Click Frank Herbert, an amateur photographer, was co-host with Ken Haslom this weekly 15-minute program. Click was a show designed to inform and entertain both professional and amateur "shutter-bugs" interested in black and white, color, movie or miniature photography. The two hosts spent hours each week preparing material for the show. Much of the work w ...

Original Airdates1962

Daily Planet


Daily Planet Daily Planet is a one-hour long science magazine show that brings you the world like you've never seen it before. Host, science popularizer, author, and broadcaster Jay Ingram demystifies the mysteries of science and bridge the gap between the lab and your living room. From movies to microbiology, space to sports, food to hi-tech gizmos, Jay makes sense ...
Original Airdates1995-

Days Before Yesterday, The

The Days Before Yesterday was a seven-part chronicle of Canada's Prime Ministers and Canada's struggle to achieve status during the period 1897 through 1957. The host-commentator was Bruce Hutchinson, with additional narration read by Barry Morse.

AkaStruggle for Nationhood
Original Airdates1973

Defence of Canada, The

This 3-part documentary tells about the military history of Canada and its contemporary military situation with particular focus on the international aspect of it. One of key subjects explored is how a small country like Canada has continually gotten itself into far flung theaters of war around the world that seem to be of no real concern for that count ...

Original Airdates1986

Disordered Mind, The

In 1960, The Disordered Mind was a four part subseries, broadcast on the Wednesday night Explorations program. A second series of four programs also appeared on Explorations in 1963. A third series was aired under its own title, on Sunday nights, in 1966. The Disordered Mind was a series of half-hour films that broke through some of the mysteries of ...

Original Airdates1960-1966

Do It For Yourself


Do It For Yourself Do it For Yourself was a half-hour how-to show which featured Mary Bellows doing the fix-it solo and there was also a segment dedicated to plants with Mary along with John Reeves. We produced 278 half hours and the show ran for 3 years on the CBC network. It also aired on the USA network, Lifetime and PBS in the United States. If I so say so myself it w ...

Original Airdates1982-1985

Doctor, Doctor


Doctor, Doctor was a nationally broadcast half-hour medical digest program in which co-hosts Barbara Constantino and Dr. Art Hister presented the latest in health information and medical advice.

Original Airdates1986-1989

Documentary '60


Documentary '60 succeeded The Candid Eye as a series of twenty-six, half-hour films produced by the National Film Board for the CBC. In part, it continued the work of the earlier program in showing seven of the vivid, yet informal, direct cinema productions overseen by NFB producer Tom Daly. The series also included programs produced by David Bairstow a ...

Original Airdates1959-1960


A half-hour, Sunday afternoon summer series, Earthbound examined questions of the Canada's resources and related industries and the environment. Canada's forest, fishery, grain and oil industries are explored.

Original Airdates1982



Eureka! Eureka! is a series of humourous, and information-packed programs that bring "boring" physics concepts to vibrant, vigorous life. Each program takes a simple and direct approach to the subject matter; while the basic concepts are explained in a voice-over, cartoon characters and a variety of animated objects demonstrate the principles on the screen. Con ...

Original Airdates1980



Explorations Explorations was a CBC series of films, interviews, and demonstrations of aspects of the social and physical world. In the first season, Explorations was broadcast every second week. Subsequently, it aired weekly, and the series then usually organized with subseries of two to six weekly parts. The 1957-58 season was produced on a coast-to-coast basis, w ...

Original Airdates1956-1964

George Dalgleish Show, The


On this program, George Dalgleish, well known handyman, author and radio phone-in host, demonstrated how many household, building and repair jobs could be done in an economical fashion by the home handyperson. Produced and broadcast by CKND-TV in Winnipeg, the series was also syndicated to other stations in Canada.

Original Airdates1979-1981

Here Come the Seventies


Here Come the Seventies was a half-hour documentary series that looked ahead at anticipated technological marvels and innovations we could expect during the 70's. The program was described as a "pop public affairs show."

AkaHere Come the 70s
Original Airdates1970-1973

Indian Legends of Canada


"Indian Legends of Canada" was a documentary series featuring Canadian Indian legends.

AkaLégendes indiennes
Original Airdates1983-1985

International Law

International Law was a study of the maintenance of law among sovereign nations, in layman's terms, in a six-week series on CBC-TV on Sunday afternoons. Each program asked basic questions: Has international law real force or is it merely a convenient convention which can be ignored? Each program considered a specific example of conflict in international ...

Original Airdates1961

Just a Minute

In Just a Minute, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Watson profiled famous Canadians and historic events. Heritage Minutes were the centrepiece of the series.

Original Airdates1993-1994

Land and Sea


Land and Sea Land and Sea was a half-hour public affairs program originally produced in two regions: St. John's, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia. The show's mandate was to tell stories about the people who lived off the land and worked the resources of the sea. Today, Land and Sea covers issues that affect people in rural communities which ultimately affect th ...

AkaLand & Sea
Original Airdates1964-

Leading Edge

Leading Edge was a series of magazine-type format programs that promoted and profiled the entrepreneurs of Atlantic Canada with emphasis on the people behind the businesses, their dreams, challenges and secrets for success. The program aired on NTV and MITV/Global in eastern Canada and later nationally on Prime.

Original Airdates1991-1999

Live and Learn

Live and Learn was a 30-minute weekly educational broadcast starting as a local broadcast on CBLT. Other CBC stations picked up many of the series for local broadcast. Each program was regularly shown twice a week. The program was originally called Course of Knowledge.

AkaCourse of Knowledge
Original Airdates1958-1965

Lynette Jennings Homeworks


Lynette Jennings Homeworks Lynette Jennings Homeworks was a weekly show that communicated affordable within-reach advice to consumers in the areas of renovation, home improvement design and decorating. After studying architecture and performing arts at the University of Michigan and Chicago's DePaul University, she relocated to Canada in 1971. The following year, Lynette bega ...

AkaLynette Jennings' Home; Lynette Jennings HouseSmart
Original Airdates1990-1996

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