Carole West, and Wendy Wilson, who sang as an ensembl ...

Original Airdates1968-1970

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