George Dalgleish Show, The


On this program, George Dalgleish, well known handyman, author and radio phone-in host, demonstrated how many household, building and repair jobs could be done in an economical fashion by the home handyperson. Produced and broadcast by CKND-TV in Winnipeg, the series was also syndicated to other stations in Canada.

Original Airdates1979-1981

George Hamilton IV Show, The

The "International Ambassador of Country Music" moved to Canada in the 70's and besides signing to a Canadian record label, hosted a weekly country music program out of Hamilton, Ont. The program was syndicated nationally, reaching 20 to 25 outlets by it's second season. Hamilton's cover of Dick Damron's "Countrified" was used for the theme song of the ...

Original Airdates1973-1979

Gerry and Ziz


Singer Gerry Paquin and singer/pianist/composer Gerard "Ziz" Jean were the bilingual hosts of the Winnipeg edition of Canadian Express. In the summer of 1979, they graduated to host their own musical variety show, which also featured comic sketches by Jay Brazeau and David Gillies and a guest list that included Colleen Peterson, Leon Bibb, Pauline Julie ...

Original Airdates1979

Get Serious: The Seven Deadly Sins

Get Serious: The Seven Deadly Sins was a seven-part comedy series which aired across Canada in 1996. Produced by CKVU-TV (and its production arm Associated Film) and shot in L.A., each episode focused on a comedic exploration of one deadly sin.

Original Airdates1996

Getting Married in Buffalo Jump


Getting Married in Buffalo Jump Sophie Ware is a musician who returns to run the family farm after her father's death. She struggles with the operation and is surprised by an offer of assistance from Alex, the farm's handyman: a marriage of convenience between the two to keep the farm afloat.

AkaBuffalo Jump
Original Airdates1990
TypeTV Movie

Ghost Whales of Lancaster Sound

The population of the Beluga whale has mysteriously dropped to almost half their original numbers over the past few years. With the assistance of satellite transmitters mounted to the whale we can track their migratory path in search of an answer to this imbalance in the Arctic's ecosystem.

Original Airdates1996

Giant Mine


Giant Mine Based on the real events following the 1992 strike vote at Giant Mine, a Yellowknife gold mine in Canada's North West Territories, where miners make big money working in challenging conditions. Rather than back down to union demands, American mining magnate Peggy Witte hires strike breakers, contracts Pinkerton security forces to patrol the mine gates a ...

Original Airdates1996
TypeTV Movie

Gift of the Grandfathers, The


Gift of the Grandfathers, The The Aboriginal peoples who travelled the Great Plains by horseback some three centuries ago were Canada's first cowboys. Today, horsemanship remains a vibrant part of Western First Nations culture... it is one of the gifts of the grandfathers. Tracing the colourful history of North American Indian cowboys and rodeos through to the present day, The Gift ...

Original Airdates1997

Gift to Last, A


Gift to Last, A The series, A Gift To Last, originated in a special of the same name, produced for Christmas 1976. Over twenty-one episodes, the series traced the years 1899 to 1905 as seen through the experiences of an Anglo-Saxon family in small-town Tamarack, Ontario. The series, which had gained widespread popularity, ended when Pinsent, who with Peter Wild ...

Original Airdates1976; 1978-1979

Gilbert and Sullivan

This six part half-hour musical show from Vancouver was neither a documentary portrait of Gilbert and Sullivan, nor a series of abridged versions of their operettas collapsed into thirty minute time slots. It did present highlights from the Victorian stage shows in a studio setting, with a loose connective thread to tie the numbers together. Sam Payne p ...

Original Airdates1968

Girl Next Door, The

Girl Next Door, The There's someone peeping through windows so Arthur has been asked to watch the neighbour's eighteen year old daughter while her parents are away. Soon their mutual attraction develops into something that Arthur later regrets.

AkaFatale innocence (French title)
Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

Gisele MacKenzie Special, The

Producer Stan Harris built The Gisele MacKenzie Special around the star's rise to the big time. Guests were singers Bob Crosby and Snooky Lanson, Jack Regas, her dance partner and choreographer, and Georges LaFleche, her brother. Jack Kane and his Music Makers provided music on the show. Script writers were John Aylesworth and Frank Peppiatt. Bill Zahar ...

Original Airdates1960

Go for It!

Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica! Mountain biking in Utah! High-altitude trekking in the Andes! If you've ever thought about challenging a new sport or activity, here's the program to get you to "Go For It!". "Go For It!" is a series for the adventurer and the adventurous of heart. It's how-to. It's adventure. It's an exciting action-oriented show fo ...

Original Airdates1996

God Bless the Child

God Bless the Child Single mother, Theresa Johnson, becomes homeless, loses her job and tries to survive with her young daughter, Hillary, through charities and public shelters.

AkaLe Choix tragique (French title)
Original Airdates1988
TypeTV Movie

Going Coastal


Going Coastal Much West and Much East each were weekly hour-long show focusing on Canada's west and east coast talent. Starting in 2001, the shows were sandwiched into a one-hour amalgam called Going Coastal which airs on MuchMusic on Sunday.

AkaMuchWest; MuchEast

Going Great


Going Great Chris Makepeace was the host of this magazine-style series examining the activities of Canadian youth. As the show's host, Makepeace interviewed and became involved with teens and preteens who did unusual things well. Each half-hour show contained up to six items where viewers had the opportunity to meet talented and creative young people across Canada ...

Original Airdates1982-1985

Going Places


Going Places was a travel quiz show in which contestants competed for fabulous trips to world-wide destinations of their choice and an array of other prizes. In the game, two couples played for travel miles, but only the winning couple got the mileage. At the end of the show, they could triple their mileage on a final question. The program started ai ...

Original Airdates1973-1980

Gold Trails and Ghost Towns


Gold Trails and Ghost Towns Host Mike Roberts and master storyteller Bill Barlee take an historical journey into Canada's colourful past in Gold Trails and Ghost Towns. Filmed in their studio set which depicts a trapper's cabin, Mike and Bill delve into the opening of the West by seekers of gold and other precious metals at the turn of the century. Produced by CHBC-TV

Original Airdates1986-1996

Golden Age Players, The

The title of this half-hour show referred to a name for the Elizabethan era. Like the theatre of that period, this show featured child actors, who performed plays for young television viewers.

Original Airdates1957

Golden Tales and Legends

Sullivan Films created this anthology series which included Kevin Sullivan's film The Fir Tree and Megan Carey, along with Ariadne Ochrymovich's The Juggler and Billy Goat's Bluff, along with John Kozak's The Golden Apple.

Original Airdates1985

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