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Access CBC Access was a half-hour current affairs program that invited groups of Canadians with ideas of national interest to make use of the network's facilities to air their views. The program looked for groups who felt they had been ignored by television — either because their views were considered too controversial, or alternatively too dull, or simply bec ...

AkaCBC Access; Take 30 Access
Original Airdates1974-1982


Analog was a weekly 15-minute television series (later expanded to a half-hour) that examined the complex but fascinating world of business in terms that the layman could readily appreciate and understand. Each edition of the magazine format series comprised of four principal components. The first of these was a summary, consisting of the headline stori ...

Original Airdates1970-1972

Barbara Frum


Barbara Frum hosted her own locally-broadcast public affairs program in Toronto for one season before the program moved to the national CBC network for seven shows in the summer of 1975. The shows featured both interviews with personalities and special segments devoted to isolated topics.

Original Airdates1974-1975

Bob McLean Show, The


Bob McLean Show, The The Bob McLean Show succeeded Luncheon Date as CBC's lunchtime talk show broadcast. McLean continued the easygoing format that Elwood Glover had established in this program of music, interviews and features. In the summers of 1976 and 1977, material from the show was used for a Saturday evening series called The Best of Bob McLean. The 1976-1977 seas ...

AkaThe Best of Bob McLean; McLean At Large
Original Airdates1975-1981

Bright and Early


Five years before Canada AM came to be, Bright And Early was a daily live 60-minute topical program for breakfast-time viewing on CTV. It included three newscasts, national weather and sports, information, and a variety of features from across the country. Interesting guests were brought on and interviewed casually by the co-hosts Terri Clark and Pat Mu ...

Original Airdates1966-1967

Canada 101

Canada 101 was a black and white public affairs program on CTV where issues of national importance were debated and discussed. The program aired for one season on Monday nights.

Original Airdates1967-1968

Canada A.M.


Canada A.M. When Canada A.M. debuted on CTV on September 11, 1972, it was the private network's most costly, lengthy, and promising attempt to develop creative Canadian content. A potpourri of news and features patterned on NBC's Today (Dave Garroway, Today's original host, was a scheduled guest on the opener), the show came on at 7 a.m. every weekday for 90 minute ...

AkaCanada A.M. Weekend; Canada AM
Original Airdates1972-

Case for the Court, A

Case for the Court, A A Case for the Court was a series produced by the CBC in co-operation with the Canadian Bar Association. Each case opened with the host, Gil Christy, talking to witnesses (played by actors), then the scene shifted to a make-believe courtroom where two real lawyers argued a case before a real magistrate or judge. Four panelists then discussed the argumen ...

Original Airdates1960-1962

CBC Weekend


CBC Weekend was CBC-TV's flagship series in Information Programming when it debuted with the Saturday Edition following the Hockey Night telecast on Oct 11, 1969. The Sunday Edition premiered on Oct 12, 1969. The series was produced in colour right from the start. CBC weekend had full access to the world-wide news gathering and reporting facilities o ...

Original Airdates1969-1973



Close-Up Creator and executive producer Ross McLean spun Close-Up, a prime-time, weekly program off from Tabloid, the successful, daily, early evening public affairs show. The CBC supported the series with a substantial production budget that permitted McLean to send correspondents and camera crews to far locations for interviews and documentaries. Originally a ...

Original Airdates1957-1963

Coffee Break


Coffee Break Originating from CBNT in St. John's, Coffee Break was a 30-minute news and general interest program broadcast on weekday afternoons or mornings. Shirley Newhook hosted the program which featured a wide variety of guests from every walk of life. Coffeebreak aired "live" for the first year or two, debuting in Sept. of 1974 and finished its run in 1990 ...

AkaCoffee Break with Shirley Newhook
Original Airdates1974-1990

Coming Attractions

Produced in Toronto by Sandra Faire, Coming Attractions was an entertainment news magazine. Hosts Patricia White and Bob Karstens presented news from the worlds of music, video, art, theatre, the movies, televison, and fashion.

Original Airdates1982-1983

Country Canada


Country Canada Country Calendar was a half-hour program on CBC which provided regular coverage of agriculture. It started on an interconnected network in Eastern Canada, with Norm Garriock's commentary on farm matters in the first half and Earl Cox on gardening in the last half. The CBC subsequently introduced editions of Country Calendar for other regions of the c ...

AkaCountry Calendar; Summer Country Canada
Original Airdates1954-2007


Countrytime, like Country Calendar, was a half-hour program of agricultural information. It was produced in Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver and presented fifteen minutes of national news on recent developments in agriculture. The following fifteen minutes were taken up with local gardening news and tips by Earl Cox for the Ontario and Quebec a ...

AkaCountry Time
Original Airdates1960-1966

CTV National News


CTV National News CTV National News is a newscast on CTV, which airs at 11pm local time on the main network across Canada. The current anchors are Lloyd Robertson on weekdays, and Sandie Rinaldo on weekends. The title CTV National News has been rarely used since the 1990s; weeknights, the program is now called CTV News with Lloyd Robertson and on the weekends, CTV News w ...

AkaCTV News with Lloyd Robertson; CTV News with Sandie Rinaldo
Original Airdates1962-



CBMT-TV in Montreal introduced Decision, a political discussion broadcast, as a local program after the Parti Quebecois took power in the 1976 Quebec election. The CBC picked the show up for national broadcast in anticipation of the 1980 referendum on sovereignty association. Montreal Gazette writer and program host L. Ian MacDonald introduced the topic ...

Original Airdates1980

Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense was a weekly, half-hour examination dealing with money earners from big business and individual wage earners.

Original Airdates1972-1975

Eight Stories Inside Quebec


Eight Stories Inside Quebec was an eight-week CBC series, covering various people and events associated with Quebec. The programs were hosted by Peter Desbarats and produced by Paul Wright.

Original Airdates1966



eNow was known as Canada's premier entertainment magazine show, looking at the latest trends and developments in the world of entertainment. The show was the brainchild of Baton Broadcast System president Ivan Fecan and reported on showbiz from across Canada and the U.S. Originally titled Entertainment Now, the name changed to eNow in 1996. The show ...

AkaEntertainment Now; E-Now
Original Airdates1995-2001

fifth estate, the


fifth estate, the For a quarter of a century, the fifth estate has been Canada's premier investigative documentary program, acquainting viewers with a dazzling parade of political leaders, shady characters and ordinary people whose lives were touched by triumph or tragedy.

Aka5th Estate
Original Airdates1975-

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