Gisele MacKenzie Special, The

Producer Stan Harris built The Gisele MacKenzie Special around the star's rise to the big time. Guests were singers Bob Crosby and Snooky Lanson, Jack Regas, her dance partner and choreographer, and Georges LaFleche, her brother. Jack Kane and his Music Makers provided music on the show. Script writers were John Aylesworth and Frank Peppiatt. Bill Zahar ...

Original Airdates1960


Greenpieces A collection of environmentally-themed songs and sketches shot live on-location at the Vancouver Folk Festival. The show features the best of west coast comedy troupe Local Anxiety (Mark Leiren-Young & Kevin Crofton) and special guest appearances by various Canadian celebrities including Vicki Gabereau, Rhona Raskin and Dr. David Suzuki. Originally p ...

Original Airdates1999

Growing Up with Sandy Offenheim


Playing With Time produced a special program entitled Growing Up with Sandy Offenheim. The program was a delightful collage of song, dance, mime, animation and skits featuring children's songwriter Sandy Offenheim and her family, husband Harold and children, Nadine and Stephen. Based on Sandy's songs about childhood, the series of funny and painful vign ...

Original Airdates1981

I Am a Hotel


I Am a Hotel I Am a Hotel was a music movie based on the songs Memories, Suzanne, Chelsea Hotel # 2 and The Guests, filmed at Toronto's King Eddy Hotel. The movie is a nostalgic experience of a "resident" (Leonard Cohen) in a hotel where young and old people live their dream (Suzanne), love (Memories and Chelsea Hotel # 2), separation (The Gypsy's Wife), and their b ...

Original Airdates1983

Idea of North, The


Idea of North, The The Idea of North is part filmed docudrama, part fantasy, part forerunner of music television. Based on the radio play by Glenn Gould, North's montage of words, images and music tells a universal story of the quest for our last frontier. A young man boards a train going North. It is a real train on a scheduled run, yet also a train of mind and mythology ...

Original Airdates1970


In 1981 the Stratford Festival began a series of innovative Gilbert & Sullivan productions directed by Brian Macdonald with musical direction by Carriere, culminating in the productions of The Mikado, Iolanthe, and The Gondoliers in 1984. The Mikado toured to Britain and New York to favourable reviews. These productions were broadcast by the CBC TV (pro ...

Original Airdates1984

Jack: A Flash Fantasy


Jack: A Flash Fantasy Jack: A Flash Fantasy was a rock opera produced by the CBC. Jack dealt with a deck of cards, with lots of Jacks (and Jills). Jack was the jack of hearts (with a full, trusting heart), Jill (Gilda) owned a cow, named moo, "because even though the cow laughed and cried and talked and shouted, it all came out as, MOO!" Jack and Jill are taken advantage of ...

Original Airdates1974

Juno Awards, The

Juno Awards, The Canada's best musical talent are awarded for their achievements. 1975 marked the first CBC telecast of the Junos, which allowed the event to assume a higher profile. CTV has broadcast the event since 2002.

Original Airdates1975-

Last Polka, The


This was a made-for-tv comedy special starring John Candy and Eugene Levy's SCTV characters Yosh and Stan Shmenge. The film traces their rise to prominence from their childhood in native Leutonia to their final comeback concert. Along the way, we're treated to hilarious archival footage and interviews with those who worked with them and loved them, p ...

Original Airdates1985

Legend of the Arrow, The

Following the making of the mini-series The Arrow, this documentary provides a captivating glimpse into the magical world of movie making. Join a team of top filmmakers as they endeavor to retell the infamous story of a spectacular but doomed project. Viewers meet the film's stars and explore the painstaking and dramatic process of recreating the world ...

Original Airdates1997

Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music

Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music Lilith Fair made rock and roll history in the summer of 1997 as the first all-female music tour. These sold-out concert performances could only be described as magical, boasting many once-in-a-lifetime collaborations. That magic is captured here in Lilith Fair: A Celebration of Women in Music, which also includes never-before-seen backstage jams, intima ...

Original Airdates1997

Little off the Top, A

In 1996, Corky and the Juice Pigs starred in the half-hour comedy pilot "A Little Off The Top" about a street band who unwittingly gets mixed up in a mob war. Talks were underway with The Comedy Network about a potential series, but nothing developed.

Original Airdates1996

Mad Dog Vachon: Wrestling with the Past


Mad Dog Vachon: Wrestling with the Past A comedic bio pic that traces Mad Dog Vachon's life & career from beginning to present, with an emphasis on hardship, friendship and road stories. Guests include Baron Von Rashke, Moose Morowski, Gene Kiniski, Stu Hart, Promoter Don Owen, Don Leo Jonathon, his brother The Butcher and The Intelligent, Sensational Destroyer.

Original Airdates1999

Magic of Aladdin, The


A classic British pantomime version of the tale of Aladdin and the Lamp. The evil vizier Abanazar tries to manipulate Aladdin and his mother, Widow Twankey, into helping him acquire the magic lamp. But with the help of the Genie of the Ring, Aladdin wins through and captures the heart and hand of the Princess. Music, singing, dancing, and merriment thro ...

Original Airdates1989

Memo to Champlain


Memo to Champlain The completion of the CBC network link from Sydney, N.S. to Victoria was heralded with this special broadcast July 1, 1958. Memo to Champlain was the CBC's first live coast-to-coast TV transmission. The 90-minute bilingual program featured CBC hosts Joyce Davidson and René Lévesque following Canada's history since the landing of explorer Samuel de Champ ...

Original Airdates1958

MuchMusic Video Awards


MuchMusic Video Awards A video music awards show featuring Canadian artists and international artists. The award show was originally titled the Canadian Music Video Awards (CMVA).

AkaCanadian Music Video Awards
Original Airdates1990-

New Year's Eve Frolic

Beginning New Year's Eve in 1957, CBWT in Winnipeg presented Frolic, a lively New Years Celebration produced in Winnipeg and broadcast throughout the CBC network. The special aired following the Toronto New Years Eve broadcast and featured Winnipeg talent. The 6th and final special, Frolic '63, aired Dec 31, 1962.

AkaWinnipeg New Year's Eve
Original Airdates1957-1962

NHL Awards Television Special


NHL Awards Television Special The National Hockey League honours the best players and coaches for their work on and off the ice during the last campaign. A star-studded lineup of presenters and nominees ensures that the final event of the NHL season is a memorable one.

Original Airdates1984-

On My Own

In keeping with the vein of using drama to reveal and to resolve problems which teenagers have in growing up, the CBC itself produced a play called On My Own, which is the story of Kim, a bright, pretty, and popular high school student who suddenly finds her life changed when she is diagnosed as an epileptic. Frightened and embarrassed after suffering a ...


One Hundred Years Young

One Hundred Years Young 100 Years Young was a 90-minute variety extravaganza hosted by Austin Willis and headlined by Wayne and Shuster, Rich Little, and many other Canadian performers as a curtain-raiser for Centennial year. Gordon Lightfoot's Canadian Railroad Trilogy was commissioned by the CBC for this centennial show. The song was performed with the Ron Collier orchest ...

Aka100 Years Young
Original Airdates1967

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