Legend of the Arrow, The

Following the making of the mini-series The Arrow, this documentary provides a captivating glimpse into the magical world of movie making. Join a team of top filmmakers as they endeavor to retell the infamous story of a spectacular but doomed project. Viewers meet the film's stars and explore the painstaking and dramatic process of recreating the world ...

Original Airdates1997

Lenny Breau Show, The


Probably the greatest jazz guitarist Canada has ever produced, Lenny Breau was the centre of this musical variety show from Winnipeg. It ran on the CBC network for a few weeks in summer 1966. The program also featured an orchestra conducted by Bob McMullin.

Original Airdates1966

Leo and Me

Leo and Me Leo (Brent Carver) was a carefree, hard-living Italian adventurer who had won a large, decrepit yacht in a poker game, and had taken his orphaned nephew Jamie (Michael J. Fox) to live with him. Leo and Jamie lived on the yacht moored in the harbour (near the Bayshore Inn, Vancouver). Leo's charm and good luck guided him through tricky but humorous situa ...

Original Airdates1978

Let's Call the Whole Thing Orff

This program, whose name was taken from a quotation in the Toronto Telegram, was yet another attempt to poke fun at Canada's two solitudes, French and English. It lasted longer than most shows on CBC from the early Seventies, only to be cancelled after one season. The show contained fast-paced sketches and gags.

Original Airdates1971-1972

Let's Do It


Let's Do It was a CBC series of 11 half-hour programs combining tips on physical fitness, billiards, table tennis, badminton and tennis. Producer: Bob Moir

Original Airdates1974

Let's Face It

Let's Face It concerned issues of contemporary Quebec and was broadcast locally on Montreal station CBMT, when production started on a show of the same title, with wider ranging subjects, for the national CBC network. The national version of Let's Face It ran every other Sunday night. It was straight reporting, sometimes using straight skits and at time ...

Original Airdates1963

Let's Go


Let's Go Disk jockeys Fred Latremouille and Red Robinson were the original hosts of Let's Go, the Vancouver segment of Music Hop. They introduced music from the hit parade, performed by guests and the house band, a sextet called the Classics. In 1967, the host was Howie Vickers, and the program moved to Tuesdays. The following season, Music Hop adopted the n ...

Original Airdates1964-1968

Let's Go Camping

Norman Cragg presented this half-hour program, which ran in June 1955. With shows on such subjects as "rainy day program" and "counselor in program," this appears to have been intended to prepare children for summer camp, not for general outdoor holidays.

Original Airdates1955

Let's Go to the Museum

Robert MacNeill, later a U.S. network news correspondent and co-host of PBS's The MacNeill-Lehrer Report, hosted this half-hour children's broadcast from the National Museum in Ottawa. Programs included items on a trip by the Macoun Field Club, an examination of the work of museum artists on life-sized models of native people, and reports on animals of ...

Original Airdates1954-1956

Let's Go!


Let's Go! This half-hour children’s series started as an effort by the Manitoba Theatre Workshop to reach a broader audience through television, and featured MTW students doing improvisations. Production was eventually taken over by CKY Winnipeg, and the format expanded to include songs, stories and scripted sketches. Let's Go! was seen on the CTV network for 11 ...

Original Airdates1974-1987

Let's Look

Let's Look Let's Look was a CBC program designed to encourage children to take a closer look at things. Let's Look examined such diverse things as bagpipes (the history of the pipes, comparisons between types of pipes) sails, (showing a sail-maker at work) and tides (with film showing the effects of some of the most spectacular tides in the world). Donald Crowdis, ...

Original Airdates1958-1962

Let's Look At Our Schools

Let's Look At  Our Schools The two series, of 13 unrehearsed programs, were produced by James A. Plant, in co-operation with the London, Ont., Board of Education. They were televised directly from actual classrooms, in public and secondary schools. To show parents what is happening to their children, in today's modern schools, TV cameras poked inquisitive lenses into kindergarten ...

Original Airdates1957-1958

Let's Make Music

David Ouchterlony of the Royal Conservatory of Music discussed principles of music for children in this acclaimed, half-hour program. The success of the program, which had an informal format, hinged on Ouchterlony's own ability to communicate and demonstrate music in a way that was meaningful and not patronizing. Sometimes, the program taught appreciati ...

Original Airdates1953-1954

Let's Sing

Winnipeg's, Let's Sing was set in a different area of the world each week, and presented music of that region. The programs featured an orchestra conducted by Eric Wild and the 13-member James Duncan Chorus, singing songs from six countries in the first series— Ireland, Italy, England, Mexico, Scotland and the United States. The second series of 10 epis ...

Original Airdates1957

Let's Sing Out


Originating from university campuses all across Canada, Let's Sing Out featured audience participation as students joined Canadian and American guest stars in familiar and popular folk songs. The weekly half-hour series was seen on Fridays throughout the CTV network, beginning October 11, 1963. Host for the show was Winnipeg-born Oscar Brand. The se ...

Original Airdates1963-1967

Let's Speak English

A series of seventy-eight half-hour lessons in English as a second language, Let's Speak English was produced by the CBC in association with the Metropolitan Education Television Association, Canadian Scene, an ethnic news service, the citizenship division of the Ontario Provincial Government, and the federal department of citizenship and immigration. T ...

Original Airdates1961-1962

Let's Talk Music

A half-hour program from Montreal, presented serious music for viewers who knew little about the subject. William Stevens discussed different types of music, musical forms, and instruments with guests such as harpist Dorothy Weldon, tenor Robert Peters, and tympanist Louis Charbonneau, and demonstrated by playing selections from the classics. The progra ...

Original Airdates1962-1967



LEXX LEXX is a science fiction TV series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the Lexx, "the most powerful destructive force in the two universes" from which the show takes its name. The Lexx is a living spacecraft, shaped like an insect. It is capable of destroying planets with ease, and eats the debris as fuel. Some co ...

AkaLEXX: The Series
Original Airdates1998-2002

LEXX: The Dark Zone Stories

LEXX: The Dark Zone Stories The tyrants who rule the Light Universe pass their essence onto their successor upon their demise, while their still-conscious brains are kept in a vault; their chief resource is Lexx, the most-powerful mobile weapon in the universe, which can only be commanded only by the keeper of the hand-key. The previous incumbent wiped out the Brunen-G race, excep ...

Original Airdates1996

Liar's Edge

Liar's Edge A child is traumatized when his father, a stuntman, dies in an attempt to go over Niagara Falls. Later, his mother meets and marries a truck driver, and things seem to be going OK. Then the new husband's creepy brother shows up, and the boy begins to get a sense that neither of the brothers is quite what they claim to be.

Original Airdates1992
TypeTV Movie

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