Talking to a Stranger

These 4 one-hour dramas were adapted by Doris Gauntlett from the scripts for a BBC series written by John Hopkins. The stories revolved around a middle class family, and each segment employed the perspective of one of the four members of the family. The first part concentrated on Terry, played by Martha Henry. About thirty years old, she is separated fr ...

Original Airdates1971

Taming of the Shrew, The

Taming of the Shrew, The Richard Monette’s rollicking Stratford treatment is set in a colourful Italy of the 1950’s. Colm Feore depicts Petruchio as a swaggering leather-jacketed street bandit who roars up to marry Kate (Goldie Semple) on a sporty Lambretta. As raucous and rousing as an Italian wine festival, Shakespeare’s favourite battle of the sexes has turned into a party w ...

Original Airdates1988
TypeTV Movie


Tandem Tandem was a CBC Winnipeg summer series in 1960. It featured Mary Liz Bayer and Bill Guest cycling about the Winnipeg area viewing scenic attractions, summer activities and historic sites. Producer: Ray McConnell

Original Airdates1961

Tapp Room

Tapp Room Tapp Room was one of the first television talk shows of its kind and established Jimmy Tapp as one of the best-known English-speaking personalities in Montreal television. It was a late-night interview show in which Tapp chatted with the various show-business celebrities and nightclub entertainers who visited Montreal. During the life of Tapp Room, 84 p ...

Original Airdates1955-1958

Target the Impossible

Target the Impossible was a sequel to Here Come the Seventies and concerned scientific breakthroughs of the past— and the future. Thus the series visited the Salk Institute where, as polio has been conquered, research progressed into cures for cancer and the common cold. Some other targets: a solution to the impending energy crisis, a cure for obesity a ...

Original Airdates1973-1974

Tea Zone

An informal conversational show from the foyer of Toronto's O'Keefe Centre for the Performing Arts. Host Larry Mann talks to celebrities and others visiting Toronto. This afternoon broadcast repeated shows from The Midnight Zone, the late night talk show.

Original Airdates1962


The title suggested the kinetic style this CBC series used to document technological advances and their effects on Canadian industry.

Original Airdates1972-1973

Teddy Bears' Christmas, The


Teddy Bears' Christmas, The Sally, The little sister of Ben's owner, Simon, would like her very own teddybear and asks Santa Claus for one. Simon teases Sally about her letter to Santa, whose existence he is a little skeptical about, and at the same time tries to find out what it is she wants. But for Sally it is a secret between herself, Santa and Ben.

Original Airdates1993

Tee to Green

This half-hour instructional show on golf was produced at CBC Edmonton and was shot at Jasper Park Lodge. It originally aired as a segment of the local program Gateway, as well as a 15-minute stand-alone summer program in 1963. It aired nationally on the CBC starting in 1970.

Original Airdates1963; 1970-1971

Teen Dance Party


Teen Dance Party Teen Dance Party was a local Winnipeg teen dance show which showcased local bands. The weekly Saturday afternoon program was produced by CJAY-TV and was hosted by Bob Burns.

Original Airdates1961-1968

Teen Time


Teen Time Teen Time was a local program from CHCT in Calgary originally emceed by 19-year-old showman Ken Fobes. On the program, youngsters discussed clothes, vocational guidance, and such serious problems as "Should teachers give less homework?" The show also featured music and dancing. According to production manager Barry Gordon, this was the first teen progra ...

Original Airdates1957-?


TekWar The year is 2045 and "tek," a highly addictive computer-based reality drug takes the users of the drug into a fantasy world. Jake Cardigan, a copy who was jailed on trumped charges, is hired by the mysterious Walter Bascom to fight the drug. Jake's first partner was Sid Gomez who was replaced by sexy Sam Houston; Nika is a computer wiz who works for Bas ...

Original Airdates1994-1996


TekWar After four years, Jake Cardigan is prematurely awoken from his fifteen year cryogenic punishment to a world very different than the one he knew. Much more than before 'Tek', the highly-addictive electronic designer narcotic of the 21st century, seems to be prevalent. His wife has divorced him and disappeared together with their son. He wants them back a ...

AkaTekWar: The Movie ; TekWar: The Original Movie
Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie

TekWar: TekJustice

TekWar: TekJustice 21st Century detective Jake Cardigan is arrested for murdering the husband of his ex-wife. It seems like a frame up, yet Cardigan refuses to let the authorities investigate further or even deny any involvement in the killing.

Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie

TekWar: TekLab

TekWar: TekLab The actual sword of Excalibur has been stolen in London, and futuristic detectives Jake Cardigan and Sid Gomez are assigned to track it down and to find out who is trying to block the British reign from its rightful heir.

Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie

TekWar: TekLords

TekWar: TekLords Despite being imprisoned tek lord Sonny Hokori manages to run his criminal empire. A virus, which not only is effective on computer software but also on physical beings, is activated in the global computer network. While Jake Cardigan tries to stop Hokori and his allies he also has to deal with his former wife's new husband trying to adopt his son.

Original Airdates1994
TypeTV Movie


An anthology series of one hour dramas produced on film or videotape, Teleplay was an attempt to encourage new writers and to produce new, quality drama. The series encouraged young filmmakers with contracts to direct new scripts for the series. The show also provided an outlet for both younger and older writers.

Original Airdates1976-1977


Telepoll Telepoll was a weekly CTV program which reported news events then surveyed viewer opinion on major issues. As Telepoll's host, Royce Frith directed discussion by the panel of experts on the leading news events of the week. Following each segment of background information, questions were asked inviting viewers to form opinions on the matters in question. ...

Original Airdates1961-1965

Telerama Sports

On this programme, Russ Ramsay interviewed such figures as Jean Beliveau and Jersey Joe Walcott.

Original Airdates1957?



This half-hour CBC documentary series covered a wide range of subjects, most of them pertaining to Canadians in Canada and around the world. The mainstay of Telescope was the personality profile of a Canadian, whether a national figure, international celebrity, or a notable, unknown citizen. The show also included profiles of non-Canadians, such as ...

AkaTelescope Revisited; Telescope '71
Original Airdates1963-1973

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