Canada Vignettes


Canada Vignettes Canada Vignettes from the National Film Board of Canada were a staple throughout the late 70's and 80's. The vignettes varied in length from between 30 seconds to 5 minutes and touched a wide variety of Canadian history and present-time topics.

Original Airdates1977-?

Dead Love


Dead Love Jeff goes to the cemetery to get away from a party and meets a bright and vivacious girl named Kate. He becomes attracted to her but is shocked to hear that she is actually a ghost.

Original Airdates1997

Dinner Along the Amazon

Dinner Along the Amazon Olivia Penney arrives home one day, silently agonizing over how to tell her husband Michael about her unplanned pregnancy. Unexpected guests and an impromptu dinner party help to fuel the emotional gulf between them. The evening dissolves into drunken hostility and painful revelations on the past, including the willful disappearance of one guest's husba ...

Original Airdates1996

G.E. Puppet Commercials on Showtime

G.E. Puppet Commercials on Showtime Richard Williams and Richard Brown's Cartoon Marionettes had made a couple of appearances on "The Big Revue." The exposure led to the people from McLaren Advertising to commission them to build two special puppets (a housewife puppet and a professor puppet) to do TV commercials for General Electric on Sunday night's "Showtime." Each Sunday for three ...

Original Airdates1952-1955

Little Big Kid

In this 2-minute YTV segment, Peter Oldring starred as a little kid wrapped up in a big kid’s body. He tells stories in his own way through mime. In a later series Jessica Holmes tells the stories.

Original Airdates1999-2000

Max, The 2000 Year Old Mouse


Max, The 2000 Year Old Mouse The animated Max, the 2000 year old mouse, used to recall his adventures over the last 2000 years giving historical lessons. Each episode lasted about 5 minutes and sometimes played at the end of a Rocket Robin Hood episodes as a time filler. A total of 104 episodes were produced by Steve Krantz for Krantz Animation.

Original Airdates1969

Range Ryder and the Calgary Kid


Range Ryder and the Calgary Kid Range Ryder and the Calgary Kid in the Adventures of the Dinosaur Badlands aired as part of CBC's anthology series for children, "One of a Kind." Range Ryder and his sidekick the Calgary Kid (a young Mike Myers) performed nation-saving derring-do as they battled against the forces of nature and evil to foil the nefarious scheme of Mayor Morgan. Aired ...

Original Airdates1978

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