Chris Cross


Cable Ace Award winning television sitcom Chris Cross was produced by Schooldaze Productions and Cinar for Nickelodeon in 1993. 13 episodes of comedy and real life at the old Standfield Academy - starring Oliver Cross and Chris Hilton, coping as well as they can with their school going "co-ed", and everything else that goes along with that.

Original Airdates1993-1994

Christmas in My Hometown

Christmas in My Hometown Warm holiday drama in which an executive forced to cut the jobs of many people working at a small-town tractor factory gets a big surprise when he's mistaken as the savior of the local economy.

AkaA Holiday for Love
Original Airdates1996
TypeTV Movie



CityLine Host Marilyn Denis returns for another season of expert advice on your style, your health, your home and your happiness. Filmed in front of a studio audience, CityLine’s daily topics feature tips and live demonstrations on food, entertaining, home, health, fashion and more. The show began as CityLife in the fall of 1983 and was retitled CityLine in 1 ...

Original Airdates1983-



CODCO CODCO was a Canadian comedy troupe from Newfoundland and Labrador, best known outside of the Martimes for a sketch comedy series which aired for five seasons on CBC Television from 1988 to 1993. Founded as a theatrical revue in 1973, CODCO drew on the province's cultural history of self-deprecating "Newfie" humour, frequently focusing on the cod fish ...

Original Airdates1988-1993

Cold Squad


Cold Squad Cold Squad is a one hour police crime-drama made in Vancouver about a team of Vancouver police officers in charge of investigating and solving cases that have been in the "cold" file for a while, which basically means the police gave up on them because there were no leads.

Original Airdates1998-2005

Collectors, The

Collectors, The Mixed-race buddy movies have come a long way since 48 Hours and Lethal Weapon. Now, instead of playing up the contrast between a black guy and a white guy, filmmakers can portray such characters as metaphorical blood brothers with almost the exact same cultural assumptions and value systems. Alas, such sociological observations are about the only thing ...

Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

Comedy Mill


Comedy Mill The Comedy Mill was a Canadian sketch comedy series, which aired from 1986 to 1991 on Hamilton, Ontario's CHCH, and through syndication on other Canadian television stations. The show starred the husband and wife comedy duo of Steve Smith and Morag Smith. The show was a revival of their earlier Smith & Smith series, which ended in 1985. For the 85-86 ...

AkaSmith & Smith Comedy Mill
Original Airdates1986-1991

Comedy Now!


Comedy Now! A TV calling card for comedic success, Comedy Now! has been a showcase for numerous Canadian writer/comedians including Brent Butt, Sean Cullen, Gavin Crawford, Roman Danylo, Derek Edwards, Brigitte Gall, Elvira Kurt, Jeremy Hotz, Shaun Majumder, Jason Rouse and Harland Williams. Many comics have gone onto much success including alumnus Brent Butt, crea ...

Original Airdates1997-


Comics features hilarious performances by a variety of comedians, including Michael Gelbart, Peter Johansson, Mike MacDonald and more.

Original Airdates1993-1999

Coming Unglued

Coming Unglued 12 year old Jason mistakenly suspects his parents are splitting up when his Dad announces he's leaving for a job interview in chicago. I n very funny misguided attempt to save his family, Jason and his fourteen year old sister follow him to Chicago to ruin dad's day.

AkaLet's Ruin Dad's Day
Original Airdates1999
TypeTV Movie

Conspiracy Guy, The


Conspiracy Guy, The Contrary to conventional wisdom, in space everybody can hear you scream. Just consult Rick Wharton, the Toronto-based comedic actor who channels the Conspiracy Guy, the twitchy motormouth who spins his near-debilitating paranoia into raging and hilarious monologues on Moses' geek-friendly Space network. Wharton's manic delivery notwithstanding, avera ...

Original Airdates1997-2001

Conspiracy of Fear, The

Conspiracy of Fear, The When Chris King's father dies, he is devastated. However, when a bunch of assorted heavies start threatening him over a mysterious package his father may or may not have left him, grief is the least of his worries.

Original Airdates1996
TypeTV Movie

Conspiracy of Silence


Conspiracy of Silence The true story of Helen Betty Osborne, a 19 year old Indian girl who was brutually murdered and slain on November 12, 1971 in The Pas, Manitoba, Canada and nearly taking 20 years for the police to find the four men who murdered her. First aired Dec 1 and 2, 1991 on CBC

Original Airdates1991


counterSpin counterSpin was a daily panel debate show, in which guests on both sides of a political or cultural issue would debate the issue in front of a studio audience. The show also included news reports which tried to examine the day's issue in more depth than a typical newscast.

Original Airdates1998-2004



Counterstrike From his Paris headquarters, Canadian billionaire Addington finances a private force to free his kidnapped wife, then turns his attention to combating world terrorism. Sinclair was a Scotland Yard inspector / freelance cop, Beaumont was a con artist, and Brenner was a mercenary. When Beaumont married and Brenner was killed in the line of duty, second-se ...

Original Airdates1991-1994

Country Beat


Country Beat was a weekly country music show nationally broadcast on the CBC and produced in Edmonton. It featured interviews and music videos, largely from Canadian country music artists.

Original Airdates1991-1997

Country Canada


Country Canada Country Calendar was a half-hour program on CBC which provided regular coverage of agriculture. It started on an interconnected network in Eastern Canada, with Norm Garriock's commentary on farm matters in the first half and Earl Cox on gardening in the last half. The CBC subsequently introduced editions of Country Calendar for other regions of the c ...

AkaCountry Calendar; Summer Country Canada
Original Airdates1954-2007

Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, The


Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures, The Country mouse Emily and her cousin from the big city, Alexander, visit each other and have adventures together at the turn of the century. They always seem to run into trouble and bother with humans, other animals and exciting situations, but when they put their heads together, they can solve any problem. And in the process, they learn about the places ...

Original Airdates1998-1999

Cover Me

Cover Me The plot revolves around a surveillance operation gone wrong. When several Canadian agents are killed in a joint Canada-U.S. operation, the FBI suspects a mole in Canadian operations. In order to preserve domestic control over national security, the heads of CSIS and the RCMP (Jackie Burrows and Philip Craig, respectively) recruit their best agents, nei ...

Original Airdates1999

Cream of Comedy

Cream of Comedy Cream of Comedy is an annual award show presented by The Comedy Network, in which five of Canada's best new comedy acts compete for the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund Award.

AkaThe Tim Sims Award Show
Original Airdates1996-

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