Good Rockin' Tonite


Good Rockin' Tonite Good Rockin' Tonite was a Friday night music program produced in Vancouver, featuring music videos, in-depth interviews, contests and countdowns of the week's most popular singles and albums. The original host, Terry David Mulligan, conceived the program with producer Ken Gibson, who was behind the CBC's last rock-music effort in the '60s, (Let's Go) wh ...

AkaGood Rockin' Tonight
Original Airdates1983-1993

Grand Old Country


Ronnie Prophet starred in CBC's The Ronnie Prophet Show in the summer of 1974 with an eleven week series of country music, variety, and comedy. In 1975, a CTV series called Grand Old Country was hosted by Ronnie Prophet, and formed a weekly half-hour setting in which a series of Canadian country singers and musicians could and did strut their stuff ...

AkaThe Ronnie Prophet Show
Original Airdates1974; 1975-1981

Half the George Kirby Comedy Hour

George Kirby's 1972 special, The George Kirby Show, led to his hosting a sketch comedy and variety show, Half the George Kirby Comedy Hour. On the program, Kirby sang, did comedy monologues and sketches, character impressions, worked with his guests and appeared in a series of recurring characterizations. His Fathah Goose routine (in which he read marvo ...

AkaThe George Kirby Show
Original Airdates1972-1973


Happyland originally aired in Winnipeg in 1957 as a five-week music and variety series. It featured a nine piece band conducted by Jake Park. Each week, guest artists, both instrumental and vocal, appeared. The atmosphere of the old-time park band concerts was re-created both through the music and through the sets. Irv Stein, as a popcorn vendor, introd ...

Original Airdates1957;1959-1960

Hit List


Hit List A top 20 countdown show aired on YTV in Canada. On this show the public gets to go online to click on the show before any voting can be done. You get to pick your favourite 20 videos and vote to get them on or up the chart. They play a wide variety of music on this show. From Pop to punk to rock. Usually on the show there are celebrities on the set or j ...

AkaYTV's Hit List
Original Airdates1991-2005

Homemade Jam


Singer-composer Bob Ruzicka was the host of Homemade Jam, which was an Edmonton series of three half-hour music specials. The June 24 and July 22 programs featured Nancy Nash, a noted singer and harp player. The July 8 show featured singer Gabrielle Bujeaud. The series aired nationally on the CBC-TV network.

Original Airdates1975

Honky Tonk

Honky Tonk Rompin' Ronnie Hawkins created the illusion of a night on the town at an authentic Honky Tonk club with this weekly half-hour CTV variety series. The show captured the flavour of the urban cowboy craze. The Honky Tonk Dancers, The Hawks and bartender Eddie Shack were regulars, plus special musical guests brought in each week. The episodes produced by Bi ...

Original Airdates1981-1982

Ian Tyson Show, The


Ian Tyson Show, The The Ian Tyson Show was a half-hour CTV music series which was known as Nashville North in its first season. Ian's wife Sylvia and the band Great Speckled Bird were regular performers. Up to three Canadian and American guest stars performed on each show, including Anne Murray, Waylon Jennings, Stompin' Tom Connors, Gordon Lightfoot, Willy Nelson, Bruce C ...

AkaNashville North
Original Airdates1970-1975

Inside Canada

Inside Canada consisted of 3 episodes of a 12-week summer series which features three variety shows each from Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and Vancouver. Inside Canada was a comedy-variety series from Winnipeg. Other programs in the summer series were "The David Clayton-Thomas Show" from Toronto, "The Judy and Jim Show" from Vancouver, and "Gary Karr a ...

Original Airdates1973-1974


Interlude was a half-hour musical show somewhere between symphonic music and jazz. Eric Wild conducted the orchestra for this show which also featured solo work from some of the best musicians in Winnipeg. Jack Phillips produced the show at CBC Winnipeg.

Original Airdates1956

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll


It's Only Rock 'n' Roll Putting a comic spotlight on the rock scene, this 13-week half-hour series gave bands and comedians a chance to strut their stuff. Host Ted Woloshyn and music director Fred Mollin exchanged banter, chatted up the audience and introduced musical guests, both in the studio and in a variety of club and concert settings. Field producers and stringers in ...

Original Airdates1987

It's Our Stuff

The Good Company — a group of young singers and dancers who also participated in show production — starred in this follow-up to their self-titled series from the previous summer with a fresh format and many new faces. The "new" Good Company did their "stuff" with songs, dances, comedy sketches and, sometimes, their own original compositions. Producer ...

Original Airdates1969


Jacinta Cormier hosted "Jacinta," a 3-part miniseries of music and song featuring a blend of pop, jazz and old favourites. For the series, Jim Duff's 12-piece band provided the back up and there was a special guest on each program. The three programs were video taped before live studio audiences at CBNT's studio two in St. John's.

Original Airdates1988

Jackie Rae Show, The


Jackie Rae Show,  The Jackie Rae starred in a musical variety show, which also featured the Grads, a vocal quartet, Jack Kane and his orchestra, and comic and writer Frank Peppiatt. The program's flexible format allowed it to be produced both in the CBC's Toronto studios or, occasionally, in a different location. Guests included Canadian performers, including the cast of "Sa ...

Original Airdates1955-1957

Jerry Lester Show, The

A Canadian company, Fellowship Productions, produced the Jerry Lester Show out of CFTO-TV's studios. Jerry Lester hosted and clowned around in the weekly hour-long show that had show business celebrities like Bobby Darin, Pat Suzuki, Morey Amsterdam, Rudy Vallee and others as guests. Singer Richard Hayes and Rudy Toth and his orchestra were regularly fe ...

Original Airdates1963-1964

Jeunesse Oblige


Jeunesse Oblige Jeunesse Oblige, which meant "youth must be served" in English, was a six-day-a-week program on Societe Radio-Canada. When the Music Hop program expanded in the 1964-65 season, Jeunesse Oblige was Montreal's Tuesday contribution. It featured many of that city's English and French-speaking vocalists.

Original Airdates1963-1968

Joan Fairfax Show, The


Singer Joan Fairfax starred in her own musical variety show, complete with all-woman orchestra, in the summer of 1959, and the program moved to a Sunday evening slot for the regular season in the autumn of that year. The half-hour program proved very popular, attracting an estimated two and a quarter million viewers. Singers the Van Dorn Sisters joined ...

Original Airdates1959-1960

Judy and Jim Show, The


The Judy and Jim Show consisted of 3 episodes of a 12-week summer series which features three variety shows each from Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and Vancouver. The Judy and Jim Show, from Vancouver, featured the brother and sister team of Judy Ginn and Jim Walchuk. Musical director of the show was Bobby Hales who also fronted a big band. Featured each w ...

AkaJudy & Jim Show
Original Airdates1973;1977

Keith Hampshire's Music Machine


Music Machine was a showcase for pop groups which began a two-year run in autumn, 1973 on the CBC-TV network. A slick production, Music Machine had an impressive list of resident performers, like Lisa dal Bello, Roy Kenner, Shawne Jackson, Wayne St. John, Doug Riley and Eric Robertson. Guest spots were usually accorded to up-and-coming Canadian groups, ...

AkaMusic Machine
Original Airdates1973-1975

Ken Soble Amateur Hour, The


The Ken Soble Amateur Hour hit the TV airwaves in Hamilton, Ontario after becoming a very popular radio show. The program showcased promising local talent. CHCH-TV station founder and president, Ken Soble, hosted the series. Originally featuring talent of all ages, the show eventually was limited to adult performers after Tiny Talent Time was created. W ...

Original Airdates1957-1960

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