Vikings Carol, A


A rapidly-aging, senile, yet-still-defiant backyard inventor is spending his last Christmas on the frozen Canadian Western Prairies, far from his homeland 2500 miles East in Newfoundland, yearning for the Golden Age when his Viking Irish Ancestors ruled the seas, the skies, and their own destiny. ‘Old Mike’, who was always a thousand years ahead of his ...

Original Airdates1989
TypeTV Movie

Virgin Paradise

Virgin Paradise was a made-for-TV movie about a trio of university grads vacationing in the British Virgin Islands who get a hold of some emeralds, unaware that they belong to pirates. Virgin Paradise was a co-production of Emmeritus Productions and CHCH-TV in Hamilton. The Movie was shot in Hamilton and the British Virgin Islands.

Original Airdates1987
TypeTV Movie

Vision On


Vision On was originally designed as a program for children with hearing impairments. It used many different techniques- pictures, sculpture, games, mime, animation, inventions- to explore a different subject each week, such as springs, monsters and ghosts, and signs. The show was produced by the BBC in cooperation with the Ontario Educational Communica ...

Original Airdates1975-1982

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