Diamond Fleece, The

Diamond Fleece, The Jeweller Phillippe Golden purchases one of the largest diamonds ever from an auction. Diamond thief Rick Dunne is released from prison to consult in constructing safety precautions. However, Inspector Outlaw suspects that Rick may be up to his old wiles.

Original Airdates1992
TypeTV Movie



Mike and Christina worked together on a television show called "Two of Diamonds". They would eventually fall in love, get married, and get divorced. Years later, they would get back together in a different sense: as private investigators. They worked well together and kept it strictly business. Still, they cared for one another and never forgot about th ...

Original Airdates1987-1989

Diane Stapley Show, The

Diane Stapley, a talented singer and performer on stage and other television shows, starred in this musical variety series. For two seasons, the show was produced in a minuscule Winnipeg studio and consisted mostly of music performed by Stapley, a band led by Dave Shaw, and guests. Dave Robertson: producer-director

Original Airdates1975-1976


Dianne Heatherington, often a gutsy and compelling singer, starred in this summer half-hour. It featured mostly rock oriented music performed by regulars Heatherington, the Merry Go Round, the Dave Shaw Orchestra, and guests drawn mostly from the Canadian rock scene.

AkaThe Dianne Heatherington Show
Original Airdates1971

Diary of Evelyn Lau, The

A teenage girl runs away from home and her very strict mother, becomes a prostitute and drug-addict, which she writes a book about.

Original Airdates1993
TypeTV Movie



Dieppe Canadian troops stationed in England during the Second World War were ordered to attack the Nazi-occupied French seaside town of Dieppe. More than 900 were killed.

Original Airdates1993
TypeTV Movie

Difference, La

Journalists Peter Desbarats and Richard Gwyn introduced La Difference, a public affairs program that explored aspects of the divergence between English and French cultures and societies in Canada. The show was not simply current affairs commentary; its premise, stated Desbarats, acknowledged that "history is often a matter of interpretation, written and ...

AkaCanada Through the Looking Glass
Original Airdates1968

Dini Petty Show, The


Dini Petty Show, The The Dini Petty Show was a Canadian daytime talk show, which aired on stations affiliated with the Baton Broadcasting System from 1989 to 1997. Hosted by Dini Petty, the program mixed lifestyle features and interviews with celebrity guests. Following Baton Broadcasting's acquisition of CTV, the Dini Petty Show was renamed Dini and aired on CTV from ...

Original Airdates1989-2000

Dinner Along the Amazon

Dinner Along the Amazon Olivia Penney arrives home one day, silently agonizing over how to tell her husband Michael about her unplanned pregnancy. Unexpected guests and an impromptu dinner party help to fuel the emotional gulf between them. The evening dissolves into drunken hostility and painful revelations on the past, including the willful disappearance of one guest's husba ...

Original Airdates1996

Dino Babies


Dino Babies The exciting adventures of six young dinosaurs with very active imaginations. Franklin, Stanley, Truman, LaBrea, Marshall and Dak get into all sorts of trouble in Truman's creative stories. You never know who the Dino Babies will end up as next in these fun twists on classic fairy tales.

Original Airdates1994-1996



Dinosaucers Two factions of warriors from outer-space crashland on Earth; a good one consisting of creatures resembling herbivore dinosaurs, and an evil one consisting of similar carnivores. The herbivores join forces with several Earth children to stop the carnivores from conquering this new world.

Original Airdates1987-1988

Dionne Quintuplets, The


Back in 1934, Elzire Dionne delivered five identical girls. The Dionne Quintuplets follows Cecile, Emilie, Marie, Yvonne and Annette through twenty-one years of strange upbringing. When the girls were just infants, the premier of Ontario issued a court order removing them from parental care. Cut off from the world and their family, over-publicized, view ...

AkaQuintuplées Dionne, Les
Original Airdates1978

Diplomatic Immunity


Diplomatic Immunity Hot talk on the world's hot spots. Each week, join Janice Stein from the Munk Centre for International Studies, Richard Gwyn from the Toronto Star and host Steve Paikin as they deliver intelligent and lively debate on the international events that are shaping our lives.

AkaDiplomatic Immunity with Steve Paikin
Original Airdates1998-

Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic Passport was a half-hour program that took Canadian viewers into the embassies of other nations for a look and for an interview with the ambassador and, usually, his wife. The diplomats provided a tour of the embassy grounds, talked about their homeland and about the function of the ambassador in Canada.

AkaForeign Embassies
Original Airdates1961-1962

Directions in Music

Directions in Music was a CBC series of five half-hour Sunday afternoon broadcasts, produced in Vancouver. It aimed to show viewers different musical forms and productions.

Original Airdates1961

Disability Network, The

This award-winning program offers an innovative exploration of how life is lived by those with disabilities. The half-hour magazine-style program alternates with full-length documentaries that are researched, produced and hosted by people with disabilities. Disability Network provides valuable consumer information and asks relevant questions that are o ...

Original Airdates1990-1997


Discoveries was a fifteen-minute science show for children in the twelve to fourteen year old age group, produced in Winnipeg. Dick Sutton, the curator of the Manitoba Museum, introduced shows on topics in nature studies and natural history. The first series aired nationally on the CBC network and continued to be produced and broadcast locally after tha ...

Original Airdates1957-1962


Discovery was a program of half-hour documentaries from Vancouver usually on subjects pertaining to western Canada. Discovery appeared on the national CBC network as a Sunday afternoon broadcast in the winter of 1962, and as a prime time summer replacement that summer and the next. Many of the shows were divided into instalments broadcast over two or ...

Original Airdates1961-1963

Disordered Mind, The

In 1960, The Disordered Mind was a four part subseries, broadcast on the Wednesday night Explorations program. A second series of four programs also appeared on Explorations in 1963. A third series was aired under its own title, on Sunday nights, in 1966. The Disordered Mind was a series of half-hour films that broke through some of the mysteries of ...

Original Airdates1960-1966

Distinguished Canadians

In the CBC series Distinguished Canadians, John David Hamilton and Vincent Tovell interviewed prominent Canadians in science, the arts and humanities, education, politics and religion.

Original Airdates1972

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