Bizarre Bizarre is the title of this series because bizarre is the word for it- not to mention its star, John Byner, who charges full tilt through a weekly half-hour of sketches, one-liners and blackouts on a host of bizarre subjects. They include Allan Blye and Bob Einstein, a Phil Donahue-type interview with the world's first trisexual; the Godfather's presid ...

Original Airdates1980-1985

Black Harbour


Black Harbour Katherine and Nick return to her childhood home in Nova Scotia after her mother becomes ill. Nick is a struggling screenwriter while Katherine a partner in a successful Los Angeles eatery. Nick and Katherine decide to stay in Black Harbour with their two daughters and manage to buy a major share of the family boatyard, with the idea of building upscale ...

Original Airdates1996-1999



Blanche Blanche, daughter of Emilie Bordeleau, leaves her small French-Canadian town and large family to go and live with her married sister and study medicine in Montreal, Canada. As it is the early 1930's, women are not allowed to become doctors and practice medicine. Blanche completes her nursing studies, then accepts a position in the far off Abitibi region ...

Original Airdates1993

Blazing Dragons


Blazing Dragons Based on the characters originated by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, this animated series is set in the land of Camelhot and depicts the epic tale of the battle between knights and dragons - from the point of view of the dragons. It finally reveals the true story of King All-Fire and the dragons of the famous Square Table, from Sir Galahot to Sir Bur ...

Original Airdates1996-1998

Blizzard Island


Blizzard Island Tracey Allen, a 10 year-old Nova Scotia girl, and her nine year-old brother Wayne find intrigue while rummaging through an old chest. Their father, a sea captain, keeps many strange things — but none stranger than a mysterious necklace. This "special" necklace transports them to the magical world of Blizzard Island. As the children quickly find out, the ...

AkaArgon Quest (U.S. title)
Original Airdates1988-1989

Blue Rainbow, The

The Blue Rainbow's host and creator, Lutia Lausane, spins tales of giants and monsters and fantasy, punctuated with original songs she plays on her Celtic harp. Michael Kennard and John Turner also performed in The Blue Rainbow for three seasons as the clowns Dirk & Drock. CHSJ-TV sold the series to Global Television in 1989

Original Airdates1984-2000


Bluff was a celebrity vs. contestant, story-telling guessing-game show, with host Edmonton's Mike Darrow and a celebrity panel. The celebrity panel told tales and contestants had to guess which was telling the truth. Bluff aired for one season on the CBC network. Riff Markowitz: producer

Original Airdates1976-1977

Bob and Margaret


Bob and Margaret Based on the Academy Award-winning short film "Bob's Birthday" created by David Fine and Alison Snowden, this charming, witty animated series focuses on the ordinary lives of a middle class dentist and his foot doctor wife. Together, they tackle such traumas as being burgled, going on a package holiday and deciding whether or not having a child will rui ...

Original Airdates1998-2001

Bob and the Teens

Bob and the Teens was a teen show seen daily Monday through Thursday on CJAY-TV in Winnipeg. The show invited four different teenage students to visit on the program every week. The four students (two boys,two girls) selected from Winnipeg High Schools participated in such activities as: Pick The Hits, will this recording be a hit or a miss?; Front Pag ...

Original Airdates1961-1963

Bob McLean Show, The


Bob McLean Show, The The Bob McLean Show succeeded Luncheon Date as CBC's lunchtime talk show broadcast. McLean continued the easygoing format that Elwood Glover had established in this program of music, interviews and features. In the summers of 1976 and 1977, material from the show was used for a Saturday evening series called The Best of Bob McLean. The 1976-1977 seas ...

AkaThe Best of Bob McLean; McLean At Large
Original Airdates1975-1981

Bob Switzer Show, The


As a summer replacement for its noon hour talk show, Luncheon Date, the CBC ran a Vancouver show, produced by Doug Gillingham and featuring host Bob Switzer. The show was later retitled Switzer Unlimited.

AkaSwitzer Unlimited

Bobby Vinton Show, The


Bobby Vinton hosted this half-hour variety series, created by executive-producers Chris Beard and Allan Blye. Celebrity guests, a comedy troupe, the Jimmy Dale Orchestra, the girl-group The Peaches, plus spots with talents like Billy Van and Jack Duffy were regular parts of the show. The series, produced at CFTO's Agincourt studios, had Canadians beh ...

Original Airdates1975-1978

Body In Question, The


Body In Question, The The Body In Question was a series of thirteen hour-long programs on the human body, describing how and why it functions (and sometimes doesn't), and presented with great theatricality by Jonathan Miller, a noted theater and opera director who's also a physician. Produced by BBC-TV in association with the CBC, the Ontario Educational Communications Autho ...

Original Airdates1979

Bollywood Blvd.

Bollywood Blvd. Current news and reports on the music, the stars and filmmakers of new film releases, films in development and on-set reports on the popular Indian cinema. Also regularly featured are reports and interviews on film festival highlights, local Toronto talent including filmmakers, documentaries, stage play actors and writers.

Original Airdates1997-

Bonjour, Bon Jour

A daily, fifteen minute broadcast in both French and English for children, produced by Ken Buckley. Although bilingual, the program was not intended specifically for language instruction. Manon Bernard, who played Colette Jarry on the Radio-Canada series Rue des Pignons, talked or play-acted with Montreal schoolchildren and, occasionally, interviewed st ...

Original Airdates1977-1978

Bonnie Prudden Show, The


A half-hour, physical fitness and interview show with Bonnie Prudden who, the CBC claimed, founded the first school for physical fitness in the U.S.A. in 1944. In the 1967 season, the producers, Crescendo Productions of Toronto, took the show to Australia and the Far East for shooting. Individual shows concentrated on specific topics of discussion, incl ...

Original Airdates1965-1968

Boogies Diner


Boogies Diner Gerald manages "Boogies Diner", a trendy suburban mall hangout. His eight staffers stay busy with a loft level lunch counter, down stairs fashion shops, and harmless acts of teenage mischief.

Original Airdates1994-1995



Norbert, Zazi, and Leon, three fun-loving mice, live secretly behind the walls of the neighborhood library. Only Lee, a lonely boy who has just moved into the area, and an interloping, decrepit cat know of the existence of the Bookmice. Later in the series, the mice are discovered by three new children, Alysha, Jason, and Luke, who become their secret f ...

AkaBook Mice
Original Airdates1991-1999

Books Alive

A discussion program with moderator Arthur Phelps, produced by Cliff Solway.

Original Airdates1954


Bookshop presented 52 half-hour programs produced by CKY-TV Winnipeg for children up to 12 years of age. Each episode was built around a theme which was the focus of the story along with craft exercises and the exchanges which took place among such characters as Witchkin and Piccadilly the Clown.


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