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5-4-3-2 RUN


5-4-3-2 RUN 5-4-3-2-Run was one of many copycats of the successful U.S. children's game show, Double Dare. The program was taped at BCTV studios in Burnaby, and aired across Canada on the CTV networks on Saturdays beginning in September, 1988. In the show, kids competed to be first to complete a series of physical tests in order to answer a question. Correct ans ...

Original Airdates1988-1990

A Kin to Win


A-Kin-to-Win was a popular game show co-produced by CTV, NBC Canada and New Merrit Enterprises at CFCF-TV in Montreal. It was hosted by Jimmy Tapp, and pitted family against family in a game of questions and answers. The game was sponsored by Lever Brothers (now Unilever).

Original Airdates1961-1962

All About Faces


All About Faces In "All About Faces", two celebrity teams were shown a vignette in which an average person was secretly filmed. The "average Joe" was eventually caught in the middle of a moral or ethical dilemma; as the situation reached its climax, the vignette was stopped and the celebrities would then wager money on how they think the situation will be resolved (the ...

Original Airdates1971-1972

Anything You Can Do


A wretched take on Beat the Clock, 2 teams of 3 compete in a battle of the sexes. Stunts featured balloons, ladders, beanbags and other silly things.

Original Airdates1971-1974


Baloney was a primetime game show in which three guest comics told three outrageous stories based on a single theme, only one of which was true. Audience members voted for the story they thought was true, sharing in the jackpot if they were correct. 13 episodes were aired.

Original Airdates1988-1989

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Bet Your Bottom Dollar was a Canadian-produced and originated night-time game show and was the first prime-time quiz series to offer contestants a chance to win up to $1000 in cash and a new car each week. The show offered contestants an interesting challenge to bet their knowledge for money and against each other. Each contestant to start the game r ...

Original Airdates1963

Beyond Reason


Beyond Reason was a psychic panel show from Winnipeg. Each week a panel of an astrologer, palmist and clairvoyant were asked to determine the identity of two guests. Clues were the guests' exact date and place of birth, palm print and a personal object. A separate section of the program, called the "Psychic Cyclopedia," showed short commentaries on s ...

Original Airdates1977-1980


Bluff was a celebrity vs. contestant, story-telling guessing-game show, with host Edmonton's Mike Darrow and a celebrity panel. The celebrity panel told tales and contestants had to guess which was telling the truth. Bluff aired for one season on the CBC network. Riff Markowitz: producer

Original Airdates1976-1977

Bowling For Dollars


Bowling For Dollars Bowling For Dollars was a "franchised" game show produced and broadcast by local TV stations all across North America. CKND Winnipeg and CKCO Kitchener were the only Canadian stations airing versions in Canada. The Canadian game was a five-pin version. Each bowler had a maximum of three turns. Players who bowled three successive strikes won the pot bu ...


Bumper Stumpers


Bumper Stumpers Hosted by Al Dubois, the object of Bumber Stumpers was to unscramble licence plates—the letters of which translated into popular slogans. Two pairs of contestants competed for cash prizes by solving the riddles hidden in the license plates (for example; 2BRNT2B— William Shakespeare). Premiered on September 14, 1987.

Original Airdates1987-1990



In the daily game show, Communicate, one member of a team tried to guess the name of a person or thing from one-word clues that his or her partner provided. Two teams competed in a best-of-three contest, and the winners met new contestants until they were beaten. Celebrity contestants formed one-half of each team. Winning contestants--at least the 'non- ...

Original Airdates1966-1967



Peter Emmerson hosted this CTV game show that brought together famous and fascinating people with unusual or hidden connections. Panelists tried to discover a hidden connection and the related story between the two headline-making guests.

Original Airdates1977



Definition In Definition, two teams consisting of a guest celebrity and studio partner searched for letters while playing a unique game of familiar phrases. The clue was a word or phrase and from then on, it was a game of give and take as teams attempted to spell out their answers. The first team gave a letter of the alphabet to their opponents, hoping it wasn' ...

Original Airdates1974-1989

Double Up

Double Up, a summer replacement for the panel quiz show, This Is The Law, had as its most obvious source the 1950s program, You Bet Your Life, with Groucho Marx. On that obviously chintzy game show (in contrast to The $64,000 Question, Groucho asked questions that were worth $50 or so), the simple quiz ran second to the chat with the contestants, where ...

Original Airdates1974

Double Your Money


On May 21, 1964 CTV televised Trans Atlantic Quiz, a special program with Britain's famous Hughie Green as master of ceremonies. Green, one of the most popular television personalities overseas at that time, was host of the British series, Double Your Money, which had been a top favourite in Great Britain for the past ten years. On Sept 25, 1964, CTV ...

AkaTrans Atlantic Quiz
Original Airdates1964-1965

Eye Bet


Jim Perry hosted Eye Bet from CFTO-TV in Toronto for broadcast on the CTV network. The object of the game was for contestants to view movie clips (old and new) and then try to remember what they had seen. The show debuted on Monday, September 11, 1972 and aired for two full years. Production ended when it became harder to use movie clips due to copyrigh ...

Original Airdates1972-1974

Fighting Words


Fighting Words In CBC's Fighting Words, panelists tried to divine the author of a passage by discussing its meaning and style. The panelists then further discussed the merits of the passage, its author, and their values. Starting November 1959, the show suspended its regular format and aired a conversation between Cohen and a special guest. In 1970, Cohen revi ...

Original Airdates1953-1962; 1970; 1982

First Impressions

First Impressions was a CTV morning game show, milking its humour from the peculiar initial perceptions perfect strangers have of each other. It featured three couples competing against each other. Each member of a couple was asked questions about their partner, and the couples had only been introduced to each other just before the show. The show reveal ...

Original Airdates1976-1977


Flashback A half-hour panel game show, with a formula similar to Front Page Challenge's, Flashback held down a Sunday evening time slot for six years. Instead of having to guess a headline, Flashback's four panelists (three regulars, one weekly guest) had three minutes to identify a person, object, or fad from the past, and then interviewed the mystery guest afte ...

Original Airdates1962-1968

Fractured Phrases


This weekday afternoon series allowed contestants in the studio to play a word game called Fractured Phrases. Jim Perry was the host of the show for the first season when the show was produced in Montreal. The second season was produced in Ottawa and hosted by Les Lye. The purpose of the game was to phonetically decipher common phrases or names from ...

Original Airdates1965-1967

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