Tandem Tandem was a CBC Winnipeg summer series in 1960. It featured Mary Liz Bayer and Bill Guest cycling about the Winnipeg area viewing scenic attractions, summer activities and historic sites. Producer: Ray McConnell

Original Airdates1961

This Living World


This Living World Steve Bloomer was host for CBC-TV's Saturday afternoon natural science series, This Living World, designed for young and old. This Living World was the English-language version of a CBC-TV French network series called La Vie qui bat. The program included demonstrations in the studio, with live animals, and filmed inserts depicting animals in their na ...

AkaLa vie qui bat
Original Airdates1959-1964



Titans Patrick Watson's famous interview subjects in the Titans series offered candid comments on their professional and personal lives. A more elaborate and dramatic version of Watson's old "Witness to Yesterday" series, this program opened with Napolean (played by veteran actor David Calderisi) who talked about his ruthless ambition and his unfaithful wife, ...

Original Airdates1981-1982

Travel Unlimited

Travel Unlimited was a CBC travel program broadcast in Toronto and Ottawa in late summer and early autumn 1953. It repeated on individual stations up until the mid-1960's.

Original Airdates1953

Umbrella, The


Internationally-known Canadian painter William Ronald was host of this CBC-TV show about the arts. The half-hour program followed developments in all the arts, and included criticism by the host and others, interviews and documentary features on leading figures in painting and sculpture, the theatre, dance, literature and music. The Umbrella was prod ...

Original Airdates1966

Under One Roof

Under One Roof was a television series on family life which aired on CBC-TV. It tried to present the reality and therefore the normalcy of relationships within the family. A special project of CBC-TV's Take Thirty program, it originally aired as a six-part series on Take Thirty in May and June, 1966 as a prelude to the Canadian Conference on the Family ...

Original Airdates1964

University of the Air


University of the Air was a daily educational television program seen early mornings on the CTV television network in Canada between 1965 and 1983; prior to the establishment of 24-hour broadcasting, in most regions it was the first program aired each day, usually at 5:30 or 6 a.m., though it would also turn up at other times. Each episode consisted of ...

Original Airdates1965-1983

Vacation Canada

Vacation Canada was a CBC-TV series aimed at providing Canadians with a better perspective of Canada as a vacation land. On Wednesdays following NHL hockey or baseball, John Foster talked to experts about places to see, new travel equipment, safety hints and general tips on how to make holidays more enjoyable. The series look at vacation outdoor activit ...

Original Airdates1971

Valley Sketches

Valley Sketches was a 13-week documentary television series, exploring the annals of history and pieced together the rich heritage of the Ottawa Valley. This series of half-hour programs examined the origin, social development and architecture of the early setlements. Valley Sketches was first broadcast on CBOT, the CBC's Ottawa station, in the fall of ...

Original Airdates1973


West was a 13-week production of the National Film Board. The series considered cultural and social aspects of life in the Prairie Provinces.

Original Airdates1973-1975

What Will They Think of Next?


A look at the wonders of science and technology that will shape our lives in the distant future of the 1980's. Each week the hosts would look at a new revolutionary discovery that was guaranteed to let people live lives of ease, free from the ravages of disease or old age. Additionally, they would also look at some of the brilliant science that goes int ...

AkaScience International
Original Airdates1976-1981

Where Once They Stood


CBC Television in Newfoundland featured this half-hour color documentary series on the early history of Newfoundland. Where Once They Stood, produced and directed by Tom Cahill and filmed by Erich Krichbaum, featured stories on the early history and outstanding personalities of many Newfoundland settlements.

Original Airdates1978-1980

Witness to Yesterday


Sponsored by Shell Canada Limited in 1974, Witness to Yesterday offered a fresh and fascinating perspective on history: the interpretations of historical events by many of the major personalities who took part in those events. Through a combination of detailed research and some of the finest actors, such great personalities as Queen Victoria and Alexa ...

Original Airdates1974-75; 1998



Wonderstruck was an educational series in a search for the weird and wonderful in science, explaining complex ideas in entertaining and accessible ways, with host Bob McDonald.

Original Airdates1986-1992

Yesterday's Heroes

Yesterday's Heroes was a series of seven half-hour film biographies celebrating heroism, achievement or notoriety in Newfoundland history.

Original Airdates1981-1983

You Can Do It


Originally titled Mr. Chips from 1972-1979, You Can Do It showed viewers how to do home repairs and basic carpentry projects through short information segments, helpful hints and information on various "do-it-yourself" topics. The program was produced at CFCF-TV in Montreal.

AkaMr. Chips
Original Airdates1972-1981

Your World

This series of fifteen minute programs, produced by Earl Barnholder, was presented on Canadian School Telecasts. Targeted for students ages twelve to fifteen, on it Lloyd Robertson discussed significant events, illustrated with newsfilm. Another series of school broadcasts, produced by Rena Elmer of the Schools and Youth Department, used the same tit ...

Original Airdates1965-1969

Youth Takes A Stand

On this early panel show for teenagers, with host Gordon Blackford and Vernon Trott, the director of guidance for Forest Hill Schools, young people discussed issues such as juvenile delinquency, citizenship, and sportsmanship.

Original Airdates1954-1955

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