Passport to Adventure


Elwy Yost introduced classic Hollywood films, which were presented in serial format in a half-hour time slot, four days a week. Each week, Yost welcomed a guest to talk about the movie. In the second season, the show's title was changed to Passport.

Original Airdates1965-1967

Pat and Ernie

Pianist and singer Patrick Trudell and vocalist Ernie Prentice, along with bass player Gavin Hussey, drummer Mickey McMartin, and their weekly guests performed semi-classical music in this half-hour broadcast from CBC Vancouver.

Original Airdates1961

Patsy Gallant Show


Patsy Gallant Show This show asked you to shake-shake-shake, shake your bootie and slip your disco, too. The eye-popping lighting and panting beat of the disco were the backdrop here for Patsy Gallant. What happened, or went down, amounts to this, boogie children: disco music and the kind of songs she made into hits in two languages, belted out with the help of her own ea ...

Original Airdates1978-1979

Patterns in Music

Patterns in Music was a CBC special of popular classics produced, directed and written by Len Casey. There was a 65-piece orchestra made up of members of the Toronto and CBC Symphonies, and 22 dancers directed by Alan Lund. The program: Capriccio Espagnol (Rimsky Korsakoff) .... Orchestra O Sauve Fanciulla (duet) .... Sullivan and Strathdee I ...

Original Airdates1960

Patty's Picture House

Patty presented short movies for children on Friday afternoons. The films included both films from Walt Disney's studios and stories and songs illustrated by the CBC's own graphics department. Patty was accompanied by her puppet dog, Woofer, and by other animals on the program. The program's title changed starting 19 February 1960 to Pictures With Woofe ...

AkaPictures With Woofer; Woofer
Original Airdates1960

Paul Anka Show, The


Paul Anka Show, The Paul Anka hosted this half-hour of a little laughter and mostly music. The series, taped in Vancouver, had a house orchestra (Don Costa's), as usual; there were occasional gag guests (such as two inert cockatoos who refused to peck out a tune on a row of glassware) and the customary limp prattle between host and guest (Anka: "You've come a long way, bab ...

Original Airdates1982-1983

Paul Bernard, Psychiatrist


Paul Bernard, Psychiatrist was a 26-week, Monday to Friday afternoon drama series based on the psychiatrist-patient relationship. Starring as psychiatrist Dr. Paul Bernard was award-winning actor Chris Wiggins. The focus was the drama of the woman's life, her problem. These were not case histories, but they were about women with problems of the comm ...

Original Airdates1971-1972

Paul Hann and Friends


Clad in his trademark red peaked cap and red shoes, and working in a simple set with a fairytale house, Paul Hann and his guests would each week entertain a group of grade three Edmonton schoolchildren with diverse activities such as songs, dances, skits, drawing and painting. The children were bused in from all over the city, and their field trip inclu ...

Original Airdates1982-1988

Paul Horn Show, The

The Paul Horn Show was a musical variety series of 12 half-hour shows starring Paul Horn and special guests. The series was directed by Jorn Winther and produced by Ray Purdy at CHAN-TV in Vancouver.

Original Airdates1973


Pavilion was a black-and-white, half-hour show of travelogue films over the summer of Expo '67. The documentaries covered Australia, Denmark and Iceland, Tanzania, the Netherlands, Finland, Great Britain, France, Mauritius, Austria, Sweden, West Germany, Japan, Norway, Israel, and the U.S.

Original Airdates1967

Pay Cards


Pay Cards Two contestants competed to built poker hands in this card game which closely resembled "Concentration". American Art James came to Montreal to host the game show which ran for 2 years on CTV. A new and improved version of the television poker game, Super Pay Cards aired in the 1981-82 season.

AkaSuper Pay Cards (new title)
Original Airdates1973-1975; 1981-1982



Payday dealt with issues of industry and organized labour, although, of course, without evidently siding with either unions or management. The first season of eight programs confronted such subjects as white collar organized labour, strikebreaking, the reeducation of workers, pensions, working women, and national and international unions. Later programs ...

Original Airdates1973-1975

Peanuts and Popcorn


Peanuts and Popcorn was presented in the spirit of the old Saturday morning movie house to exhibit serialized adventures, cartoons and feature films including the first-ever all-Canadian animated cartoon serial, The Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo (by Rainbow Animated Limited). Other short shows that ran during Peanuts and Popcorn were "The Boy Wi ...

Original Airdates1975-1979


CBC-TV movie based on the play See No Evil by Jack Cunningham. In this erotic thriller, a lecherous professor takes in two borders, one of each sex. Ignoring the jealousy of his psychotic wife, he proceeds to seduce them both.

AkaL'oeil de l'ombre (French title)
Original Airdates1973
TypeTV Movie

Peep Show

Peep Show Peep Show was a weekly half-hour showcase for the work of new writing and directing talent for the CBC. The filmed and videotaped segments included among others: Melony; Susan; Fight Night; The Kill; A Country Fable; and Festering Forefathers and Running Sons.

Original Airdates1975-1976

Peggy Neville Show, The


One of the stars of Red River Jamboree, singer Peggy Neville starred in this fifteen minute musical variety show from Winnipeg. It featured a range of middle-of-the-road styles: standards, showtunes, songs from the hit parade, and folk music. Guests included Laurel Ward, Judy Singh, Simone Dina, Ed Evanko, Terry Ruvinski, Jo-Dee Lynn, Lenny Breau, Bobbi ...

Original Airdates1966-1967

Pencil Box Theatre


Pencil Box Theatre was a half-hour program for children produced in Ottawa, featuring stories written by children. Productions involved a wide range of techniques, including puppets, mime, masks, and animation. Actors performed in black limbo sets and were electronically keyed into cutout sets representing the creation of schoolchildren. Many of the sto ...

AkaPencil Box
Original Airdates1976-1979


People was an actuality program for Saturday evenings in the summer of 1955. Subjects included the planning of the St. Lawrence Seaway, veterinarians and a Toronto animal hospital, visitors to St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, residents of Toronto's Rosedale district, and life in Toronto's Chinatown.

Original Airdates1955

People and Dogs

In this CBC-Vancouver production, Norm Murray gave tips on building a respectful relationship between owners and their dogs. The series aired weekly in the summer of 1990.

Original Airdates1990

People and Places

This fifteen minute, afternoon magazine program for young viewers used both film and video to cover such subjects as puppetry, camping, writing, and different cities and countries.

Original Airdates1961-1962

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