In the South Seas

This series was on the peoples, cultures, ways of life and the changes taking place on the tiny South Pacific Islands which were scattered over nearly a third of the earth's total surface. The nine editions of this off-trail documentary considered the encroachments of Western society on primitive cultures. In the South Seas was filmed by a Vancouver cre ...

Original Airdates1973

In the Story Book

Aimed at children up to eight years of age, In the Story Book presented classic tales by such writers as the Brothers Grimm, J.M. Barrie, Hans Christian Andersen, and Lewis Carroll in dance and pantomime, choreographed by Heino Heiden and narrated offscreen by CBC announcer Steve Woodman. Actor and writer Ann Fafoutakis adapted the stories.

Original Airdates1956-1957

In Town Tonight

The opening broadcast of In Town Tonight covered a fashion show staged by Eaton's, with announcer Elsa Jenkins, especially for the CBC's first attempt at on-the-spot television reporting. In Town Tonight provided actualities and interviews with personalities visiting Toronto.

Original Airdates1952

In View

In View was a half-hour broadcast, which appeared on the CBC schedule when Festival ran for sixty minutes instead of an hour and a half. Starring Nathan Cohen, In View presented interviews, discussions, and documentaries on the arts and, in particular, literary culture.

Original Airdates1962-1963

Incredible Story Studio

Incredible Story Studio Join the Studio Boss as she tracks down the best stories from across Canada and around the world. Written by kids, about kids, for kids - you'll get to meet the writers and see their stories brought to life. From the scary to the sad, the wacky to the weird, it's all at the Incredible Story Studio.

Original Airdates1997-2002

Indian Legends of Canada


"Indian Legends of Canada" was a documentary series featuring Canadian Indian legends.

AkaLégendes indiennes
Original Airdates1983-1985

Inquiring Minds


Inquiring Minds Inquiring Minds started out as an award-winning television series on TVOntario. Three intrepid hosts (Mike Kinney, Persis Golwala, and Chris Robinson) sought the answers to many of life's most puzzling questions, like: Why is the sky blue? How does a bulletproof vest stop a bullet? Why do men have nipples?

Original Airdates1999-2001


Inquiry A contemporary to Close-Up and a direct precursor to This Hour Has Seven Days, Inquiry was a significant attempt by the CBC to inject bite and flair into its coverage of national affairs. By the third season, the CBC had expanded the program's budget by a quarter and the show took on more responsibility for coverage of international events as well as ...

Original Airdates1960-1964

Inside Canada

Inside Canada consisted of 3 episodes of a 12-week summer series which features three variety shows each from Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and Vancouver. Inside Canada was a comedy-variety series from Winnipeg. Other programs in the summer series were "The David Clayton-Thomas Show" from Toronto, "The Judy and Jim Show" from Vancouver, and "Gary Karr a ...

Original Airdates1973-1974

Inside Stories

Inside Stories was a ground-breaking 26-part drama anthology which brought new voices from Canada's ethnocultural communities to prime time Television. It was broadcast on the CBC and Vision TV, and was sold worldwide.

Original Airdates1990-1991

Inside the Vatican


Inside the Vatican In this six-part series, Sir Peter Ustinov explores the little-known facts and illustrious history of the Vatican. In each one-hour episode, Ustinov examines the priceless treasures, masterpieces of art, legendary historical figures and controversial intrigues that have come to define the Vatican's legacy. Explore the rich stories that surround the Vati ...

Original Airdates1993

Inspector Gadget


Inspector Gadget Bumbling Inspector Gadget battles the forces of M.A.D. with the aid of the various gadgets he has on his person: pop-up rollerskates, extensible arms, a helicopter-hat, etc. Despite the arsenal at his disposal (which is just as likely to misfire as work properly), Gadget never seems to be able to catch Dr. Claw, the mastermind behind M.A.D. Quite often, ...

Original Airdates1983-1986


Interlude was a half-hour musical show somewhere between symphonic music and jazz. Eric Wild conducted the orchestra for this show which also featured solo work from some of the best musicians in Winnipeg. Jack Phillips produced the show at CBC Winnipeg.

Original Airdates1956

International Law

International Law was a study of the maintenance of law among sovereign nations, in layman's terms, in a six-week series on CBC-TV on Sunday afternoons. Each program asked basic questions: Has international law real force or is it merely a convenient convention which can be ignored? Each program considered a specific example of conflict in international ...

Original Airdates1961


The International Television Federation consisted of the CBC and broadcasting organizations from the UK, USA, and Australia. They shared documentary programming in an attempt to provide viewers with a wider view of contemporary world affairs, The CBC broadcast the programs, on the average one a month, at varying days of the week and times of day.

Original Airdates1961-1971


For this half-hour program, John David Hamilton interviewed Rev. James Mutchmor, Senator Grattan O'Leary, law professor and poet F.R. Scott, Senator Therese Casgrain, Claude Bissell, Arthur Lower, and O.M. Solandt. The title was changed to Distinguished Canadians

AkaDistinguished Canadians
Original Airdates1971-1972

Introducing... Janet

Introducing... Janet Adah Glassbourg plays Janet in this 40 minute long made for TV movie. Janet is an over-weight girl who has a knack for making the other children in school making fun of her own weight. In seeing the other kids reaction, she feels that she might have what it takes to be a comedian. She visits the local comedy club where she finds Tony Moroni ( ...

Original Airdates1981
TypeTV Movie

Inventors, The

Produced in Vancouver by Al Vitols, this half-hour CBC program profiled Canadian inventors and inventions. The series was circulated to network stations on regional exchange.

Original Airdates1979


In 1981 the Stratford Festival began a series of innovative Gilbert & Sullivan productions directed by Brian Macdonald with musical direction by Carriere, culminating in the productions of The Mikado, Iolanthe, and The Gondoliers in 1984. The Mikado toured to Britain and New York to favourable reviews. These productions were broadcast by the CBC TV (pro ...

Original Airdates1984

Iris the Happy Professor


Iris the Happy Professor Professor Iris, the intelligent ibis with the over-sized bow ties, provides enthusiastic lessons for a class that includes a falsetto-voiced piano, a plant, and a skeleton fresh from a closet.

AkaIris, le gentil professeur
Original Airdates1992-1994

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