Adventures In Rainbow Country


Adventures In Rainbow Country Adventures in Rainbow Country was a 26-week series, produced by Manitou Productions Ltd. of Toronto, with the CBC, ABC Television Films Ltd. of Britain and the Australian Broadcasting Commission as co-partners financing the project. It was seen on both English and French CBC-TV networks (as well as on British and Australian television). Adventures in ...

AkaAu Pays de l'Arc-en-ciel
Original Airdates1970-1971

Arrow, The


Arrow, The This series tells the story of the world's fastest fighter plane ever built, in 1950's Canada, and how the project was dropped due to economic reasons.

AkaProjet arrow (French title)
Original Airdates1997
TypeTV Movie


Caravan For three summers, the CBC aired Caravan, a weekly bilingual show that used the format of a circus with Guy Mauffette as ringmaster Monsieur Loyal. The hour-long "live" three-ring circus visited towns in Quebec and Ontario (and the Atlantic provinces in the final season), bringing the excitement of the big top to the boys and girls of that town. Include ...

Original Airdates1960-1962

Chez Hélène


Chez Hélène Chez Hélène was a children's television series produced by and broadcast on CBC Television. The 15-minute weekday program was broadcast on the English television network to provide viewers with exposure to the French language. The program was produced at CBC's Montreal studios. It began its 14-season run on 26 October 1959, with the final program air ...

Original Airdates1959-1973

Chez Nous

In autumn 1957, the CBC announced the premiere of a children's show called Chez Jacques, which was to run every other week, alternating with the Golden Age Players. Quebec singer Jacques Labrecque, who had made fourteen records of folk music for Folkways would welcome young viewers and guests into his fieldstone farmhouse for a half-hour of music an ...

AkaChez Jacques
Original Airdates1957



Deadbolt When medical student Marty places an ad for a roommate, her ad is answered by handsome, clean-cut Alec. At first Alec seems to be a wonderful roommate; supportive, considerate and a real friend. However, Alec's affection turns to obsession as he plots to manipulate and control all aspects of Marty's life, imprison her in her own apartment and make her h ...

AkaSéquestrée (French title)
Original Airdates1993
TypeTV Movie

Due South


Due South Due South originally aired on CBS in the United States and CTV in Canada, as a made-for-television movie in 1994. The series ran from 1994 to 1996, when it was cancelled by CBS. After a one year hiatus, CTV revived the series in 1997 with international investment, and it ran for two seasons until 1999. The basic premise of the series is a Royal Canad ...

AkaDirection: Sud; Un tandem de choc
Original Airdates1994-1999

Earth: Final Conflict


Earth: Final Conflict In the early twenty-first century Earth is visited by an alien race, the Taelons. They claim they wish to share knowledge with the rest of humanity in the hopes of getting to know us better. William Boone is assigned protector of Da'an, the Taelon "companion" for North America. But Boone is really working for the human resistance who are trying to learn ...

AkaGene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict; Invasion planète Terre (French title)
Original Airdates1997-2002

Empire, Inc.


This six-part series traces three decades of an industrial and political dynasty in Montreal, from the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929 to the onset of the Quiet Revolution in 1960. The narrative revolves around Montreal financial tycoon James Munroe, his assistant, Gene Prudhomme, and Munroe’s wife, Catherine, whom Munroe married for her posit ...

Original Airdates1983

Family of Strangers

Family of Strangers While researching her family history for a much needed operation, Julie learns that she is in fact adopted. She then goes on a search to find her real birth parents.

AkaNée de père inconnu (French title)
Original Airdates1993
TypeTV Movie

Final Offer


Final Offer Final Offer is the most comprehensive and candid look at collective bargaining on film. It takes viewers on an eye-opening journey behind the closed doors and into the smoke-filled rooms where labor and management negotiate. The filmmakers follow Bob White, president of the Canadian UAW, through the landmark auto strike at General Motors. We look on ...

AkaLa Dernière offre (French Title); Final Offer: Bob White and the Canadian Auto Workers Fight for Independence
Original Airdates1985

Fly by Night

Fly by Night Comedy-drama about a Vancouver-based small scale (and always in debt) charter plane service and their globe-trotting run-ins with various shadey figures.

AkaAttachez vos ceintures (French title)
Original Airdates1991

Forest Rangers, The


Forest Rangers, The The Forest Rangers took place in and around a village called Indian River, but the real focus of the story was an abandoned fort that had been taken over by the Junior Rangers. The fort was their headquarters, where they set up their ham radio, and helped keep watch for forest fires and other conservational offences. They ran up against not only poacher ...

AkaLes cadets de la forêt; Razzle Dazzle with the Forest Rangers
Original Airdates1963-1966

Girl Next Door, The

Girl Next Door, The There's someone peeping through windows so Arthur has been asked to watch the neighbour's eighteen year old daughter while her parents are away. Soon their mutual attraction develops into something that Arthur later regrets.

AkaFatale innocence (French title)
Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

God Bless the Child

God Bless the Child Single mother, Theresa Johnson, becomes homeless, loses her job and tries to survive with her young daughter, Hillary, through charities and public shelters.

AkaLe Choix tragique (French title)
Original Airdates1988
TypeTV Movie

Happy Christmas, Miss King


Happy Christmas, Miss King The King family from the Road to Avonlea television series gather together during the first World War to celebrate the holidays. The season is a time of crisis for the family this year, however, as eldest son Felix who was fighting overseas has been listed as missing in action. Meanwhile, Aunt Hetty grapples with loneliness and a potentially fatal back ...

AkaAn Avonlea Christmas; Joyeux Noël Mademoiselle King (French title)
Original Airdates1998
TypeTV Movie

Harlequin's Diamond Girl


Harlequin's Diamond Girl Claire has worked for Denny for four years, and been in love with him from afar. She believes she can never have him, so she doesn't try. When his brother Regan comes to town to help sell the family vineyard, they agree on a partnership: in order to get Denny away from Margo's influence (Regan believes she is giving him bad advice), Claire will pretend ...

AkaUn amour inattendu (French title)
Original Airdates1998
TypeTV Movie

Harlequin's The Awakening

Harlequin's The Awakening Sara lives in a small town where everybody knows everybody and her life is an open book. Left with the care of her family home, she has trouble meeting the mortgage payments and her ex-boyfriend is the bank manager attempting to foreclose. When she takes in boarders to meet expenses, she unwittingly rents a room to an international criminal hiding out f ...

AkaLa force d'aimer (French title)
Original Airdates1995
TypeTV Movie

Harlequin's This Matter of Marriage

Harlequin's This Matter of Marriage Two female architects, Hallie Mitchell and Donnalee Crawford, approaching their midthirties, realize that building their business together does not mean they cannot also build personal relationships. Re-entering the dating game is challenging, and at times, proves to be outrageous. The architects' pursuit of love is echoed by their pursuit of a major bu ...

AkaMariage à tout prix, Le (French title)
Original Airdates1998
TypeTV Movie

Heart of Courage

Heart of Courage was an inspirational series in a hospital setting. A total of 40 episodes were produced and aired on Global.

AkaCourage au coeur (French title)
Original Airdates1993-1994

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