A CBC series of 4 half-hour films on contemporary Mexico. The first two programs, called Gunpowder And Guitars and I Used To Be An Indian, offered a profile of the Mexican people, the Spanish influence, and the transformation of the Indian image in an attempt to eliminate the country's own image as a colony. Fiesta of Bullets, the third show in the seri ...

Original Airdates1966

Million Dollar Babies

Million Dollar Babies The true story of the Dionne quints that shocked 1930's Canada. When a poor rural Ontario family gives birth to quintuplet, the town doctor doesn't waste a second and takes over the family. He helps to take care of the babies but soon turns the babies into a freak show. Not before long the government gets involved and the babies are a multi-million doll ...

AkaLes jumelles Dionne (French title)
Original Airdates1994

Moccasin Flats

Moccasin Flats Joe, a ten year old Native boy, is kicked out of his boys' club when he has to bring his girl cousin, Rena, along. He loses his stake in the bicycle fund, but with the help of his cousin and a panhandler, the day is saved. In the process, his Native heritage and confidence are enhanced.

Original Airdates1992

Month of Sundays, A

For 4 Sunday afternoons in winter 1981, the CBC presented a selection of films collected by theme. The first week featured four films about war. The second show concerned women writers in Canada. The third program had Flight of the Snows, about the migration of the Canadian snow goose, Man Aloft, a history of aviation, and Whiskey Whiskey Papa, a film a ...

Original Airdates1981

More Tales of the City

More Tales of the City In this sequel to the controversial PBS mini-series, Mona Ramsey is on a cross-country trip that takes her to a brothel which may hold a secret about her past. Michael "Mouse" Tolliver and Mary Ann Singleton go on a cruise where they meet up with lovers old and new. Back in San Francisco, Brian Hawkins becomes involved with a mysterious woman he spots f ...

AkaArmistead Maupin's More Tales of the City
Original Airdates1998

More Tears

The successor to Ken Finkleman's comedy/satire "The Newsroom" takes a darker, and more surrealistic take on the media and even life itself... Finkleman also starred in the series as George Findlay, the same character he had played in The Newsroom. In More Tears, Findlay was now a documentary producer, who readily manipulated his documentary subject ...

Original Airdates1998

Music of Man, The


The Music of Man was a series of eight hour-long specials with host Yehudi Menuhin, following the development of music from its beginnings at the dawn of history to the electronic experiments, jazz and rock of our own time. Menuhin, the renowned violinist, conductor and humanist, participated both as violin soloist and conductor throughout the series, a ...

Original Airdates1979

Naked Mind, The

The Naked Mind was a four-part series that blended drama with psychology. Following performances of emotionally charged scenes from plays, a lay panel analyzed the characters' personality conflicts. An expert then offered his comments. This 1974 series was derived from a single one-hour show, also called The Naked Mind, broadcast in May 1973 on the CBC. ...

Original Airdates1973-1974

National Dream: Building the Impossible Railway, The


National Dream: Building the Impossible Railway, The Canadian popular historian, Pierre Berton, recounts the story of one of the most challenging and important political and engineering projects in Canadian history, the building of the country's first trans-continental railway. Beginning as part of Prime Minister John A Macdonald's deal in 1871 to have British Columbia join Canada, the project seemed fool ...

Original Airdates1974

New Nation in the West Indies

New Nation in the West Indies The CBC presented a 4-part series of 30-minute films, produced by the National Film Board, on the West Indies as a new member of the British Commonwealth.

Original Airdates1958

No Price Too High

No Price Too High This highly-acclaimed six-part series pays tribute to the Canadians who participated in World War II - young Canadians whose collective courage and spirit led to victory. The series traces Canada's role from the pre-war years when Prime Minister Mackenzie King found himself charmed by the "appealing and affectionate look" in Adolf Hitler's eyes, to the ...

Original Airdates1995

On Guard For Thee

On Guard For Thee was a three-part mini-series by Donald Brittain which reviewed Canada's involvement in the Cold War and the jousting match of international espionage. The mini-series delved into Canada's political past to uncover events that started 40 years previous, and culminated in the then recently-completed McDonald Commission enquiry into RCMP ...

Original Airdates1981

On the Frontier of Space

The CBC prepared this series of 3 half-hour broadcasts on the evolution of missiles and rockets from the weapons of World War II to the launch of Sputnik, and beyond. The first program concerned the actual machines and hardware, from the development of the Vi by Germany and its use in the 1940s, and progressed to the evolution of space vehicles. The sec ...

Original Airdates1959

Other Man, The

When Paul Rocello, an Italian recently arrived in England, was murdered on a houseboat moored at Medlow, the principal suspect was David Henderson, housemaster at Buckingham. However, many of the other people in the town have connections with Henderson, including the police officer investigating the crime, Detective Inspector Ford, whose son Timothy has ...

Original Airdates1963

Outdoors With Hal Denton


Hal Denton, the editor of Northwest Sportsman, was already well-known to west coast radio listeners as the host of Sportsmen's Guide when he presented this series of 5 half-hour broadcasts on fishing and hunting. The set for the show was a detailed replica of his own living room on Burrard Inlet. Programs included reports on big game hunting in the Rock ...

Original Airdates1955

P.T. Barnum


P.T. Barnum This series illustrates the life and career of P.T. Barnum, America's greatest showman and promoter. Starting as a young man who managed an old woman who was supposedly George Washington's nursemaid, we see his career as he finds success promoting curiosities and attractions with panache and a judicious mix of truth and creativity, whether it be promoti ...

Original Airdates1999

Passionate Canadians, The


The Passionate Canadians was a two-part documentary drama telling the story of the Group of Seven - the first truly Canadian school of painting. The title was apt — these were indeed passionate Canadians; passionate about their art and their country; and in these films they came alive as real people, not the remote figures who are now part of the establ ...

Original Airdates1977

People In Parties

In these two half-hour programs, A. Davidson Dunton, president of Carleton University, discussed issues of power and Canadian politics with Ottawa reporters Clark Davey of the Globe and Mail and Tom Gould of the Victoria Daily Times, and with political studies professor John Meisel of Queen's University. The show, titled The Golden Road To Power and Who ...

Original Airdates1960

Planet for the Taking, A


Planet for the Taking, A This 1985 eight-part CBC series averaged 1.8 million viewers per episode and earned David Suzuki a United Nations Environment Program Medal. The series explored the basis of our modern relationship with natural world and its disturbing consequences. It was one of the most watched shows in CBC history, science or otherwise.

Original Airdates1985

Promised Land, The

The Promised Land dramatized the settlement of the Abitibi region in northern Quebec during the 1930s. The series, presented in four, half-hour segments, was based on Hervé Biron's novel, Nuages sur les brûlés, and featured singer Félix Leclerc.

Original Airdates1962

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