Opening of Montreal International Airport

Commentators on this half-hour program were Bob Brazil of Montreal and Byng Whitteker of Toronto. The program showed the official opening of the airport's $30 million terminal, then one of the world's largest airport buildings. The terminal had been built to provide for future developments, in that it was five times larger than airline traffic demanded ...

Original Airdates1960

Patterns in Music

Patterns in Music was a CBC special of popular classics produced, directed and written by Len Casey. There was a 65-piece orchestra made up of members of the Toronto and CBC Symphonies, and 22 dancers directed by Alan Lund. The program: Capriccio Espagnol (Rimsky Korsakoff) .... Orchestra O Sauve Fanciulla (duet) .... Sullivan and Strathdee I ...

Original Airdates1960

Red River Christmas, A

Christmas Day, circa 1890, in a pioneer farmhouse in the Red River Valley will be recreated in this special program. Featured will be Eric Wild and his orchestra, singers Florence Faiers, Paul Fredette and the James Duncan Chorus, with authentic music of the Gay Nineties, arranged by Mr. Wild. Noted actress Peg Stobie will do the narration. Jack Phillip ...

Original Airdates1960

Red River Relief Concert

It's taken a disaster to get Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman back together. But after the Red River overflowed its banks in 1997, the Guess Who's main men are willing to share the stage for the sake of their hometown of Winnipeg. They've joined a huge roster of Manitoban and Canadian stars for the Red River Relief concert broadcast on CBC May 18, 1997 ...

AkaManitoba Flood Relief Concert
Original Airdates1997

Rendez-Vous for Peace

From Quebec City, a compilation of the special celebrations which took place during the Rendez-Vous 1987 hockey games between the NHL All-Stars and the USSR. Paul Anka, David Foster, Crystal Gayle and the Soviet rock group Autograf were featured. Aired on CBC Friday March 6, 1987 and re-aired on the 7th.

Original Airdates1987

Romeo & Juliet


The Stratford Festival stage production of Shakespeare's drama. This smooth and well-crafted production makes no bones about being filmed theatre as opposed to a film adaptation. The viewer is reminded by stage hands changing props and intermittent audience applause that stage and not screen conventions apply. At the same time closeups and changes of vi ...

Original Airdates1993

Second City Toronto 15th Anniversary, The

One hour CBC special featuring clips of the 15th anniversary reunion show of Toronto's Second City, 28 August 1988. Features interviews and sketches from the stage show interspersed with filmed segments. Produced and Directed by Eugene Levy. Interviews with Steve Kampmann, Peter Torokvei, Andrew Alexander, Catherine O'Hara, Del Close, Bernard Sahlins ...

Original Airdates1988

Sonny and Cher Nitty Gritty Comedy Hour, The


CTV co-produced this one-hour special in 1970 with a view to it going to series. A series it became, but produced at CBS Studios, and not with CTV. In this special, Sonny and Cher joked, sang and danced their way through the program, joining Sandy Baron, Suzanne Charny, Billy Van, Jerelyn Homer and Dr. Joyce Brothers for a spoof on the battle of the ...

Original Airdates1971

Spacey Awards

Canada's only sci-fi and fantasy television awards show. SPACE's annual celebration of genre entertainment. In a sea of boring television award shows, the SPACEYS is the only one that avoids podiums and red carpets. Instead, we take the show around the globe to find the winners, wherever they happen to be, and present them with our much coveted silve ...

Original Airdates2003-

Teddy Bears' Christmas, The


Teddy Bears' Christmas, The Sally, The little sister of Ben's owner, Simon, would like her very own teddybear and asks Santa Claus for one. Simon teases Sally about her letter to Santa, whose existence he is a little skeptical about, and at the same time tries to find out what it is she wants. But for Sally it is a secret between herself, Santa and Ben.

Original Airdates1993

That's Show Biz

That's Show Biz That's Show Biz was a one-hour comedy-variety special by Hart Pomerantz and Lorne Michaels spoofing the entertainment industry. Running the gamut from movie cliches and trivia to television politicians, evangelists, cooks and hot seat interviewers, the special also looked at spy and costume dramas (Mission Ridiculous), incompetent folksingers and dis ...

Original Airdates1970

Time for St. Patrick

Time for St. Patrick Time for St. Patrick was a musical special that aired on CBC Newfoundland on March 17, 1986. Hosted by Dave Quinton, it featured performances by Dermot O'Reilly, Fergus O'Byrne, the Sons of Erin, Chris Hennessey, Phyllis Noseworthy, Geoff Butler, and John White. It also featured footage from Ireland.

Original Airdates1986

Today's Special: Live on Stage

In this special presentation, Jodie, Muffy and Sam are getting ready to go to the theatre for their live performance. But because Jeff's magic hat won't work outside the store, he can't go. But does that stop him? Oh no, not this time. He decides to take a chance and hides himself in the costume box before it's loaded on the truck and sent to the theatr ...

Original Airdates1981

Trail of Dreams: A Musical Celebration

On Saturday, September 11, 1999, CTV aired this two hour, prime-time television extravaganza that travels the Trans Canada Trail on a musical hike to discover the people and communities behind this great national undertaking. Music will be the high note as Canadian artists take viewers on a concert path from Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, to Victor ...

Original Airdates1999

United Way Show, The

Outstanding show business personalities displayed their talents on "The United Way Show," an hour-long variety program with the dual purpose of entertaining the television audience and of promoting a country-wide charity campaign.

AkaUnited Way Appeal Fund; United Appeal Fund
Original Airdates1956-1959

Welcome in the New Year

Bill Walker is master of ceremonies for this special New Year's Eve program. The guests he will introduce are: puppeteer Shari Lewis, comic magician, "The Amazing" Carl Ballentine, musical acrobats The Goofers, singer Joyce Sullivan and Allan Blye, Spanish guitarist Carlos Montoya and the Billy Van Four. Howard Cable and his orchestra will supply the mu ...

AkaToronto New Year's Eve
Original Airdates1960-1961

Winter Conference

The CBC regularly presented highlights of the annual conference of the Canadian Institute of Public Affairs, called the Winter Conference or the Couchiching Conference. Subjects included the effects of automation on society (1956); politics, promotion, and consent (1957); bureaucracy (1958); how business reshapes society (1960); Canadian nationalism (19 ...

AkaCouchiching Conference
Original Airdates1955-1983

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