Just for Laughs


Just for Laughs Just for Laughs is a comedy festival held each year in Montreal, Quebec. It is the largest festival of its kind in the world. It began in 1983 as a francophone event and introduced its English language side in 1985. Highlights are broadcast regularly, featuring comedians from all over the world. What started out as a one-hour highlights special in 1986 ...

AkaJuste pour rire (French title)
Original Airdates1986-

Kids in the Hall, The


Kids in the Hall, The The Kids in the Hall are a sketch comedy troupe, set apart by their cross-dressing antics and seemingly infinite supply of unique characters. Although writer Paul Bellini, various extras, and sometimes even an actual woman appear in the sketches, for the most part, the five main cast members portray every single character themselves. Recurring character ...

Original Airdates1988-1994

King of Kensington


King of Kensington Larry King owned and operated a variety store in Toronto's crowded, multicultural Kensington Market. In the tradition of the television comedy series, most of the action took place in one or two sets, principally King's store and attached house. Larry was a portly, garrulous fellow whose business was everyone else's business. He ran the shop with his wi ...

Original Airdates1975-1980

Krazy House

Krazy House consisted of 6 half-hour pilots for six comedy programs. The comedy anthology was scheduled in the late-evening viewing hours on CBC-TV.

Original Airdates1977

Learning the Ropes


Learning the Ropes In the CTV sitcom Learning the Ropes, Lyle Alzado (former defensive linebacker for the L.A. Raiders) played a teacher and single father of two who maintained a secret identity as a pro wrestling bad guy who went by the name of The Masked Maniac. Alzado, as Robert Randall, had a hammerlock on the heart of Carol Dixon, a refined art teacher who knew nothi ...

Original Airdates1988-1989

Leo and Me

Leo and Me Leo (Brent Carver) was a carefree, hard-living Italian adventurer who had won a large, decrepit yacht in a poker game, and had taken his orphaned nephew Jamie (Michael J. Fox) to live with him. Leo and Jamie lived on the yacht moored in the harbour (near the Bayshore Inn, Vancouver). Leo's charm and good luck guided him through tricky but humorous situa ...

Original Airdates1978

Lost Satellite, The


Two hour-long episodes of the SCTV-like The Lost Satellite were broadcast on Superchannel, and on the U.S. pay-TV network Showtime. The premise of the show was that an alien civilization found a lost telecommunications satellite and programmed back to Earth what they saw fit. The result was a series of unrelated sketches, including parodies of pay-TV. O ...

AkaChronicals of the Lost Satellite Network
Original Airdates1983

Material World


Material World Material World started as a situation comedy about a young fashion designer, Kitty Reeves, who was anxious to establish herself in the fashion industry. In the first season, Kitty wanted to start her own business but couldn't break away from her grandfather Popsi, an industry veteran. The first season of episodes was shot as a sitcom, videotaped in fron ...

Original Airdates1990-1993

Max Glick


Max Glick Max Glick was a CBC family drama/comedy series based on the 1988 Canadian feature film "The Outside Chance of Maximilian Glick." The series followed a 13-year-old protagonist coping with growing up Jewish in a small town (fictional Beausejour). Though few of the movie's cast made the transition to the series, the grandparents (Jan and Susan Rubes) retur ...

Original Airdates1990-1991

Mixed Doubles


Mixed Doubles was a comedy collage that brought several traditional television comedy forms into a fresh new fast-moving, half-hour format. The comedy pieces, written by some of the top comedy writers in Canada, were inter-connected with a domestic situation comedy rather than a host. A married couple, the only permanent members of the cast, was a re ...

Original Airdates1976-1977

Mom P.I.

Mom P.I. Mom P.I. was a CBC comedy/drama following the adventures of Sally Sullivan, who figured to make a few extra bucks by helping private investigator Bernie Fox solve cases. Rosemary Dunsmore starred as Sally, the intuitive, single mother of two pre-adolescents working as a waitress in a Vancouver cafe. Stuart Margolin played the hard-nosed, time-warped pr ...

AkaMom, P.I.
Original Airdates1990-1992

Mosquito Lake


Mosquito Lake Mosquito Lake was a CBC sitcom about a former math teacher who has decided to pack in the urban life. Bob Harrison lived at Mosquito Lake with his requisite situation comedy family: long-suffering wife Rita and two irreverent, wisecracking kids Brian and Tara. The Harrisons were joined by George, their beer-swilling next-door neighbor; and the man-hungr ...

Original Airdates1989

Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben

Nelly, Daniel, Emma and Ben, was a half-hour situation comedy about four elderly citizens who left the security of a home for the aged in favour of striking out on their own. Alicia Ammon, Roy Brinson, Jack Ammon and Barbara Iremain played the seniors, with Lani Ashenhurst as Jennifer, a young friend who moves in with them. CBC aired the pilot in Jan ...

AkaNellie, Daniel, Emma and Ben
Original Airdates1978-1980



Nightcap Canada's first truly original satirical series, Nightcap built a solid college audience during it's four year run both in Canada and the border cities of Detroit and Buffalo. The program grew from a local Toronto broadcast in 1963 and spread first over a market that included Barrie, London, and Windsor, until the 1966 season, when the CBC unleashed it o ...

Original Airdates1963-1967

Not My Department


Not My Department Based on journalist Charles Gordon's humorous book "The Governor General's Bunny Hop," Not My Department! starred Harry Ditson as Gerald Angstrum, the harried deputy minister of the Department of Regional Incentive Targets- a deliberately vague name for a department with a suitably vague mandate: inheriting things other departments don't want to deal wi ...

Original Airdates1987

People Are Like That


John Kastner and Suzette Couture took to the streets in People Are Like That, a two-part CBC comedy. The pair set out to catch unassuming people off guard in humourous situations. For example, the camera looked for reactions when a marathon bicycle racer climbed out of a sewer with his bicycle; and cab drivers were thrust, without warning, into a live T ...

Original Airdates1980

Pete's Place


Pete's Place This comedy/musical variety show which originated from "Pete's Place," a financially troubled Las Vegas nightclub (played by Toronto's Brunswick House). Comedian Pete Barbutti starred as the man who took rather desperate measures to keep this dilapidated night club from folding. The idea for Pete's Place grew out of a series of appearances Pete made on ...

Original Airdates1980-81

Red Serge


Red Serge took us back to the wild frontier of the Alberta border, circa 1880. Along with the three orphaned daughters of an old friend, American Abe Farwell started to make a good living from an illegal saloon and gambling operation. Unfortunately the daughters caught the eyes of a passing patrol of Mounties, who promptly decided that the inn would be ...

AkaRed Serge Wives
Original Airdates1986-1987

Rovers Comedy House, The

The Rovers' Comedy House, a 7-part CBC series of comedy, shenanigans and boisterous Irish music, starred the world-popular and much-travelled Rovers: Will Millar, Jimmy Ferguson, George Millar and Wilcil McDowell. The series also had Jimmy Kennedy, singer and raconteur, as a regular. Based on the Irish Rovers' Comedy House Superspecial, which aired the ...

Original Airdates1981



SCTV SCTV was unlike any other comedy series on the air. What SCTV did for the most part was satirize television itself. Using the premise of a fictitious network, it mimicked existing media stars and no-talents from networks to the local backwater UHFs. The SCTV Network had its own talk shows and parodies of everything on television ranging from musical var ...

AkaSecond City Television; SCTV Channel; SCTV Network
Original Airdates1976-1984

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