Canada in Question

In 1992, CTV's news programming produced Canada in Question which included up to the minute results of the constitutional referendum on the Charlottetown Accord along with reaction from political leaders and guest commentators.

Original Airdates1992

Canada Outdoors


Host Dan Gibson usually presented two films per half-hour program in this daily series designed to attract Canadians' interest in nature and outdoor activities. Subjects included canoeing, the preservation of the muskie, water birds and birds of the forest, and tourist adventures in northwestern Ontario.

Original Airdates1967

Canada Show, The

The Canada Show was a live three-hour extravaganza to celebrate Canada's 111th year. Top names in song and dance performed at locations from Bonavista, Nfld., to Victoria, B.C. Brought together by satellite, their performances were linked by a variety of ethnic entertainers— people whose origins go back to the Caribbean, Italy, the Ukraine, Ireland, Sco ...

AkaFete du Canada
Original Airdates1978

Canada Vignettes


Canada Vignettes Canada Vignettes from the National Film Board of Canada were a staple throughout the late 70's and 80's. The vignettes varied in length from between 30 seconds to 5 minutes and touched a wide variety of Canadian history and present-time topics.

Original Airdates1977-?

Canada's Story

Produced by the National Film Board, Canada's Story was a series of twenty films that dramatized moments in the history of the country over four hundred years. They ranged from the explorers- John Cabot, Henry Hudson, Samuel de Champlain, Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson- to military and political conflicts such as the battle of the Plains of Abraha ...

Original Airdates1966

Canadian Authors

Canadian Authors was produced in different centres throughout the country and organized for the CBC network through regional exchange.

Original Airdates1978

Canadian Comedy Shorts

Canadian Comedy Shorts showcases decidedly daring, cutting-edge comedy shorts that you won't find anywhere else. The half-hour series combines animated, stop-action and live short-form programming, ranging from NFB classics like The Big Snit and The Cat Came Back to brand new shorts.

Original Airdates1999-

Canadian Conspiracy, The


The Canadian Conspiracy was a mockumentary in which a performer blows the lid off the Canadian government's plot to take over the American entertainment industry. It revealed for the first time that for the past 35 years, a subversive team of Canadian entertainers had been infiltrating and undermining the American way of life. Originally aired on Jun ...

Original Airdates1985
TypeTV Movie

Canadian Country Music Awards

Canadian Country Music Awards Growing in both reputation and experience, the CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association) was able to secure a broadcast partnership with CTV Television in which the 1987 Canadian Country Music Awards were televised for the first time coast to coast to coast. The CCMA partnered with CTV until 1996. In 1997 the CCMA entered into a new partnership with ...

Original Airdates1987-

Canadian Establishment, The


A seven part series of one hour documentaries based on Peter C. Newman's best-selling 1975 account of industrial and commerical wealth in Canada. The series, budgeted at one million dollars, was one of the CBC's most expensive projects to date. By following the principal figures of the Canadian corporate elite, and permitting them candid, extensi ...

Original Airdates1980

Canadian Express

Canadian Express was "a movable musical mosaic" that took pop artists who were known in one part of the country and moved them electronically to another part, packaged as a one-hour musical magazine show. The Express started in Vancouver with host Terry Jacks, sax-player Bucky Adams in Halifax and Paul Horn in Victoria, playing his flute to a killer wha ...

Original Airdates1977-1980

Canadian Farmer, The

A series of half-hour broadcasts, The Canadian Farmer replaced Explorations for three weeks. The individual segments were: Farmer on a Tiger, a discussion of the farmer's problems in relation to federal and provincial agricultural policies; Cow on a Tightrope, which outlined how a quart of milk got from the farm to the consumer; and Road to Rosetown, ...

Original Airdates1959

Canadian Fisherman

Canadian Fisherman was an eight-part series on game fishing in Canada. Each program was produced in a different region and concentrated on the kinds of game fishing in that region. For example, one program from the prairies included a demonstration on how to cook whitefish Indian-style and the British Columbia episode explored the inside passage of the ...

Original Airdates1968

Canadian Gardener, The


Canadian Gardener, The Canadian Gardener appeals to gardeners of all ages and levels of expertise. The program is the most comprehensive how-to-gardening guide in North America featuring tips and demonstrations on virtually everything green with host David Tarrant. The program began in 1982 as a regional show called Western Gardener with well-known CBC personality Bob Swit ...

AkaWestern Gardener
Original Airdates1982-2000

Canadian Reflections

Beginning in the summer months of 1978, in an afternoon time slot, the CBC gave air time to independent film productions that it had purchased. Still on the air 30 years later, Canadian Reflections is a documentary series about people and places.

Original Airdates1978-

Canadian School Telecasts


Canadian Schools Telecast was an educational broadcast twice a week for half an hour during the school year. As well, regional stations often aired a local version, eg Manitoba School Telecast, Alberta School Telecast, Quebec Schools, Metro School Telecast (Toronto), etc in the same time slot for the remaining days of the week. It began as specific 15-m ...

AkaNational School Telecasts; Western Schools Telecasts; Television scolaire
Original Airdates1954-1984

Canadian Stars

A program of interviews with Susan Clark, Monty Hall, Sharon Acker, Norman Jewison, Bill Glenn, John Kemeny, and Ted Kotcheff, all of whom have achieved success outside Canada.

Original Airdates1978

Canadian Superstars

Television networks developed the idea of packaging competitions among athletes to fill time during intermissions of hockey or football games. The Superstars contest purported to determine the greatest all-round athlete. It required participants to choose seven sports in which to compete, excluding their own sport. The choices were swimming, tennis, row ...

AkaCanada Superstars; World Superstars
Original Airdates1977-1981

Canadian Wilderness Journal

This half-hour nature series chronicled the dedicated work of Canadians in a wide range of wildlife fields. The filmmakers travelled the country to profile naturalists in their own environments.

Original Airdates1992-1995

Candid Eye

Candid Eye was a National Film Board series on the CBC network which caught unrehearsed glimpses of life, from a revealing story of faith and hope filmed at St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal, to on-the-spot film of Toronto police arriving at the scene of a murder. The intention of the series was simply to show an unrehearsed story from life and let the ...

Original Airdates1958

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