Cuddle Up and Listen

Cuddle Up and Listen was designed as a pre-school storytelling series of fifteen-minute programs produced by Burlington Cablenet of Burlington, Ontario. The series focused on books for pre-school children and stories were both read and discussed.




Cuisine went on the air in 1960 broadcasting out of Vancouver. The show aired for most of the 1960s. It was about food and cooking, presented by a different Vancouver home economist or culinary expert each week. In its second year, the program began an on-screen display of its recipes after requests from viewers. The show made a real effort to include i ...

AkaCuisine 30
Original Airdates1960- ?

Curious George


Curious George Every weekday, these animated stories found George, the inquisitive little storybook monkey, in any number of situations, all of them faithful to the spirit of the original books and maintaining the joyous qualities that have delighted children, parents and educators over the decades. Three of the four-minute segments, 104 in all, were presented in a 15 ...

Original Airdates1979-1982

Custard Pie


Custard Pie Take four talented but struggling young performers hoping to make it; put them together in a boarding house; film their struggles— and you have Custard Pie. It featured Peter Kastner as manager-performer of the group. With him was Kate Lynch as an actress aspiring to be great, Nancy Dolman as a future great singer and Derek McGrath who danced but— more ...

AkaThe Rimshots (pilot)
Original Airdates1977

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