New Liar's Club, The


New Liar's Club, The The New Liar's Club was a revival of the American comedy game show from the 70's where celebrity panelists try to mislead contestants about the true identity of a rare object. This new version was produced by Blair Murdoch in Vancouver.

Original Airdates1988-1989

New Majority

The program presented film features and interviews and discussions, and concentrated on activities of young adults and supposed concerns of the inheritors of society, such as communal organizations and other alternative ways of life, popular music and other aspects of art and culture, social welfare and its relation to young people, suicide among youth. ...

Original Airdates1970-1972

New Music, The


New Music, The Debuting in a late-night time slot on CITY-TV on September 22, 1979, The NewMusic's goal was to document youth culture and its music heroes. The concept was relatively simple: a televised version of Rolling Stone magazine, which at the time was considered the leader in documenting popular culture. The program went beyond the popular style of entertainme ...

AkaNewmusic; New Music Magazine
Original Airdates1979-2008

New Nation in the West Indies

New Nation in the West Indies The CBC presented a 4-part series of 30-minute films, produced by the National Film Board, on the West Indies as a new member of the British Commonwealth.

Original Airdates1958

New Quiz Kids, The


The hunt was on for brilliant Canadian children, aged between six and 14, for a television version of radio's old Quiz Kids series. Each young genius had to be an expert in some field or other. Located were: an 8-year-old anatomist, a 5-year-old dinosaur whiz, pre-teeners who wrote their own computer language and a 14-year-old who had completed a first- ...

Original Airdates1978-1979

New Wave, The

Dr. Joseph MacInnis hosted this 15-part television series for the CBC. Dr. MacInnis had gained considerable fame for his diving expeditions in the Canadian Arctic, particularly as the first scientist to dive beneath the North Pole. The New Wave revolved around responsible planning of aquatic resources for the future. It was widely praised for its integ ...

Original Airdates1975-1976

New Wilderness


New Wilderness In this series, Lorne Greene was your guide to where the wild things are. The series offered the idea, says Greene, "that animals are more than mere natural resources for man's use; they're co-tenants of the Earth. We have a choice: We can destroy them, or we can live with them. There's no in-between any more." With that idea in mind, the series focused ...

AkaLorne Greene's New Wilderness
Original Airdates1982-1987

New Year's Eve Frolic

Beginning New Year's Eve in 1957, CBWT in Winnipeg presented Frolic, a lively New Years Celebration produced in Winnipeg and broadcast throughout the CBC network. The special aired following the Toronto New Years Eve broadcast and featured Winnipeg talent. The 6th and final special, Frolic '63, aired Dec 31, 1962.

AkaWinnipeg New Year's Eve
Original Airdates1957-1962

New You, The


The New You was a nationally syndicated beauty show which, every weekday, took one ordinary woman and subjected her to a makeover. The program also featured interviews with experts in many areas, including nutrition, photography, jewelry, cosmetic surgery, reflexology, astrology, fitness and relationships. The show was originally hosted by 1982 Miss Uni ...

Original Airdates1984-1991

Newcomers, The

The Newcomers was a series of 7 one-hour films on Canada as a country of immigrant origins. It was produced over the space of three years, and the films were conceived as documentary-dramas, underpinned with authenticity guaranteed by a board of eleven historical advisors. The series was produced in both French and English language versions. The seri ...

AkaLes Arrivants
Original Airdates1977-1979

Newfoundland Holiday

A summer series, this was a series on wildlife and natural attractions in Newfoundland. It included programs on sailing, tuna fishing, travelogues about specific areas of the island, items of interst to artists and photographers, and films from the Newfoundland Tourist Bureau.

Original Airdates1973-1974

Newfoundland Outdoors


There can be only one thing better than sitting at home in your favourite easy chair with a nice mug of tea or a hot cup of coffee watching Lloyd Colbourne and his buddy Bryce in action, and that is to be there with them as they roam our great Newfoundland outdoors. In commenting on his series, Lloyd says, "Come with me as we look a little closer at ...

Original Airdates1984-1985

News Cavalcade

News Cavalcade From 6:30 to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday, most of Newfoundland's 30,000 TV sets were tuned to Don Jamieson's unique half-hour News Cavalcade show, which had been called "one of the most ambitious TV news shows in North America." Stocky, versatile Jamieson, who was half-owner of CJON-TV, invariably ad-libbed his way, with uncanny precision, through the enti ...

Original Airdates1955-1966

News From Zoos


News from Zoos featured Charlie, the 6-year-old anchor chimp, whose voice was provided by actor Carl Banas. Charlie presented filmed news stories, reporting on what was happening at zoos around the world. The visits to many of the world's best zoos allowed children to meet a great variety of interesting and unusual animals, birds and reptiles. Commentar ...

Original Airdates1980-1981

News Profile

In its fifteen minute Sunday afternoon news roundup, the CBC included five minutes of headlines and a ten-minute profile of a personality currently in the public eye, usually featuring filmed interviews with the subject and his or her associates and opponents, filed by CBC correspondents and regional reporters.

Original Airdates1972-1974


A half-hour documentary feature on the CBC, Newsfile ran every other week, alternating with Encounter. Lloyd Robertson presented film material in a live broadcast from Toronto. The program ran on a delayed basis to western time zones, although the production permitted stories to be altered or updated as needed. Subjects included progress reports on the ...

Original Airdates1973



Newsmagazine Under the title News Magazine, and later as Newsmagazine, this digest of international news features ran on the CBC from the first day of television transmission in Canada. Originally designed as a television newsreel, the program opened with the words, "These are the sights and sounds of our time," spoken in the authoritative voice of newsreader Lor ...

AkaCBC News Magazine
Original Airdates1952-1981

Newsroom, The

Newsroom, The In a Toronto TV station, the newsroom is headed by a ratings freak. There is nothing George won't do! He is surrounded by a self-absorbed news anchor man who is as dumb as they come, a grungy trainee, and a couple of more down-to-earth producers. The cast is helped by famous guest stars each week who try not to get between George and his bran muffins. ...

Original Airdates1996-1997; 2004-2005

Next Line, The

Next Line, The The Next Line was a game show on the Global Television Network hosted by Kevin Frank. In the game, contestants had to determine which panelist was giving the correct "next line" of the video clip that was shown or song that was being sung.

Original Airdates1991-1992

NFB Film Can

The CBC presented approximately 40 productions of the National Film Board in a series of 26 half-hour programs in an after-school time slot. They included animated films and comic fictions.

Original Airdates1979

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